X-TAC Elite from Wilson Combat

The new X-TAC Elite in full and compact sizes
is a unique choice for shooters looking for a practical custom pistol that comes standard
with cutting edge performance options. The bi-directional X-TAC front strap, mainspring
housing, and slide cocking serrations offer an enhanced grip and improved durability over
traditional checkering in severe hard-use environments. Scientifically designed by Bill Wilson to
work with wet or dry hands, with or without gloves, the X-TAC pattern redefines secure
shooting comfort and gun handling without the coarse, often painful nature of other
grip treatments. In tandem with our aggressive G10 starburst
grips, the X-TAC serrations lock securely into the firing hand and reduce muzzle flip
without snagging on clothes or cover garments. Chambered in 45, 9 millimeter, and 38 super,
the striking good looks of X-TAC Elite’s barrel comes from upgrades like a fluted chamber
and flush cut reverse crown. Standard performance features like our reload-enhancing,
one-piece bulletproof Magwell and our robust rear battle site with fiber-optic frontsights
ensure getting rounds on target has never been faster. Extra detail is lavished on the X-TAC Elite
slide with top and rear slide serrations– which cut down on glare– machine carry cuts,
ball and mill cuts, and a heavy-bottomed slide chamfer that streamlines your pistol’s profile
and reduces sharp edges. While the full-size option is perfect for
competition and duty use, the X-TAC Elite is also available in a compact size ideal
for concealed carry. The shorter grip and round-butt, one-piece
bulletproof Magwell ensures comfortable carry even in vehicles, and the shorter slide clears
the holster faster, getting you into the fight sooner. With unique options like the concealment hammer
and grip safety, as well as countersunk slide stop, this smaller X-TAC Elite will be your
new favorite for every day carry. The X-TAC Elite has all of the same perfected
internal quality as our flagship CQB pistols with guaranteed accuracy, enhanced reliability,
and the highest quality parts and assembly. This is achieved by putting Wilson Combat’s
four decades of custom 1911 building experience into hand fitting and finishing each and every
firearm, then putting every weapon through a test-firing procedure that is unsurpassed
in the industry. This is why every X-TAC Elite is backed by
Wilson Combat’s industry-leading, no-strings-attached, customer-service policies ensuring a lifetime
of performance. Be it high-round-count training, hard-duty
use, or every day carry, the X-TAC Elite has the performance features that bulletproof
reliability to fill a variety of tactical roles. Order yours now at wilsoncombat.com

25 thoughts on “X-TAC Elite from Wilson Combat

  1. Wilson Combat is the best !! just put a 1000 rounds through my C.Q.B… NO malfunctions even with terrible reloads! I want to thank all the hard working gunsmiths!! They are what makes us the best of the best!… Thank you Wilson.

  2. My God, that's such a gorgeous piece!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shame about the price being moderately above my means, or I would have one. Thinking .38 Super in the Compact.

  3. I'll never be able to afford a Wilson Combat. I was able to fire one from a business owner who appreciated my choice of much less priced handguns.I hope you have much success with this model. Can't wait to see Larry Vickers with one. Maybe one day!!! Enjoy the products !!!

  4. Yup I spent close to 4K for my X-Tac elite,, ran 490 rounds through it and had five failures to return into battery.. Cases ejected was very speratic .. Bought a S&W PC Commander ran 800 rounds through it with zero malfunctions.. Paid 1250 new for the smith.. The built quality Wilson has is awesome nice tight and right just doesn't run ??! Worth 4K maybe maybe not??

  5. Wow!!! It’s either this or a decent used car though. If I had that much spare USD I would actually choose the .38 special flavor

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