World’s most dangerous weapon in China’s 70th National Day Military Parade

Hello and welcome, my name is Shailesh Kumar
and you are watching National Defence. People’s Republic of China is going to celebrate
70th anniversary parade on 01st October. This year’s parade is the first military
parade held on the occasion of the National Day after the Central Committee of the Communist
Party of China with Presient and Comrade Xi Jinping at its core began to lead the whole
Party, the military and Chinese people of all ethnic groups to enter a new era; it also
marks the debut for the whole of the PRC’s armed forces after its comprehensive restructuring. The parade will feature 59 phalanxes, about
15,000 soldiers, 160 aircraft and 580 other pieces of weaponry and equipment. About 300,000 civilians will participate in
the parade. Some new weaponry including DF-41 & other
hypersonic weapons are likely to feature in this parade. In last 70 years, Chinese leadership has made
sure of a constant rise of China in the world. At the parade of the ceremony of the founding
of the People’s Republic of China 70 years ago, the number of Chinese planes was inadequate
– only 17 aircraft! Then-Premier Zhou Enlai ordered to fly the
same planes twice. Time flies and world witnesses a new era of
China projecting itself as world superpower. All these years, Chinese leadership has imposed
strong discipline across the rank and files. This reflects in this years parade when one
participant was quoted by Chinese official mouthpiece Global Times saying “Practices
of the parade are certainly very tiring as they often take place at midnight. It takes a lot of time and stamina. The organizers even gave us adult diapers
because we do not have time to go to toilet during practice”. This parade will highlight Chinese military
power, at a time when Sino-US relations are deteriorating and international arms control
treaties are being called into question. Chinese relations with India are stable except
China is seen to use Pakistan as it’s proxy to advance it’s territorial ambitions. A defence analyst Antoine Bondaz claims that
their research indicates that unprecedented conventional and nuclear ballistic capabilities
will be paraded, some for the first time, demonstrating the quantitative and qualitative
modernization of China’s ballistic arsenal. Highly rapid, even hypersonic weapon systems
could also be shown, illustrating that China is, in some respects, at the forefront of
global innovation. The star attraction of this year’s parade
is likely to be Dongfeng-41 or DF-41, world’s longest range intercontinental ballistic missile
capable of 10 MIRV delivery with a range of 12000 Km to 15000 kilometer that can travel
at the speed of 25 mach that is 25 times the speed of sound. There may also be some hypersonic UAVs like
DR-8 and Sharp Sword developed by China’s indigenous defence industry. Another ballistic missile system, the DF-17,
which is reportedly able to carry a hypersonic glide vehicle as that of Russia’s Avangard
system will also feature in the parade. Such vehicles are able to manoeuvre evasively
at incredibly high speeds in order to evade missile defence systems. More new missile systems including anti-ship,
anti-aircraft and cruise missiles, as well as a new long-range multiple rocket launcher. Besides, Y-20 transport aircraft, J-20 stealth
fighters will also take part in the parade. The parade will see soldiers as young as 20
years to generals over 60 years as well participating in the parade. First time ever, two female generals will
also be leading the female formation to be reviewed with their glamourous charms and
valiant spirit. China denied the logic that exhibiting weaponry
is “flexing its muscles” and attributed parade a contributing factor for transparency. The military parade, consisting of two parts
– inspection and marchpast – will last around 80 minutes. The military forces to be reviewed will line
up in formations and receive inspection from President Xi Jinping. Then, the air flag guard formation, foot phalanxes,
armament phalanxes and aircraft echelon formations will cross Tian’anmen Square in succession. The foot phalanxes consist of 15 formations:
guards of honor, formations drawn from all branches of the services, formations of female
soldiers, representatives from the research faculties of various institutions and universities,
civilian staff in the armed forces, reserve forces, militia and peacekeeping troops. The armament phalanxes consist of 32 formations
in seven modules: ground assault weaponry, offshore assault weaponry, air defense and
anti-missile weaponry, information equipment, unmanned combat equipment, logistic equipment
and strategic strike weaponry. Aircraft echelons consist of 12 formations:
leading aircraft echelon, early warning planes, bombers, carrier-based aircraft, fighters
and aircraft from the army aviation unit. The joint military band, with the Military
Band of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army as the mainstay, is supplemented by more than
1,300 people drawn from other units. A total of 188 defense attachés from 97 countries
will be invited to watch the military parade on Oct. 1. No troops from foreign countries have been
invited to participate in this year’s parade, and no military leaders of foreign countries
have been invited to watch it. For the first time, a contingent from China’s
8,000-strong UN peacekeeping standby force will participate. China might try to showcase its military prowess
through the parade but facts remain that it still faces stiff competition in defence spending
with United States of America. However, China is Asia’s biggest defence
investor, who spent over 56 billion dollars, just over 33% of China’s overall defence
budget. USA on the other hand spent over 643 billion
dollar in 2018. It will be good if these weapons of mass destruction
are just used for showcasing the power rather actually using it. Any such use or counter usage will put human
race in danger. Thank you for watching National Defence. Hope you like this story. If yes, do give it a thumbs up, share the
video link and subscribe National Defence. Hope to see you soon with a new story. Till then take good care of your self. Jai Hind! Vande Matram.

7 thoughts on “World’s most dangerous weapon in China’s 70th National Day Military Parade

  1. …..बहुत अच्छी तरह विवरण प्रस्तुत किया गया है….. हमारे युवा उन के कार्यक्रम को अवश्य देखना चाहिए….

  2. DF-41: World's longest range ICBM, with range of 15,000 km, surpassing US LGM-30 Minutemen range of 13,000 km
    DF-17: Carries Hypersonic Glide Vehicle (HGV) capable of attaining speeds above Mach 5 (5x speed of sound)
    DF-21: World's first operational Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile (ASBM) nicknamed "Carrier Killer"
    DF-25: Bigger variant of DF-21, with extended range. Nicknamed "Guam Killer" for its ability to reach Guam.
    JL-3: 3rd Gen Intercontinental Submarine Launched Ballistic Missile (SLBM) Able to reach U.S mainland.
    YJ-12: Sea-skimming supersonic missile (more stealthy approach). Can be launched by fighters and bombers.

    China's missile technology is like a child stepping into toy store. Each missile is carefully crafted to meet different specifications to meet different needs of China's military.

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