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Altaf! From behind… Catch them from there… Catch them! How are you? – Did you give it?
– Yes I did. It will be in the Afzawad by tomorrow. And, within 3-4 days in all
the other newspapers. The demand for our articles is rising. Use less ink. The state of this machine
is as bad as Kashmir. How many are left? I have to print 3000 more. Did you get the shirt? Yes! Found it? He wore it and dirtied it too. Useless, at least have some respect. I gave it to you with so much love. We’ll wear a clean shirt
only after independence. Exactly! As if independence is for your shirt! What is in this? Shakeel… That…
Shakeel… Did you meet Majeed? You know right, we don’t
allow all this here. Shakeel that… Army! Shakeel… Scoundrel!
Go away! Remove those papers. Let’s go, Let’s go!
This way. Open the window, run! Leave, leave!
Run! Take this… Let’s go! Find everyone. Look there!
– Yes sir! There’s no one here, sir! Look there!
Okay, sir. Check there. There is no one here, sir. Cover them from all sides. Cover them from the left side. – Yes, sir. Don’t harass the locals. This way!
This way! Run! Run fast! Irfan! Wake up! Wake up! Irfan! Aslam, start the car. Sir, he’s running from the left side. Shakeel! Get in the car, Shakeel,
or you’ll die! Okay! Tell me one movement in the world history,
where weapons weren’t used. Are you coming here for the first time, Sir? I had come 15 years ago. As a kid. There’s a lot of difference in then and now. The situation has gone bad to worse. And, what about the terrorists? They don’t differentiate between
the military and the civilians. All they want is bloodshed. I have understood just one thing,
in my 5 year term.. ..that the language of Kashmir is the gun! That could be either theirs, or ours! Who is this Shakeel? He’s the second in command for Al Jihad. Their chief is Al Sami. Wow! Sir! Captain Aman, Sir. Aah! Captain Aman. Send this to the forward post, immediately. Yes Sir. Welcome my boy. Thank you, Sir! Aren’t you the same Aman, who made records
in Mountain Warfare, at the army skills? Sir! Welcome to, Rashtriya RRiffles, the best! Thank you, sir. Major Rathod, will be your commander. Make new records, even here. All the best! Sure, Sir! Gentlemen, here you have only one name! Rashtriya Riffels. And, this name shouldn’t be put to shame! The war here, has just one rule,
a bullet for a bullet. No regrets, while shooting a bullet. Do not hesitate for even a second, while
crushing someone’s head with your gun! If you’ll have doubts, you’ll be dead! The pride of your regiment is in your hands. Dismiss! But, your aim was amazing. You will enjoy commanding these boys. How was the game, soldiers? Very good, sir! Good! This is your commander, Captain Aman. And, this is your platoon. Captain, Sehwag is also in your platoon,
he says, he’s strong because he drinks milk. And, this is Tendulkar, from Ladakh,
he’s taken down 34. This is Bhajji. Where is Kumbhle? He is in hospital, Sir. Oh. So, Captain… Soldiers…
– Yes, sir. And, Captain, be aware of the locals. Yes, Sir. So, we have the entire cricket team here? Krupal, it’s been 7 days,
nothing has happened. Sir, it takes just a minute, then you’ll
complain about it never ending. Is it? Yes, exactly like that, Sir. Then all your daily duties
will need plastic bags. What happened, Sir? Oh, that’s an informer, Sir.
They keeping visiting us. But you can’t trust anyone,
who knows who is whose informer. Sir, Major Rathod has asked for you! There’s an emergency operation. Let’s go. Come on. Open the gate, open it!
All alert! Come on. All clear.
All quiet. All clear. Over. Sir, 2 platoons have been
dispatched at point 4269. Passage secured. I repeat, passage secured. Confirm. Map, give me a map! Fast! Show me the point.
– Sir. Point 4269. Cross 4. Here. Cross 4. Cover that. Go, go, go. Hey! Yay
– Yaay! Give it to me.
– What are you’ll doing? Leave me.
– I want it. I want it.
– I want it. No, not like this! Me, me me… Jeans… Don’t come inside, okay? Aada, open the door. Hide this. Down there, yes yes. Sit on it, quickly! Open! What is happening here? Oiling her hair.
– We were studying. So many things at the same time? Did you’ll go to school? We went, but they left us early. They said, there is a bomb there. Aada? Go, run run. What’s the matter? How did school get over so fast? We have news from the interrogation camp. They probably know Javed’s whereabouts. What’s so sad in that? Mother, the army has found him, not us. Get the tea.
– Yes. Mother, we have received
a letter from Jammu. They want to meet her. Really? Where are you going? Sit next to me. Gulzar, didn’t you see her new cassettes? She’s doing a great job. May god bless her. That way, even he’s not bad. Isn’t it, Aada? Yes. Don’t you think, you’ll have
to wait for him? I won’t have to wait to long, grandma. It’s been 22 days since I have been coming
here, Gulzar, still can’t find anything. May God keep him safe. No one tells me if he’s inside or not. Javed Ahmad, Walsarif Ahmad. Father… Javed… My son…
My child… Sign here. Alright, Sir. Listen, he’s being freed
because he was kidnapped.. ..he didn’t go on his own. Thank you, Sir. Now, his life is in your hands. Okay Sir, thank you.
