YSEALI Boot Camp 2019

So we at the US Embassy are very excited to establish this YSEALI Boot Camp. The reason for this is because whether we like it or not Therefor it is very important for us to harness these leadership qualities among the youth and to provide them with a networking platform so they will be able to connect with each other. Also, at the same time we feel like it is important for us to provide them with an organic relationship with local organizations who are already doing great community works in their communities. Through this program, we’ve brought together 400 youth from across the country and 16 impact partners. to come together using design thinking and digital technology to solve community challenges. Design thinking is a human-centric approach to problem solving and my favorite part is this using empathy to really understand the problems that our users or stakeholders go through. And thats what participants use in the YSEALI Boot Camp Where they use design thinking to really disect and unpack the challenges that the NGOs and social enterprises faced to come up with solutions that are impactful, delightful, and sustainable. The YSEALI Boot Camp is about to begin. Participants are busy registering right now and we’re going to get them started with a little icebreaking session to get them mingling about with one another and introducing themselves. In not so long our impact partners are coming onboard to present what they do and how they’re solving real world problems in different vicinities we hope that the different participants are ready for the two days to come. Right now we are at the first step of design thinking that’s called ’empathy’ where the participants talk to the NGOs on a more intimate level so that they understand the problems with more definition and are very clear so that they can go back to their respective teams and have a better definition of the problem at hand having this, right, makes it a lot easier to structure your idea because after you get information from the interview its all unstructured you’re just recording as it goes. This empathy map allows us to actually put that in a framework and analyse them it makes it a lot easier to think. I think as a social entrepreneur YSEALI is a great blessing for me because it brings together a lot of ideas where I can test and implement in my business to make agriculture more responsible. I believe YSEALI is going to impact a lot of change-makers like who I have over here like Sosi and Dharma and I think that it’ll give them a new paradigm-shift to think about new ideas and how to serve the community better in a responsible way. Thank you YSEALI. So the participants right now are building their prototypes they’re bringing their ideas to life it’s always so exciting to see this. This time round there’s a lot of cardboard being used, a lot of aluminium foil being used it’s refreshing to see more than just apps and websites because that’s what we always used to I think it helps where all these people meet together they get to learn from each other and also at the same time in this boot camp receive feedback from the industries themselves directly. I think it’s a really fun experience at the YSEALI Boot Camp it’s a platform for youth to really bounce ideas, get to know each other we definitely want to support this a lot more and see it happening in our city a lot more. So the participants have been practicing for two days and soon they’re going to be pitching to a real panel of judges. Our impact partners and the US Embassy is going to decide which participants and which idea wins. I’m really looking forward to these solutions of a different imagination can’t wait to see what they come up with. We want fifty-percent of active users to join our programs And we try to engage as much community growth in every production step in our operating line So if you take a picture of a dirty river then you are gathering your family and friends to an event clean up take a picture again, send to the community, get extra points All in all, it’s been fantastic to see the impact partners and the participants benefit hugely from this boot camp. Through the creation of very practical and meaningful ideas. I’m personally very excited to see these ideas come to life. Finally let’s have a look at what one of the winners of the bootcamp are doing and how they are implimenting this idea in the real world. Let’s have a look. So the YSEALI Boot Camp was very exciting. It was the first time for me and we got to learn about the important bits before coming up with a big idea and basically doing the Boot Camp we at team Switch came up with a solution to link educators and volunteers with children with disadvantages. They have been speaking with state legislators, members of Parliament, NGOs, and pretty much anybody who has got knowledge of children to help us out in the implementation of our project and we are truly excited about what we have to show during the grant finals coming September and for the future of Malaysia. YSEALI! YSEALI!

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