Who Killed the Kiev Protestors? Videos May Reveal the Answer | NYT – Visual Investigations

The protests in Ukraine
that began in 2013 not only toppled
the government, but also yielded countless
eyewitness videos. Day after day, protesters
and bystanders filmed the rallies in Kiev against
Ukraine’s president, Viktor Yanukovych. They filmed attempts
by security forces to break apart
the tent city that was built
in Independence Square, and the clashes
with masked police that reached a violent
tipping point months later. On Feb. 20, four police
and 48 protesters were killed in one of the bloodiest hours
of European conflict since the Cold War ended. Now four years later,
these videos are being presented as
critical evidence against Ukrainian policemen who
stand charged of killing these protesters. Working with incomplete
ballistics evidence and amid rumors and denials
about what happened, prosecutors hoped that
a forensic analysis of the videos would prove their case. They enlisted the help
of SITU Research, an architectural firm in Brooklyn
with expertise in video forensics. SITU analyzed hundreds
of videos assembled by Ukrainian graduate student
Evelyn Nefertari to recreate the shootings in
painstaking detail. First, they built a virtual
replica of Instytutska Street, where most of the
protesters were shot. Laser scanners
were used to accurately reconstruct
the fine detail of buildings, sidewalks and trees. And they modeled
barricades and debris seen in the videos of that day. Videos show the Berkut,
a Ukrainian paramilitary force, retreating along the street
from clashes with protesters. The Berkut are wearing these
distinctive yellow armbands. They take a position
behind these barricades. We’ll focus here on the death
of Ihor Dmytriv, a 30-year-old lawyer who had joined the protest the day before. He was with this group
of protesters, protected by helmets and
homemade shields, who followed the Berkut. Moments later, he
was fatally shot. His shooting was filmed
by three cameras, which helped SITU determine his
precise position and that of the cameras. By analyzing the
sound of the gunshot, experts approximated the
distance of the weapon from the cameras, and
using their 3-D model, analysts froze the
victim’s exact position when he was shot. They marked the
entry and exit wounds described in the
autopsy report to indicate a
direction of fire within a few
degrees of accuracy. Overlaying this cone of
fire with the audio analysis gave the experts an
approximate location of the shooter. Next, they examined
videos filmed on either side
of the barricade at the time of the shooting. One shows the fatal shot and
a white puff of smoke rising near the barricade. And this is security
footage recorded behind the barricade within a minute
of that gunshot. It clearly shows Berkut
police aiming and firing at protesters where experts say the
fatal shot was fired from. Investigators repeated
the analysis for two other victims. Lawyers hope that
by making order out of the chaos and
disinformation surrounding that day, this innovative analysis will
stand up to cross-examination in court.

83 thoughts on “Who Killed the Kiev Protestors? Videos May Reveal the Answer | NYT – Visual Investigations

  1. Olá! Só Brasileira e tenho vídeos das manifestações por todo o país. Nossa manifestação não é apenas em relação ao combustível, como diz o governo, mas em relação a todos os impostos exorbitantes que pagamos, ao descaso à educação, saúde e segurança do país e também contra a corrupção.
    Somos um dos países que mais paga impostos no mundo e não aguentamos mais.
    As manifestações seguirão e na madrugada de segunda -feira, por volta das 00h nosso povo vai a Brasília pressionar mais uma vez o governo pedindo a queda não só do presidente, mas de todos que estão no poder atualmente.
    Caso queiram saber mais, estou à disposição para lhes mostrar os fatos que a mídia Brasileira esconde por ser comprada pelo governo.

  2. How was shooting the protestor an incorrect response in this case? The man willingly advanced on a police barricade brandishing a weapon. What did he expect biscuits and tea?

  3. My heart goes out to those dead protestors. Yeah they were carrying guns that posed a threat to the police, who rightly were scared for their own lives and thus justified to shoot at them, but when I see the torchlight marches the members of their group have today while making Nazi-like salutes, I see that their deaths served a higher purpose.
    Wait, have I lost my mind? Must have misplaced it somewhere while watching this piece of yellow journalism.

  4. stalin said one man's death matters but a million's not. you guys had to done it years ago when this particular death was historical event.