– Next? Name? There is our bunker. Krupal?
– Yes, Sir? It would be great if you could
get me a cup of tea. Sir, how will we get tea at this time? It’s unbelievable, that at one time,
Shammi Kapoor danced here. Heh, ask his son to come dance here today! The situation isn’t the same anymore. Now, they aren’t even bothered by
guns and bullets. Bajji, they are talking about Shammi Kapoor. Who is Shammi Kapoor? He is an actor, Sumedu. Why did he dance here? How would I know? Sit quietly. Tell us, didi. Is anyone there?
Can I please get some tea? Sir, not from the locals… He’s coming here, sshhh! Hey, we are from the army, it’s cold
out here, if we could get some tea… Sir, I will call for it. Stupid people, who’s dying now? If you want to drink tea,
move the rope once. If you don’t want it, then move it twice. And, if you want to throw it move it thrice. Sir, please check, first. Only once I have it will I be
able to check, right? If you are done, just shake the rope once. If not then twice… And, if you want more, keeping
shaking it, but you won’t get any. Hahaha… Hey, leave it! Hey! Seriously, leave it. Hey, leave the rope. You? Sir! Don’t use the torch. Switch the torch off. Wait! Take this. Look at his spunk! He’s a soldier, he said it was cold,
so I made some tea and gave it. It was tea, why the torch then? I don’t know. Was there only one glass? Bajji, he had the tea and the glass too. Hehehe. Why have you kept these children here? There was a curfew how
could I let them go? Sir, don’t use torches here,
this is Kashmir. You wait here, I’ll go see.
– Go see in the morning, grandma. Shut up! He’ll do this 5 times
more by the time it’s morning. Grandma! She’s here, Sir! Who? Why did you use the torch on our Aada? Aada? Yes! My granddaughter. Is her name, Aada? Oh Lord! You got to know her name also? Didn’t you just tell me? I might have, but why did
you use the torch on her? I didn’t hit her with it,
I just used the light. Yeah, yeah! She gave me tea, I thought I’d see her face. So, you see every face that gives you tea? Huh? Her father is sleeping, if he wakes up,
he’ll give you death by tea. What is this? What? That. That, is cigarettes. Give me one! What is it called? Ummm, Aman. Not you! This. Benson… Have you ever had tobacco
from a Kashmiri leaf? You’ll forget all of these. Give me 1 more! Um… I have only 2. Okay, take it. No torch! Sure, never again. This? Are you from there? How you did you get out in the curfew? What? My glass? Yes. Why did you give only one
glass back, last night? So that I could see you again. Are you crazy? Since last night, yes. This is Kashmir, here even the
most ill person has become well… I am waiting… Did you give my grandma
cigarettes, last night? Yes. Why? You gave me tea, so I gave
her the cigarettes. I don’t take favors from
people, take these. Tobacco in Kashmiri leaves.
– Hey! How did you know about this? I have ears. Even I was listening. And, dare not teach my
grandma your bad habits. Let’s go, Shree. Hey, listen. Uh, is this your sister? You have a problem? No, but why does she laugh so much. At least someone is laughing in the valley. Didn’t like that either? Come. I don’t have your glass this time. Come, come. Come in. You have a very cute laugh. Do you have a name? Yes? So, you won’t tell me? Won’t you talk to me? Shree is a…
– She’s a Hindu, Sir. She lived in the neighboring village,
one day there was a terrorist attack.. ..they started shooting, blindly. She saw her whole family…
A bullet almost passed her. Since then, she can’t talk. And, these people? They aren’t her relatives. But, Sir, see their big hearts. They got her to their home. Now, for her, holi and Diwali all are the
same, they celebrate every festival. And, that girl, she takes her as
her younger sister. Am off duty, Sir, I won’t
talk like the government.. ..just see how beautiful the place is. And, the people here too. But, these people are also stuck
between both sides. Today, it’s glowing.. ..look wherever you want, there
are colors everywhere. No, no show me that.
– Yes yes. I don’t know how this looks on me? This is the only jewelery I want! But not at this price…
– Hello? Hi. He… Hello. Did you recognize me? Yes! ye… yes.. That… Last night… Yes! Last night… Tea? Tea? Yes… Last night, he came for tea. He came for tea at night? That Kashmiri leaf… Yeah, the Kashmiri leaf bikri (sale),
he came for the bikri… What are you talking about? I mean… He had come to buy
Kashmiri leaf bikri from um… Where? I am from Pune. Pune! Yes, from Pune. He came to buy leaves all the way from Pune?
