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Su’cuy Gar! Greetings I am Tadd Lar’ken, the lore master of Mandalore! and today I’ll be digging through the archives to elaborate on the
ARC trooper Alpha 17. Born on Kamino 32, years before the Battle of Yavin, Alpha
17 or just Alpha for short was a clone of the Mandalorian bounty hunter Jango
Fett specially bred to be an advanced recon clone trooper. lieutenant alpha 17
wasn’t subjected to the same amount of gene therapy and modification that the
standard clone troopers of the Grand Army of the Republic went through, save
for growth acceleration. This made him and the rest of the alpha batch of ARC
troopers far more independent than the standard rank and file clone troopers.
That, combined with their training by Jango himself, made him and his brothers
nearly the battlefield equivalent of their template. After their training was
complete all ARC troopers including alpha, were put into stasis tubes
ensuring that they would remain in prime condition for when the Grand Army of the
Republic was finally complete and ready for deployment. That time came two months
after the Battle of Geonosis when the Confederacy of Independent Systems
forces under the command of commander Merai sought to capture the cloning
facilities on Kamino and stop the Republic’s production of clone soldiers.
Separatist battle droids were quick to overrun the outer defences and were
nearing the laboratories where the new generation of clones were being grown so
in order to protect these facilities Jedi general Shaak Ti gave the order to
release the ARC troopers from stasis at the reluctance of Kaminoian prime
minister Lama Su. Upon his awakening Alpha-17 donned his armor and fought
valiantly to protect the clone children being overrun in the flash training
center after which he aided Shaak Ti Obi-wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker in
defending the clone generation labs and they were able to isolate it from the
rest of the facility until sep forces were eventually forced to retreat from
Kamino. Alpha took a liking to general Kenobi
and his young padawan and not too long after the Battle of Kamino he joined
them along with Jedi Master Glaive and his Padawan Zule Xis is on a mission to
Naboo’s moon of Ohma D’un. The group were sent to investigate the deaths of
hundreds of spice miners and Gungan colonists at the hands of a mysterious
bio weapon codenamed swamp gas and after landing on Ohma D’un they were
assaulted by the Ratataki Dark Jedi Asajj Ventress and to the Gen’daii Bounty
hunter Durge. Ventress killed Glaive and wounded Xiss while Kenobi was being
held down by Durge. Alpha and Anakin were able to locate the supply of swamp gas
canisters being loaded onto a transport flowing into smithereens before could be
brought to the pristine world of Naboo. Before they could link back up with
Kenobi and Xiss, Durge took alpha by surprise and would
have nearly broken him over his knee if Anakin hadn’t intervened and fended off
the bounty hunter. After regrouping with Obi-wan they managed to surround
Ventress and as good as the ARC was with his Westar m5 blaster rifle, the dark
assassin managed to flee with Durge in tow. One year and two months after the
Battle of Geonosis, Alpha accompanied obi-wan and Anakin again, this time to
participate in the Battle of Jabiim where the local Jabiimi loyalists
called for the Republic to aid them against the CIS backed dictator
Alto Stratus. During the first week of the battle, in the midst of a brutal
firefight, obi-wan and Alpha moved in to help a group of clone troopers trapped
inside an experimental AT-AT that had just been brought down and before they
could get everyone out the AT-AT exploded leaving Alpha and Obi-wan presumed dead.
They were not dead however as Asajj Ventress,
in retaliation for her humiliation on Ohma D’un staged the AT-AT explosion,
Swiftly kidnapping the ARC Trooper and the Jedi, making it look as if they had died
in the explosion. Alpha and Obi-wan were brought to Ventress’s castle on her
homeworld of Rattatak, where they were subsequently tortured in her dungeons.
However, Alpha’s intense ARC training made him a tough nut for Ventress to crack
and he held strong against her punishments. Eventually Obi-wan and Alpha
managed to break free and with the aid of Ventress’s old rival imprisoned
with them, Osika Kirske, they escaped. Hijacking one of Ventress’s Ginivex Fan Blade starfighters. Ventress had her goons pursue them and above the planet
of Rifflor, they brought down Obi-wan and Alpha’s stolen Ginivex and although they
survived the crash landing they still had Ventress’s mercs to deal with. The
two may have died if it hadn’t been for Anakin Skywalker, who had been hunting
pirates on the nearby planet of Varonat with his interim master Ki-adi Mundi and
he had sensed Obi-wan’s presence and begged to go to his aid which Mundi granted.
Not long after Anakin and Obi-wan’s jubilant reunion, Alpha 17 was called
back to Kamino where he was promoted to the rank of captain and became the lead
instructor of the ARC training program where both new clone commanders of the
upcoming batch as well as older clone commanders recalled from the field would
be taught the intense tactics of the ARC troopers to better their combat
effectiveness. At the suggestion of Anakin Skywalker, Alpha would grant the
graduates of his training program something the Kaminioans liked to
avoid… names, of which the most notable
graduates were Commander Cody, Commander Neyo, Commander Gree, commander Appo,
Commander Bly, and Commander Barcara. In 19.43 BBY, 31 months into the war, Alpha
17 went back to active duty, this time to aide Anakin, now a knight, Obi-wan, and
a host of other Jedi and a surprise attack on the heavily fortified
graveyard world of Boz Pity. While Kenobi and Skywalker fought to subdue
Asajj Ventress, Alpha was critically wounded by General Grievous and the Kaleesh
cyborg would have killed him had not Jedi Master Adi Gallia stepped in and
diverted his attention. As Count Dooku and General Grievous retreated from the
battle, Alpha was soon tended to by his friends
however, things looks grim for the grizzled ARC
trooper. He had lost all feeling in his legs and presumably would never walk
again. Ever the optimist, Alpha 17 was loaded into a medical transport along
with the body of the supposedly deceased Asajj Ventress bound for Coruscant.
Unfortunately, Alpha would never make it to Coruscant because Asajj Ventress
wasn’t actually dead, she was merely in a meditative state that slowed her vitals
and upon her awakening she hijacked the medical transport and headed for the
Unknown Regions where her and Alpha would never be seen or heard from again… This transmission was suggested by
Oliver fan 2005 and general CJG. If you have any suggestions for future
transmissions, don’t be afraid to drop a comment! In the mean time keep your comm
channels open for future transmissions and don’t forget to subscribe!!!
Tadd Lar’ken… Out.

