WHAT IF Vegeta Trained With The Grand Priest Instead Of Goku?

The following is a Dragon Ball WHAT IF original manga surrounding, what if Vegeta trained with the grand priest instead of Goku. what’s this hey Vegeta you sure you’re okay over
there now before we get into that fight
between Vegeta and the grand priest we need to set some context to this what if
story this story takes place surely off the Dragon Ball Heroes episode six well
go who had mastered ultra instinct and to feed the EBU Saiyan Kumbha to the end
we begin our story Vegeta Condor playing on the events that just took place it
was one thing to see cakra achieve that form in their tournament but to see you
again saving everyone from that evil saying we’re not even off fusion could
stop him that power is ridiculous I must have it
me gustan o Goku II will be mine even the cakra from the alternate
timeline pissed me off yet another form that for some reason I have no access to
this blasphemy ends now the Prince of all Saiyans will no longer be mocked
I can’t just rely on training anymore though whatever this power is I won’t
achieve it in the gravity room Risa’s alluded to him before but clearly he
can’t teach me but I’m sure someone else can it’s time to take my destiny into my
own hands I’ll prove to everyone once again that whatever cakra can do I can
do better die shangkun I’m coming for you one way
or another you will teach me the secret of ultra
instinct meanwhile in the realm of Zen oh how are you this morning Zeno sama is
all going well not well I miss my friend the other me is left now bit haha well
that’s enough someone’s from another timeline his universe needed him just as
we need you it don’t worry though this universe is full of people who can play
with you let me see how about son Goku okay what’s go qu son been up to you
well actually it seems Goku has been involved in a bill trouble recently I’m
not sure he’s even in the right shape to play a few thinner sama well all is not
lost though there is another saying just like Goku Stein I believe his name was
Vegeta Oh is either what he did the amazing blue transformation I want him
he’ll be fine excellent that can definitely be
arranged in fact I’ve a feeling he may be here sooner than you think bah-bah the I’m here Vegeta what’s
happened woman I need to get in contact with Wiese immediately we need to talk
is that all I thought it was something important it is important and trust me
with kokoro missing the only person who can protect the earth is me and we snows
this meanwhile beerus is planning beerus sama it’s time to wake up really is that
time already what have I missed what are those two dams aims up to
causing trouble I assume Wow you’d be right beerus sama goku sunglow
himself involved in a fight with yet another saying and it looks like he
tucked back into that power I’m not surprised
what a Vegeta where is he well with Vegeta we son how would you
like to try some new amazing food I just made I’ve had it made just for you on my
really just for me I’ll be there immediately keep it warm for me gray
will do just one thing though I’ve prepared this meal just for you and only
you what say no more bomber I’m on my way
see you very soon so you’re finally here about time we see the jitta son I had a
feeling I was here for you how can I help
are you finally considering becoming a god of destruction ha
don’t make me laugh I’m not gonna waste any time I need to see the grand priest
right now take me to him um what what business could you possibly
have before them not that it’s any of your business but I’ve grown tired of
you know being able to teach me ultra instinct I want to go straight to the
horse’s head I admire commitment to surpass gokusen
vaquita I’m afraid a mantra can only see father
at his or Zeno psalms request father hello Wiese but you weren’t fighting the
one called Vegeta and bringing him to me Zeno is bored and looking for a new
playmate I can see Goku is unavailable so could
you bring us the other Saiyan what so what were you saying we Segen about me
not being able to see the grand priest ha ha ha ha ha very well you win Vegeta
son if Zeno sama commands it I will bring
you but don’t expect father to fulfill your wishes hello is there no sama I
have brought with me Vegeta son just as you requested
welcome Vegeta son I’m surprised you agreed by as discussed Zeno wants to me
cut the crap I’m here to see you that you probably
know why I’m here for you to teach me ultra instinct no more games show me the
secret ha ha I’m not sure what you think I can teach you but Zena will not be
pleased if you don’t play with him I could have dire consequences for us all
will I tell you what if you trained me and helped me to surpass Kakarot I’ll
play if that little midget for as long as he needs hmm perfect then it’s agreed
I’ll train you as you desire as long as Zeno is left happy we begin shortly
prepare yourself I think you’re closer to your goal than
you know Vegeta son an undisclosed amount of intense training later hmm
the Jeter you have most definitely surprised me to think you could have
come this far as impressive but unfortunately you don’t appear to have
achieved your goal I may no have achieved ultra in sting
like Cochrane just yet but my powers increased tenfold in a short amount of
time with you I don’t think even Carol could handle me now maybe not even you show me what you can do Prince yet what’s this hey Vegeta
you sure you’re okay over there you well well looks like we’re done with the
world and that was it for today’s what if Mongo drawn and written completely by
myself be sure to leave a like and a comment down below to show me what you
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leave me down in the comments some ideas for other what ifs that you want to see
and I may go ahead and make them into manga so until next video guys Cheers

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  1. An Original Manga drawn and written by myself. Leave me comments down below about what other what if stories you'd like to see in Dragon Ball Super and i'll draw them!
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  2. wow, i wanna say something clever but im speechless, this was just epic bro(edit)especially vegeta's speeches lol

  3. Good job on the manga. Do you think that V can get his own power different form Goku? May be like Ultra Instinct Blue, that way V is finally different from Goku and has his own type of power.

  4. I hope you continue this manga, this is very very cool. Although I have a few problems, one that I do not believe vegeta truly caress about ui, another I also don’t think that vegeta would act this way with the grand priest, and tracing I know you traced some bits and others not but I hope you don’t do it all of the time sure for that backgrounds it’s okay but for the characters I would say not to even if it takes longer it is way better to draw on your own rather than trace at least I would appreciate more, but other than that this was great and I hope you keep this going I want to see more vegeta

  5. We want more. And what happened to that manga chapter where MUI SUPER SAIYAN GOKU fights the GRAND PRIEST?

  6. Vegeta's level of mastery is higher than gokus. He's never had a master. There for each battle he approaches as a student who overcomes his teacher technique by technique until he is victorious. The reason why he figured jirens techniques out one by one increasing his chances for the win each attempt.

  7. i love it it seems everyone has a better story than the writers espcially when it comes to vegeta and vegito!!!

  8. Mearj theres a delay on super dragonball heros ep12 it will be shown on june 18th iam letting you know show you can adjust the countdown clock on your other channel iam still not sure about the time it will come on i thought i would let you know about this have a great weekend

  9. Damn good start, any plans on continuing it ?? Part2,3?? Maybe even 4. How about Vegeta and Goku finally get Round 3

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