– Yes… Listen, let’s please go
to the jewelery shop. So, where are we now? Oh, yes! No but where we can
get stuff for the wedding, come. Let’s go fast. Who is this? I don’t know. Looks like he’s from the army. You remember what happened
with Rihana, right? Am leaving, goodbye. Hey! Hey… Listen. Me? What was that you did? What did I do? Spoke to me in front of everyone! If you want, I’ll call you when am alone. Listen, this is Srinagar,.. ..here if a girl speaks to an army man,
do you know what happens? What happens? Either the girl gets raped
or her house is bombed. Understood? Yup, understood! What? That we can’t talk when everyone is around. Oh God! Why did you give birth to some men! Why you punishing your
head for God’s mistake? God save me from people like you,
am leaving! Hey, Aada? Don’t call my name out so loudly, please! Grandma? When will all this get over? What all? All the things happening in the valley. Stop worrying about the valley,
just get married and go! Where should I go? Anywhere! Just, far away from here. And, also, I don’t think this
soldier is a nice guy. Does he still use the torch? No! Sir has called your daughter. Who? Aman Sir. In the bunker opposite.
– Can you see his spunk? He’s actually got the guts
to call you to the bunker? Let’s at least listen to what he has to say. You shut up, you aren’t going anywhere,
I’ll go see what he wants. Ma’am, not her, the younger one. And, along with her he’s asked for you too. Krupal, here is your prescription. Namaste. Doctor, this is the girl I was talking about.
– Okay. Namaste.
– Come come. Come in, Shree. Come. Come sit.
– Come, child. Come in. Sit. Show me your throat, child. Just pass me the torch, Captain. Since 2 years. 2 years.. Captain, it seems to be curable. But, I can do the exact diagnosis,
when the tests and X-rays are done. I’ll write it, once the results come, I’ll
be in a definite position to take a decision. Okay? Thank you very much, doctor.
– No issues, Captain. This is the prescription. Will you come to Chandigarh? If we take her to Chandigarh,.. ..it will be very cheap to get her
treated at the military hospital. I’ll arrange for you to live there. I’ll think about it and let you know. Okay. Bye, Shree. Thank you. Krupal? Krupal? How is your torch?
– Sorry? How is your torch? That… It got spoilt. So now, how do you drink tea? Krupal makes it. Get your torch repaired. Salim, it’s my turn. See, I told you, I removed it. It’s your turn now. You do… Mother… Namaste. The trial for peace
was disrupted today when.. ..Al Jihad members killed 32 people after
an announced 2 months of peace. This includes 2 women and 8 children. Shakeel, the 2nd in command for Al Jihad
was assumed responsible for these attacks. Today, I’ll introduce you to Kashmir. I didn’t understand, Sir?
– This is where 32 people were killed. If we inquire, the Human Rights department
will call it military atrocities. And, if we don’t inquire, by tomorrow,
the death rate will go up to 132. So, in such a case, listen only to
your mind, that’s all. Let’s move, soldiers. Sir!
– Sir. Come down! You don’t deserve to live! Tell me?
– Sir. Talk!
– Please Sir. What? This is enough, Sir! This is against the rules of the army, Sir. Are you going to teach me
what the rules are? I will report this, Sir! You will report against me? Am sorry, Sir? But I will report this. Listen… Yes, Sir? Get some water.
– Yes, Sir. Salaam Walequm, brother. Walequm, Walequm. Salam…
– Walequm. Majeed, what happened to you? I let him go because of you. Otherwise, I would have shot him. But, what happened? He was cursing. He was saying, it’s a big deal that
he allowed us to enter the border. You are from that side, stay on that side. Where is he? I am right here. What is this? It’s news. Why was this done, in this village? A few of them were military informers. Were these 8 little children,
military informers? Informers don’t have an age, Shakeel. Also, there hadn’t been a big incident
in the valley or a long time now! The Indian Government should remember
that we are not going to sit quietly. This is the rule of war. Our war is with the army! Let it be with the army only! We have got an order that the next 2 months,
3 more incidents should take place! I hadn’t joined you with the
intention of taking orders. Kashmir is mine, and it’s population is mine! To get the deserved rights for my public,
I don’t need a rented Afghani, anymore! Moin! Can’t we separate from them, Shakeel? It’s still not time for that, Moin. It’s not too far either. Sir, it’s a Hindu marriage. That way, towards the top,
from the right side. Namaste.
– Namaste. It’s my daughter’s wedding. Is everything okay? Yes, absolutely. This is just routine duty. Nothing to worry about. There’s a huge gathering so
we need to be precocious. Thank you, it’s very cold,
would you like some tea? Please serve my soldiers… Definitely, I’ll just arrange for it. Check everything upstairs too. Sir! Tea? Give it to my soldiers. Tea? Did you give it to everyone else? Yes! This is for you. Is my name written on it? I’ll write it if you say so. This white… Is not good, right Shree? Oh God, what does he like? All clear, Sir. Captain! Coffee? No, thank you, Sir. Sit. Last night, your duty was in Gulgaon. Sir. There, what state did you leave
the bride’s father in? He’s okay, Sir. He was a little sad, it was
his daughter’s wedding. And today, the entire Gulgaon is sad. 30 bullet injuries. The bride’s father’s body has
been found near the dump. This is impossible, Sir. It’s not even been half an hour
since I left from my duty. Here, within half an hour, more
than 2 dozen murders happen. And, because of that, you can be court
martialed, do you know that? Sir, this has happened after I was off duty. This has happened while you were on duty. Same, bloody Shakeel. Checking troupes. This point. It’s is 28 km away. I don’t know if I’ll return
from where I am going. If I don’t return, then think of this as a
beautiful dream that came and went. And if I return, then the dream has
come true to stand inn front of you. Listen to what I have to say
very carefully… Sir, there are two entry points
to this village One from the South, and another
from the North West. We can attack from here, Sir. Okay, now! I’ll go, Sir. No! Oh shi… Fire! Ready?