  5. What about the shots that hit the trees behind them? Shots that cannot possibly come from where BERKUT are!

  6. Let's not mix a "civilian with weapons advancing toward an armed police officer" with "hole country wanting the government to resign and government forces killing of population in order to maintain control" ok ?! If a police officer tell you to stop and comply with his request (at a traffic stop), you do it … if the hole country is in the street protesting the corrupt government and a police a officer (government forces) tells you to stop and comply with his request… that is a hole lot different!!!!!

  7. At 0:47 There were a guy in yellow, holding what looks like a gun. Most of theses cases were when the protesters attacked the police.

  8. There were trees (an alley) with holes resulting from the shots. In videos laser pointers were directed through the holes – directly at a building that allegedly was held by the protesters – in which case it would have been an action to incite chaos (I take it that 4 policemen and 48 protesters were killed. – Would make sense in case that was an U.S. supported coup. A genuine resistance would not shoot their own people in large numbers).

    Needless to say the trees were cut down in the days after the coup. so the promised investigation was a FARCE. – Interestingly NOW they come up with a forensic investigation.

  9. Fake establishment news dont believe a word they say anymore , nyt have been caught reporting lies too many times

  10. Punishing police for doing their job and defending themselves against clearly armed protesters sounds like a self-destructive and bitter political stunt. I wouldn't want to work for that government and I expect cases like this will do nothing but galvanize divided people.

  11. It infuriates me and makes me laugh at the same time to know 15 yrs ago I would've watch this pathetic propaganda piece and accepted it as truth. NYT you're gonna have to step up your game if you want this pig to fly.

  12. These were not peaceful protests, they were extremely violent, many videos shows how protesters throwing molatovs, and even some had guns and shot them at police, western midia is so biased. Even this video showing how police is retreating, why would they if there was no violence against them, protesters clearly seen as advancing knowing that police only shooting rubber bullets and tear gas so they didn't fear much, eventually some police had it enough and starts using life amunition.

  13. How dumb do you have to be to actually advance towards an army of police with assault weapons hiding behind makeshift shields… maybe they thought they were Spartans 😁

  14. Lies,lies,lies!!!!This protest are the really murder so the president left the country and tha Nato bring the american puppet!!!

  15. the guy had a gun, I mean. Shooting protesters is bad, but if they are armed, they are no longer protesters, they are hostiles in my opinion

  16. Is this video made because of the investigation of the italian journalist, that proves that the shots were coming from Hotel Kiev, and not just from BERKUT?

  17. If 4 cops died I don’t need to know anything more the dead protesters died for there reasons and the cops died for there’s

  18. As always the winners get to write what happened and who was responsible. Sometimes decades later looking back we get a more clear picture of what both sides did. For now the standard rules applies. The victors write the narrative. I am not saying this analysis is wrong I am just saying there will be other deaths not analyzed because it would not look favorable to the winners. What happened happened and it will be year before the whole truth comes out. My peace come to Ukraine

  19. What about protestors shot in the back? What about riot police officer who was burned alive by mob? What about Odessa and pregnant woman strangled with phone cable? Can u investigate all of this? Or just things against Russia?

  20. Lol i want to see one of those in the USA… Since most citizens have guns😂 like actual assault rifles.

  21. @1:50 the guy had a gun! what sort of response did he expect.. this speaks volumes especially about the rest of the "protesters"

  22. I see they managed to identify 3 ppl shot from ahead and totally ignore the 44 others shot in the back or from the sides…..

    This is NYT so does not suprise me.

  23. They shot from behind too, why do you don't show how people was hit from behind? Just watch as the bullets hit the tree not from the front but from behind?

  24. One of the first things the new "free, democratic, pro-European" government did – destroy evidences of this shooting. All the trees on that street, which could have been hit by bullets, were sawed down and burnt. Why, I wonder?…

  25. He was shot standing next to a guy with a rifle really? That would be a legal target in any police action this was not protest it was an armed riot

  26. Now do all those people burned to death in Odessa by the Nazis that Soros put into power there. You can show the burnt bodies and them jumping out of windows if you like.
    We know about them anyway.
    Biden's role in all of this is being exposed too, and that's why they are so afraid.
    They are VERY afraid!
    Oliver Stones movie "Ukraine on Fire" exposed you ALL!
    A person can see it on YT if they like for free.

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