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  1. Hey Tadd Larken, great new video, happy new year, and I hope your friend's wedding went well in this weekend. Also, thumbs up for mentioning me on the video, I was not expecting that. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

    I didn't know that Alpha-17 was actually on board Ventress's medical transport. So apparently she took him with her, and we never saw Ventress or Alpha ever again.

    I got some news about the Defending the Prequel podcast. Apparently, we decided to move it to the next, upcoming weekend (January 17, 18 or 19) because Darksnovia wanted more time in order for him to watch the SW Prequels and get ready for the podcast since he got very busy on this past weeks but he is now more free to watch them. Me, Kyle and Ironinquisitor definitely wanna see you in the come back to the State of SW podcasts, so that is also another reason why we moved the date, so maybe you could join in with no work or priorities getting in your way.

    So, the podcast is next weekend, are you available next weekend (January 17, 18 or 19)? Or you got busy in those days as well?

  2. Oh Alpha, you are the prototype clone character for all clone characters going forward. And you may not be the best clone(Domino Squad and 99 beats you by miles) or the greatness(Rex gets that one). You are the reason clones have character to began with, your sort of the Jango Fett of clones, original clone character and for that your awesome.

  3. Hey tadd larken i just cannot believe why you don't have at least 10k subscribers your content is better than most of these big star wars youtubers . I have a video reccomendation could you make a video about the ship wild karrde ?

  4. Another great video! Also, I thought I should let you know of this growing Star Wars channel, who seems to share a few opinions with you. I know this is kinda a weird thing to bring up, but I think you guys could work well together, and he has expressed interest in the Give Us Legends Movement.

    "The Black Mandalorian"

    Sorry for sounding like an advertisement, just thought you'd be interested. Keep up the great content, you're one of the last few voices of reason in this community nowadays. Have a good day ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You should do a video about vergence (the female sith during the vong war) and that part where she says their being three sides of the coin jedi, sith and mandalorians

  6. Wow…I had not known that was Alpha at the Battle of Boz Pity. Or else I did and didn't register with my mind that he was brought along in the same ship as Ventress and the two would never be seen again. That's a darn shame. I would love for Legends to continue at some point so that their story can be completed. It was years ago when that storyline ended and Dark Horse never brought it up before the Disney acquisition.

  7. A fun fact, that Dave Filoni originally planned to have Alpha 17 but George Lucas thought it was too many characters begging with the letter A with Anakin,Ahsoka, & Artoo. Then they went with Captain Rex.

  8. look at that, dave filoni ripped off that naboo mission…more solid proof legends comics are better than his shit show

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