– Yes, Sir. Whoever is inside, come out! Come out, or you’ll die. Who is this? This is Al Sami, Sir. Their chief. We have the Major’s order, let’s kill him! No! No one will shoot. No one will shoot! Hands down! Al Jihad chief under arrest! 4 soldiers were killed in the bargain. Salam! Sat Sri Akal (Greetings in Punjabi) This… News? Soldiers keep dying. Don’t say that. When I left Kapoorthala, I gave
my wife a big coffin. Because am going for a trip to Kashmir. Oh God! Call out to God, he listens to everyone. Aman… This pap… Were you injured? 1 bullet. It just touched me… Yes?
– My name is Gulzar. I am Adaa’s father. Salam, come sit, please. I don’t need to tell you why I am here! You should know that all we
have left is our honor. You want to tamper that too? I don’t understand. We know we are at risk. We also know that we are doomed. But you all are as much at
fault as they (terrorists) are. Don’t think of us as cowards. Being the father of a girl, I could slap you. And, I swear to God,
I won’t regret it at all. But, because I am the father of a Kashmiri
girl, I have to resist slapping you. Aren’t you here to protect us?
Is this how you’re going to protect us? Are you playing with our feelings? We have fixed Aada’s marriage. She will soon be engaged. And, she will go far away from this muck. If there is a girl in your house,
think of her and stop meeting Aada. Let us live in peace. Father? Could you help me with the
road to the army camp? That way. You don’t talk to Aada these days. She has brought me dishonor. The same honor that you couldn’t keep?
How can an innocent girl bring it down? I have lost one child, I can’t bear
to loose another, mother. Don’t call me mother! You’ve made my child cry! What do you want me to do? Pick up your head and start living life! We have spent half our lives in fear, the
other half we are just waiting for death. And, in the bargain our children
are getting hurt! Do you remember, I spoke to
you about Shree’s treatment? Yes. This is the same soldier, read this letter. Before he left, he’d given it to Aada. Listen carefully to what
am going to say next… I know I am a soldier, and
I’m here to protect you’ll.. ..and it’s a crime to make those you are
responsible for, a target! This my parents taught me. You’re the first girl who’s come into my
life and I’d like to grow old with. As soon as I am back, I am calling my
family members to Shreenagar. To speak to your father. We can’t give a name to our relationship
without the blessings of our elders. Hoping to see you again, Aman! Tell me, what should I do? Tell me! We could wait. For what? For the situations to become better. Do you think the situation
will get any better? Hope wins over everything in this world, father.
– Kashmir and the world are not the same. There’s no place in the world…
Where all hope is lost. I am talking about reality, Aada.
Not about dreams! That is the only bad thing
about this reality. That people here, have stopped dreaming. Do you know the consequences to this? Will you bear the consequences? It will be better than what we are going
through right now. Okay! What do you expect from me? For now, please stop looking
for a groom for me. I don’t promise this. But I will try. I did the right thing, didn’t I? What do you think? I did the right thing. Then, you did. Have we forgotten to love, grandma? I don’t know, child. But we haven’t loved in a
while, that’s a truth. You go, I’ll come. Stop the car! Aada! Aada! Aada? Oh god, bless us. Aada? What happened, child? What happened? Father… Father, bomb blast! Blast? Where? An entire military truck… Blew up! Mother? Mother, Shree?
Bring some water! What happened?
– Father! The bomb blast was done by Shakeel! Shakeel, my brother! God will never forgive him! He won’t! I saw him with my own eyes! It was Shakeel! I don’t know what to say, I have no words! All I can remember is that child, who I
took to the market holding his finger. To tell you the truth, we are not
involved with him at all. You have been saying this
for the past 4 years! Sir, I am not lying. Hasn’t he come to see his sister, at least? No… Not at all. Okay. So, this time be prepared for bad news. Aman? Sir! Let’s go! Sir! All alert. Position 5 Bullet proof… Lucky, Sir. Second unit back out!
