What Secret Weapons Might North Korea Have?

What Secret Weapons Might North Korea Have The rogue nation of North Korea has been making
threats and testing weapons for over a decade now. Kin Jong Un has largely been considered to
be bluffing when it comes to his military strength, but does he have something up his
sleeve? Hello and welcome back to Life’s Biggest
Questions, I am Rebecca Felgate and today I am continuing our popular world war series
as I ask what secret weapons might North Korea have? So before we speculate on what the hermit
nation may have, lets discuss what we know they do have. North Korea has a “Songun” ethos, which
means military first. The nation has 1.2 million active soldiers,
with a further 7.7 million in reserve. This is close to American military numbers,
despite the population being just a fraction of that of the USA. Based on 2015 intelligence, which is already
at risk of being out dated, it is thought that North Korea has 3,500 Battle tanks, 72
submarines, 302 Helicopters, 563 combat aircraft and 21,100 artillery pieces. We now know that North Korea’s furthest
reaching interballistic Missile is the Hwasong 14, however we are not yet totally sure whether
they are able to launch it properly. Theortically, if they were able to, it could
reach a distance of 10,400 kilometres, meaning it could reach anywhere in the world except
from the EAST coast of the US, South America, Antarctica and Western Africa. However, the furthest a North Korean tested
missile seems to have travelled is 2,700 kilometers over Japan, this was the Hwasong 12 missile
launched on August the 28th 2017. North Korea’s nuclear program seems to have
begun in the mid 1960s, and since then it is thought that the country has built between
12 to 21 nuclear warheads. This production is considered to be illegal
and in breach of the Non-proliferation of Nuclear Weapons treaty. Because of this breach, because of North Korea’s
threats towards their neighbors in South Korea, Australia and the United States of America
and because North Korea wants to seem a bigger threat than it actually is, the hermit nation
has not been forthcoming with information about what weapons they do or do not have. Essentially they’re terrorists – with
the definition of terrorist described as a person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation,
especially against civilians, in the pursuit of political aims. The fact that they have been unable to cause
damage thus far should not diminish their credibility as terrorists, the intent is there,
even if the ability is not yet. So….we have a rough figure, but what weapons
could North Korea actually be hiding? North Korea’s Day of The Sun Military Parade
made it appear as if Kim Jong Un had a wealth of weapons in his arsenal, but of course,
the parade was mere pageantry. Kim Jong Un hasn’t seemed to realize that
the world can see through the intent behind his displays. During the parade we saw submarine launch
ballistic missiles, intercontinental ballistic missiles, but these were believed to be duds. North Korea’s not so secret weapons include
one or more 10 to 14 kiloton nuclear warhead, which would cause some damage, but is small
compared to international standards. On Sunday the 3rd of September, an image was
circulated by the North Korean Government showing Kim Jong Un inspecting what looks
like a Hydrogen bomb onto a new intercontintal basllistic missile, again, if this is a secret,
then they’re really excited about sharing it. We will never know what they actually have
until they test it. They have said in the past they have generated
the most powerful atomic device ever….it’s hard to take them seriously when they make
such statements, however we can safely assume, based on the past test, that they do indeed
have one or more nuclear weapons, hydrogen or otherwise, and they do want to use them. It is impossible to speculate what secret
weapons North Korea have, in that they aren’t exactly trying to keep anything secret. If they did actually have something powerful,
I am quite sure they would blab in a heartbeat. The more concerning issue with North Korea
is not their haul of secret weapons, but deciphering which of the weapons they are showing us are
actually real, and which are props to insight fear. While North Korea may be more talk than action,
we should still remain on guard…luckily we have the best trained secret agents and
scientists at our disposal to keep track. What secret weapon do you think North Korea
is hiding? Let me know in the comments section below…like
me…do you think there are no secret weapons? Or do you think all their parading is one
huge decoy to keep our eyes off another area of concern? Thanks for tuning into this episode of LBQ,
if you liked this video make sure you give it a thumbs and share this video, and stay
tuned for more big answers. For now, I am Rebecca Felgate, stay curious,
stay alert and never ever stop questioning.

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  1. He is a Big Bully but it does concern me that if he is backed into a corner he would release what they have and even if it isn't a lot it could still kill innocent people and start something that could bring on world war 3

  2. they tested the hydrogen bomb. Itbis VERY likely they have chemical and biological weapons, I wouldn't gamble millions of South Koreans lives on some youtube armchair generals, facts are they are a nuclear state now.

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  4. America does a lot of illegal stuff (make france,U.K.,Spain come back) pls they can be good parents Canada is my proven answer

  5. Pure garbage. Nuclear treaty they signed is basically they wouldn't share the nuclear technology to other nations. Only India never signed the treaty. And none of what this video is saying is true.

  6. they cant have any cuz there poor af and they also dont have that many combat aircraft she got this from north korean propoganda north doesnt even have 100 combat aircraft

  7. Huh! Simple! If we went to war with North Korea, The United States can just blow them up into ashes! The USA is to powerful! And the US also has secret weapons that are much better! USA🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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  11. A secret weapon nk has: hell probably more than one, I can see them having t14 Armada , new Russian aircraft, and more troops than we think they do. Probably new anti aircraft missiles, Chinese made of coarse, and large sub fleet

  12. If they been working since 1960 about neuclear weapons I'm pretty sure they have created something big but they wana keep it secret until the war on with any country 😒

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