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– In today’s motivation to move, we’re talking about
a workout that’s great for your muscles
and your heart. All at the same time. So I’m with Kimmie at
Urban Athlete to talk about TRX suspension training. Now Kimmie, a lot of
us know what TRX is but for our friends that don’t, explain what TRX actually
does for the body. – Basically it was invented
by a Navy Seal guy who was deployed and he said “I need
some way to workout and I’ve got no gym and no weights.” So, it’s a suspension
based system that uses the best
tool in the gym, the human body of course. This is a great tool for you
to start building confidence and building some strength,
just using your own body. – So, we’re going to get a
strength training workout and a cardiovascular workout. – Right. Your strength mode,
where you’re taking your exercises slower, really
digging into those muscles and feeling that burn or you can
make it more of a cardio based side where you’re
doing some Plyometrics, you’re doing some jumping work, so both ends of the spectrum
you can get it out of one little piece of equipment. – Talk about
functional training. Just be able to sit in the car. Picking up your
bag of groceries. – Right. – Picking up your kids
or your grandkids. – Right. – So we want to get to the
gym and this one apparatus is going to help us do that. – Right. So now you’re that
45 year old dad who can run and play football and pick
up his kids pain free. Why? Because you’re using
something like a TRX. – I know there’s thousand
of exercises we could do. – Yes. – You’re going to show me three. – Yes. (mellow music) – Let’s start with the
lower body exercise. So we’re gonna go
over a TRX squat. So arms pretty much in
a 90 degree angle here, shoulders down, back
retracted, tummy tucked in and you’re just gonna
drop down into a squat at 90 degrees and come back up. Now if you really want to get
into that cardio side where your heart rate gets up, let’s
make it a TRX jump squat. That’s three, let’s get 10. – Okay. Kimmie exercise number two we’re
doing something upper body. – Upper body, yes. Let’s go after TRX push-ups. If you want to make it easier you can go into kind
of a splits stance. Okay, another easy way to do
it is put your feet out wide. The harder you want to make it, make your feet together or
a little bit more narrow. Think of your body as
like a wooden board, it can’t bend, it can’t break. You only go down as
far as you can until you feel that board
start to bend. That’s how you know you
went to low in the push-up. Then you’re really
gonna attack the muscles that you want to get after. – Okay. Exercise number three. – Exercise number
three is your core. We’re gonna start with
your basic TRX sit-up. (upbeat music) – Straps are all
the way down now. You’re gonna tuck your heels right in the spot on the loop. You’re gonna stick
your heels out and drive them down into
the ground, nice and even. A good way to feel,
is my core engaged? Is kind of stamping your
belly or your lower back into the ground. Hands are gonna go over head. So from here, I want you to
keep that core engagement and you’re gonna raise your
hands up into the ceiling and then you’re gonna
lower it back down. So think control on the way up
and control on the way down. – I think the biggest take
away that we should all learn from today is
that when we do TRX, we can build muscle,
build strength and also be working our heart. – You’re getting your
cardio endurance up there. You’re getting your
strength up there. The heart’s gonna
benefit no matter what. – Do you love TRX? Well we wanna see you at it. Just tag us on Instagram
at livinghealthytv.

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  1. Very informative video. ✌ The thing is if anyone wants to follow Push, Pull and Core exercise fitness plan in three different days that will be very effective.

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