– Yes, Sir. Back, back! Back out, back out! Move! Back, back, back! The information was wrong,
there are way too many people here! Cover them! AH42? Base calling petrol: AH42. Base calling petrol: AH42 Base calling petrol: AH42. AH42, reply. What is the decision in this matter. We are proceeding…
– What are the steps you’re taking to save the soldiers? Excuse me, Sir, will you be
releasing Al Sami? We have informed the higher authorities
and we shall act accordingly. Was declared… The attack in the valley has resulted in
Shakeel capturing 4 soldiers. One of them is Platoon Commander,
Captain Aman. This incident happened, when the soldiers
raided a probable terrorist district. Even though Al Jihad hasn’t made demands…
– Give me the remote. It is believed that the motive is to ask
for the release of their chief Al Sami. Th Prime Minister has asked the people to be
brave and fight the fear of these terrorist! Here, water! Where is Shakeel? Hey, call Shakeel! Tell him I want to see him! Now, tell me! This is it, Sir! They can be
anywhere from here to here. Sir, it’s from Delhi… Hello. Yes, Sir. No, Sir. We haven’t got
any information, yet. We are interrogating the matter, Sir. Emergency meeting? No, Sir. You’ll conduct the meeting,
why do you need me for it? We value each and every minute! The lives of 4 of my soldiers
is at stake, Sir! Right, Sir. I’ll keep you informed
about the developments. Emergency meeting? If it were a politician
or a film star, there would be a decision. Let’s proceed. Sir, this is where we’ll have
to set up our base. Listen, I want to meet Shakeel, where is he? How am I to know? Listen, this is very important,
tell me where… I am saying the truth, I really don’t know
anything about him. Listen… Listen…
– Look, I don’t know anything. It’s very important…
– I don’t know anything. Leave me! Leave! Shakeel! Did you want to meet? Wanted to see. Why? It’s not weird that I’d want to see the face
of the person responsible for the bloodshed. Is this your first posting? No wonder you’re talking so much! 24 hours more, after that
you’ll never say anything. You want to solve a 55 year old
problem in 24 hours? The problem would have been
solved 55 years ago itself, soldier! If your worthless government wouldn’t
have a flaw in their policy. You’re talking like the outsiders. I am saying what the population
of Kashmir is saying! But, the population of Kashmir isn’t
saying the same thing as you. It wants something else! What? Peace! Unity, security! Will the Indian government give the population
of Kashmir peace, unity and security? When they had come here in 1947,
to steal the honor of women.. ..the Indian government were the ones
who came to save you’ll. 5000 feet high! And, along with that they gave us
a living hell! Article 370. What is article 370? So we’ll be at power but
commands will be given by Delhi? Defense, finance, communication
will be in their power.. ..and we are supposed to be satisfied with
the thought that we are free? And you’re talking about peace! Yes I am talking about peace! If you have a problem with the government,
talk to them, raise your voices.. ..why use guns? Didn’t I mention that your government
has a problem with rejection? Aren’t you blaming the wrong side? Tell me which one is the right side! Find the answer to that within yourself! He’s so shameless! Go out! You must have grown up in a
big city like Mumbai or Delhi. Where the story of Kashmir is
treated like a comic. You have had a clean childhood and
beautiful teenage as your background. With the hope that you’ll extend a friendly
hand and Kashmir will be a peaceful place. My father would take me around in
my childhood, holding my finger! He would tell me about the good times,
How something used to here and there. He’d say, if there’s a heaven in
This universe, it’s here! Here! I grew up listening to Kabir and Sufi music. I’d sit in the mass communication library
And dream about making films! My foot! In a fraction of seconds,
everything was over! All because of your military and
it’s worthless power. Why did you’ll come here?
What right do you’ll have? We have a right over you, Shakeel.. ..we have a right on the part
of our country! Kashmir isn’t part of your country! Then who does it belong to? Them? No! It doesn’t even belong to them!
Kashmir is ours, it belongs to us! You go away from here! If we go, they will come! We’ll deal with them ourselves!
You need to go! You’re not being able to deal with Al Sami
who’s rented, how will you deal with them? You talk too much, soldier! Aada? Aada? Aada, you? Brother… Aada? Aada? Shakeel, kill this soldier! No, don’t. Shakeel, believe me you should kill him!
– Wait, Majeed. Don’t do anything to him, please!
– Aada, what are you saying? Let him go, brother! Shakeel kill him!
– No, let him go! Let me at least speak to her, Majeed!
– Brother, please let him go! Ready? Brother! Shakeel?
– Wait! What are you going to ask, Shakeel! Not him, brother.
– I am talking, you need to wait! Leave him, please! Aada? Take them out quickly! Come. Soldier, give me some water! Where is Captain Aman? Tell me. Aman, Shakeel’s sister… Shakeel…
– Tell me! Come on. She had come with the military, Shakeel. That is wrong, Majid! Is it also wrong that she had a relationship
with that soldier? It was all a coincidence. Is this body lying here also a coincidence? This isn’t the first time this
has happened to us! But it’s the first time that a Kashmiri
girl has fallen for an Indian soldier! If we don’t stop her, do you
know what will happen? The impossible will start becoming possible! The people will start seeing a new road,
a new hope! And, India and Indians will find a new
way to invade Kashmir! Those… Those bloody soldiers! No, Sir. The other 3 soldiers are injured. We have no idea where Aman is. Though a very weird thing
has come to light, Sir. Sir! Are you mad at me? Should I be? I never told you about Shakeel
being my brother. Now, you give me a reason? To be mad… This is the house, Sir. The one in the corner. Where is your daughter, at the moment? She hasn’t been home since last night. Do you know a Captain Aman, who was
posted near your house? Yes. Why didn’t you report this earlier? It is a matter involving my
daughter, I kept quiet. Thank You. Let’s move!
– Sir. Does it snow in Pune? No! Do you have Maple trees there? Are bullets fired there? Nope. Doesn’t it feel weird? What? This, but without bullets… Who all do you have in your family? My father, mother and a younger sister,
She’s 2 years younger to me. Does she wear jeans? Why don’t you come and see for yourself? What do you think will happen to us now? Exactly what we want. I have come too far.. ..I won’t go back now. I won’t let you go either. Sir, when Al Sami was captured,
Shakeel was in the same hide out. Why was he still not captured, Sir? Another thing, Captain Aman and Shakeel’s
sister have some sort of a relationship. This letter proves that. Sir, am not doubting anything, but how
was Aman the only one to escape? Two of our soldiers were killed
and the third is severely injured! And, if Aman knew that our military has
reached there, then why hasn’t he returned? Sir, I feel that Aman and Shakeel
have some sort of understanding. Check: repeat. What is the report on Captain Aman? Negative. Repeat: negative. Over. Both the ends of the bridge are sealed, Sir! Point 4640 has been sealed. Operation: Search Aman is in full form, Sir. I want a report every half an hour. Sir!
– Immediate effect. Over. Open the door. Are you denying the fact that
Shakeel’s sister came to rescue you? But she… Say yes or no. Yes, Sir. Do you deny that you had a
relation with her since.. ..the start of your posting near her house? See, relation as in… Relationship as in, you met her while you
were on duty, wrote letters.. ..and, also called her to the bunker? Yes? They have started an
interrogation against him. They are saying that he (Aman)
had relations with Shakeel. If this interrogation goes against him,
then everything will be over. We have come from very far, it’s very
important that we meet the Major, please! I told you, you can meet him,
once he’s here. Sit there in the corner. Why should I sit? Why?
I have been waiting for 2 hours! Why won’t you let me meet him when
I know everything about this case? Move, Sir is coming, move! Come here, child. Wait, Sir. They won’t let me see you, Sir…
– One minute. Go. Sir, that… Sir, my name is Aada and I…
– I know. I’d like to tell you about the case
on Captain Aman and it’s inquiry. Tell her to go.
– Sir… Close the gate, soldier! He is absolutely innocent, Sir.
I want to give a statement! Aada? Sir?
– Listen, girl. Listen carefully! This is a military inquiry,
not fun and games.. ..here, only those are called
who are needed. If we think we need you to be present,
we’ll call you ourselves. Take her away. He was with me all night! And, you
won’t even take my statement? Your are the terrorist’s sister, aren’t you? We have no relations with him! You’ll treacherously help these terrorists! That’s a lie! That’s the truth! And, if I ever seen you here at the camp.. ..I will arrest your entire family! Take here away!
Get out! Let’s go, child…
Let’s go. Aada, let’s go. Come on, let’s go home…
It’s of no use, let’s go! Look, this is a matter of the military,
nobody wants to get involved in this. But, he’s innocent! I know, I have proof! If you have proof then why
don’t you give to the army? They won’t listen to me! If you could convey my message
to the general… See, there’s a military inquiry involving
him, I can’t do anything even if I want to. Captain Aman, second Rashtriya RRiffles! You are here by detained,
pending a court of inquiry.. ..regarding your alleged links with
Shakeel and Al Jihad groups. Editor, Mansoor?
– That way. Come, come. I have been informed, for this
we will need a political approach. Nothing can be done at this small level. Can’t you do anything as the
press of India? We can’t do what we want as the press. And, in such a situation, every press
has a threat to their reputation. How is the reputation of your press at stake
by helping a normal girl. Look, I can’t explain this
to the owner of the press… Yes, Sir. And, Shakeel? I don’t know anything about, Shakeel. Were you alone at night with just Shakeel’s
sister or was Shakeel there too? You are wrongly accusing me, Sir. Hadn’t I told you that you were taking
too long to understand Kashmir, Captain? You did take too long… A relationship with a soldier in today’s
Kashmir can’t be acceptable. And, in this your reputation will be tainted. You are a woman too, don’t
you understand my pain? From my experience and as a woman, my only
advice to you is to forget this matter.. ..and start a new life. What’s the reason of Mr. Kher’s murder in
Gulgaon, when you were on duty? That happened after I finished my duty. It takes only 20 minutes to reach
camp from the venue, Captain. In such a short time how did the
militants cause so much trouble? That was a coincidence, Sir. These relations, these coincident… ..only involve you, Captain. The MLA is going out of town for 3 days,
You can come to see him then. Okay? They have been calling me here since a week. If these are the facts, then
Captain Aman can be doubted. I think, you preside a court of inquiry
and submit your report, immediately. Sir! Captain Aman, second Rashtriya RRiffles.. ..you are hereby, charged and
court martialed.. ..for conspiring with the
militant organizations.. ..Al Jihad and here in Al Qaeda. The charges stand confirmed.. ..based on the court of inquiry.. ..presided by, Major Vijay Pratap Rathod,
Second Rashtriya Riffles. I have been coming here for 3 days… I have fixed your appointment with
the Minister, at the golf course.. ..you have only 5 minutes. Come at 4pm sharp! I’ve heard about your case. Now, what’s the problem in it? I want to give statement, Sir.
They won’t even consider taking one. The Army doesn’t like anybody’s
interference in their investigations. I will help you, child. Thank you, Sir. But, I have one condition. You will have to give a public statement
saying, that night was just a coincidence. And, that you have no sort
of relationship with him. Because this is against the
reputation of our Army. Alright, I’ll do that. But, then he’ll be free, right? I will try my best. You will have to promise me that, from now
on you will have nothing to do with him. But… This isn’t an imaginary world, child.
Learn to live in reality. No, Sir. I don’t agree to this. Write a letter to the Prime Minister? Sitting far away from here,
The Prime Minister of our country.. My name is Aada. I am a girl of the same Kashmir,
that India calls it’s own. And, I want to believe what India’s saying. All I know is.. ..that to lead a normal life
in Kashmir today.. ..all we need is honesty and love. Help the girl, who sits far away from Delhi,
she’s just like your own daughter. It will be the biggest favor. I have written my grievances below. That’s all for now, keep watching TVNI. Straightforward questions! Questions that the common man
wants to ask but.. ..his voice doesn’t reach beyond
the four walls of his house.. ..or is killed in political scandals. Now, we’ll be your voice, your
way out, your medium.. ..and will ask your questions to the
one in the seat of power. In our show, “Seedhe Sawal”. Come with me. Hello. How are you?
– Hello. Good.
– Come in, come in… Show me the file. Namrata, here’s her file. Have a seat please.
One minute. Sign here. Right here. Thank you. Get me Delhi.
– Yes, Ma’am. Have you read all this carefully? Do you know what you are doing?
– Yes. Ma’am, Delhi. Hello, good afternoon, Sir.
Yes, Sir. Yes, Sir. The story of that Kashmiri girl. Yes. Okay, Sir. Thank you. Thank you very much. Aada, we’ll record you tomorrow. Okay?
– Yes. Okay! Roll one… Camera… Three two one… Namaste. In the next segment of
our show Seedhe Sawal.. ..we’ll introduce you to a Kashmiri girl who
is the living example of simplicity and love. Aada, the girl who fell in love with an
Indian army officer, Captain Aman.. ..the sister of terrorist Shakeel. Her question to the authorities is
what did she do wrong? Isn’t this relationship a ray of hope in
a Kashmir that’s burning down. Watch our show, Seedhe Sawal,
tomorrow evening at 8pm. Where is the fax from that Kashmiri girl,
that came in, yesterday? We have filed it, Sir. Okay, bring it to my office. Sir. I watched it too, Sir. I will find out, Sir. Sir. Srinagar. Sir. Yes, sir. The inquiry is still on, Sir. Where is the statement of that girl, Major? We still haven’t taken it, Sir. She’s the prime witness of the
whole case, Major. And, you haven’t taken her statement, yet? What’s the matter, Major?
You aren’t able to meet my gaze? No, Sir. There’s nothing like that. I want to meet that girl myself. Do you realize what will happen if
the program is telecasted, Shakeel? This is a trap by the military. Why aren’t you seeing your sister’s
involvement in this? She has been trapped, Majid. We are trapped more than her, Shakeel! I want Al Sami back, alive! That’s the house of God,
I can’t barge in their. We can enter any house in Kashmir. Your sister’s show will telecast
tomorrow evening. We need to do whatever
we have to do before that. Moin? You will not go in. Take care of my house. There shouldn’t even be as much
as a scratch on Aada. Take care of yourself. Majid? Altaf, from the back! Catch them from there. Let’s go, catch them. Go to the front gate! Go there, all of you. You go to the gate. Gather everybody. Make everyone sit. Altaf, the back gate! Shakeel, I am at the back gate. So, the girl wanted to give a
statement but you didn’t take it! When you knew that.. ..there could be an attack at their house
why wasn’t there any security? Why? Have you done this because of a
personal vendetta, Major? I am going to order an inquiry on
you from tomorrow onwards. And believe me, I’ll take a
pre-mature retirement.. ..if I can’t get to the bottom of this case. If you have done anything wrong.. ..then start looking for civil
jobs for yourself. I am Shakeel Ahmed,
second in command to Al Jihad. Take full responsibility for this attack. Let me tell you that I have
55 pilgrims as hostage. And, if the government wants them released
it will have to cater to our demands. Our first demand is… One by one, please!
One by one. Isn’t it amazing that the
interview of one girl.. ..has caused so much havoc that
their demand is to stop this telecast. Perhaps, may be… So, will this telecast be stopped. We have requested them, it’s a private
Channel, we can’t force them to. Next. There’s a rumor that says that
the master mind behind this is Al Sami. Sorry, no comments. Will you release Al Sami? Which is their second demand… A continuous meeting is on, once there is a
decision, you will be informed. What are your comments on Al Jihad’s
third and weird demand? One of the demands…
– the curfew timings have been extended. The United Nations has to
decide this incident ..and has asked the government
to take necessary action. There is a meeting at the Army
headquarters as we speak. To decide if Captain Aman
will be going in or not. They have demanded to negotiate
only with Captain Aman. Or else, each hour a hostage
will be killed. And, you can always deny, Captain. I can’t force you in this matter. He has demanded for you to
be sent inside, alone. Everybody knows what it could mean. He wants to negotiate only with you. And, we doubt the intentions
behind this negotiation. He could do anything. I will go in, Sir. Don’t take any decision based
on emotions, Captain. Who told you a soldier has
no rights to be emotional. Also, I am not getting emotional. I am being tactful. Crack force needs time for the operation
we need to somehow kill this time. Hurry up, I don’t want to loose
the satellite time. Hello, Aada. How are you? Am fine. We have come to take you. For the recording. This is Aada, the same girl, she’s
going for the recording. I need you to barricade all the exit points. Get me headquarters Snipers in position immediately!
– Right, Sir. Check again. Everything should be clearly audible. Yes, Sir. And, what about the other thing, Sir. Do you think it’s of any use? They are terrorists, Captain. They are not affected by any
sort of sentiments. The sentiments of a terrorist and
a soldier are the same, Sir. He has a reason to fight,
I have a reason to retaliate that. Victory will come to the right reason. For once, believe in what I say. Okay. Take care, Captain.
– Thank you, Sir. Hands up! Shakeel, he’s here. Has he gone inside, alone? Yes. You can refuse the interview, if you want. May be, if the interview doesn’t happen
they will release him. He doesn’t need to be released. We need you, Shakeel. Come back. Please. Make him shut up! Ssh, stop crying. Didn’t I tell you to shut him up! Forgive me, son. We forgot in the morning,
but returned the same evening. And, he is waiting for it
to be morning again. Without knowing, that by
then it will be too late. Why aren’t you doing a crack operation. Do a crack operation. The crack operation isn’t magic, Sir. For that we need both, time and situations. There are children in there, too.
We can’t take a risk. I don’t understand your
problems and plannings. To find a solution to this planning,
a soldier from our force has gone inside. There is a meeting in Delhi, regarding the
release of Al Sami the chief of Al Jihad. We need to now see, what steps are taken to
release the hostages and the mosque. You please take a decision,
regarding Al Sami! This isn’t an easy decision, Commander. He’s a very dangerous terrorist,
we need time. What you’re not understanding, Sir,
is that we don’t have time! Sir, we don’t have time. Big brother is here! Hail big brother! Shakeel! My friend, my partner… How could I ever thank you! Now that’s what I call a slap
on the governments face. They will never be able to wash
this stain off themselves. Is everything else in place? Good. Altaf, make me speak to Majeed. And let’s get ready to leave. Majeed?
– Salam. Walequm Salam. People are impatiently waiting to
welcome you at the border. You wait for me, I will be there.
Over. They are coming out. All alert. Take 2-3 of them along with us,
we’ll leave them ahead. Don’t you have the spine to go ahead alone? Oh, so you are here too. Recognized me? How could I forget you? Because, you are alive only because of me. Because, even though an Indian soldier
wanted, he couldn’t change time. Which he’d come to change. To stop that time, the voice of
that innocent girl is enough. The one who’s house you
bombed so she wouldn’t speak. Mother? Today, that voice is echoing
in the entire valley. And, it’s said everything that
you didn’t want to hear. Understand what that voice has to say,.. ..and let that fake attitude of yours
realize that it’s time for change. My name is Aada. And, I am the sister of Jihadi Ahmad Shakeel. Am proud that I love the Captain. Who is a loyal soldier to the Indian Army. And, is a person of gold when
it comes to humanity. I have been accused because
I fell in love with a soldier. He is accused, because
he fell in love with me. And, we are both accused cause we loved. Today, in Kashmir, two people in love.. ..have been accused of the
biggest crime in the world. I thought, when I get here
I will be very angry. I’ll remove this anger, here. But, now I don’t have the words. How could I complain about the Army, who
introduced me to a gem like Aman. How can I complain to the government,
that I have never met. And, how do I complain to my own brothers.. ..who disappeared one stormy night leaving
their sobbing mothers and sisters.. ..and their helpless father. And then, never returned. But let me tell you, I haven’t given up.
This is where my fight starts. Yes, Captain Aman and I spent
that night together. And, all my life he’ll be with me. Because this relationship is spiritual. And, together we’ll watch a Kashmir.. ..where love won’t be a sin. Where Shikaras (Kashmiri boats) will be used. Where people will sing songs. And, leaning onto the Dal lake.. ..every sister will see the reflection
of her brother’s smile. I don’t know how you are right now, Aman. But, however you are, think of me
right there with you. If you I could put in words
what our relationship is… And, to the brother, who left us,
I have only one request.. ..come back. Everyone is still waiting for you at home. Father has carefully collected all the
yearly Eid gifts for you. You still have to complete the duties
of your sister’s wedding. And, mother even today, at night,
without any reason.. ..with no reason at all,
sobs… Just please come back home… Khuda Afiz…
(May God be with you). Aada? Shakeel?
Shakeel… Shakeel, we don’t have time! Shakeel? Snipers, position! Altaf, start the car! Father! Sir?
– Okay! Come out! Okay! Come out! Whoever is inside, walk out! Hands up! Mosque is under control. Thank you, thank you, Sir.

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