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Hey guys This is A remake of the original what if mace Windu trained Anakin Skywalker videos that I made back in December of 2016 I felt the story could have been better and Instead of taking it to the same direction as the story already is I decided to redo it now skipped a minute six if you have seen the original what if Mace Windu trained Anakin video as That was mainly just a backstory to get us up to speed to where we are here today But for those who haven’t seen it I’ve included the full story so that we have a nice full video also head over to the Facebook page give this video a share that I’ve pinned to the top of the wall and In one week I’ll pick a winner for a new limited edition Force effects black series lights every giveaway of your choice without further ado here we go Master if I may Qui-Gon wished for me to train the boy ready, but ready for this boy you are not Kenobi I will train the boy he has much to learn for the years he lost this will not be an easy task young Skywalker Yes, sir with these words Anakin was embarked on a journey completely different to the regular timeline We all know this was not only more realistic as Obi-Wan was not ready to have a padawan of his own But it also allows for anakin to receive the teacher you need rather than the one he wants Obi-wan was more like a brother of a curtain what she needed was a father figure someone like Qui-Gon Seeing as how that’s not possible in this stories Mace Windu is the perfect substitute for the task over the next 11 years Master Windu would teach Skywalker to own and develop his ability the same way he learned how from Master Yoda but also From himself and his own teachings from Within Windu was unlike any other job He was cut edge and by the books as yoda however when it came to his fighting style He strayed far from the Dodge lying He studied the seven form of Lightsaber collar which itself was a very aggressive acrobatic and Difficult style to Master but on top of this he created his own variant of the form by harnessing the dark side this was not Openly accepted by the Council Which is why it was mostly kept in secret His use of a purple lightsaber was indicative of his ability to use both the light and the dark blue and red Makes Purple which described Mace’s energy the best Through his mastery of using both sides in unison he learned how to develop both equally yet news either judiciously Just like Luke did against Vader in Return of the Jedi through this training style Anakin would learn to develop his dark side powers that were seized heated within him from such a young age Almost training him as a sith however teaching him the self of Jedi way instead of and only in word has assisted Anakin would grow to wield his own purple-ish becoming the most Gifted Jedi in the Council his force abilities were even more powerful than his doing style Which as assumed was identical to Windu’s who taught him many forms allowing him to choose which suitors is then? Naturally having chosen the seventh war and through it Learning the pond during padme need for Jedi Guardians Windu and anakin would be assigned to her at the request of palpatine just as he had requested Obi Wan before solely to lure Anakin along and into his eventual plan although Able to discern which sides of the force to ultimately use and it can did master the dark side of mace toxin this was dangerous this developed new powers within Anakin that he had never been able to test prior to becoming Darth Vader during episode two when he went to Find his mother tortured by the send people his hate filled rage was Insurmountable next to what we saw in the film in comics He not only slaughtered the Village he used force fire to ignite the whole tribe Watching as little Tuskin Raiders ran a flame screaming to be put out of their misery as anakin Watched them melt into ash, hes hunger to prevent people from dying with exponential along with his strength vowing to become the most powerful Jedi ever He ate slept and dreamt of learning how to stop people from dying[x2] when his inevitable meet would do control at the end of attack of the clones arrived He was sent with Kenobi to deal with the sith while Windu attended other affairs with Yoda Upon their arrival when he rushed Dooku again. Obi Wan senior command Anakin blocks Dooku’s force lightning with his saber as taught by windu many times who is no stranger to dark side attacks deflecting the blasts to the ground he rushed and Inevitably bested him using the Pod to it’s great advantage and harnessing Dooku’s dark energy to wield his own attack as Obi-Wan tried to keep up until he was sent to the corner by to Push and then aniken was able cut dookus hands off following the momentum of the saber through Dooku whose neck Beheading him against Obi wan’s command just as yoda showed up around the corner to Witness Skywalker’s loss of control Anakin would be judged before the council for taking Dooku. Who’s like when he was unarmed Apologizing for his actions master Windu would take him to the temple to interrogate him about his feelings during the do Anakin look downwards Ignoring the question as mays pride deeper he knew when his not a woman was keeping from him he inquired Asking him. What was wrong and a controlled mace about his dreams about Padme And how he wanted to stop those he loved from dying his relationship with mace was much better than it wasn’t Obi-Wan Because he trusted me not only more due to his age and experience But due to the fact that he did not fear the dark side like the rest of the Jedi he accepted it and [dove] into Its teachings learning every bit of it and all Jedi should have to understand it become one with it as much [as] possible Without letting [go] of the light and ultimately learning all the secrets this was what anyone wanted as? Curious as he was he needed to know if the dark side was holding secrets that the Jedi didn’t know about and this was something His master could help him with mace rested his hand upon Anakin shoulder telling him How [proud] he was of him to confide his true emotions with his master mace walked away as anakin stood perplexed Motioning to follow him anakin obeyed as [mays] took him down the corridors and to the gargantuan arched doors Opening to the Jedi archives. I’ve spent all my [time] here master I haven’t found anything [mace] interrupted anakin by shushing him telling him to keep moving leading anakin to the restricted section only Admitted select Jedi Masters Master windu opened the locked door where anakin walked into a cathedral [asked] [looking] room twice The size of the one who just left as they looked around he saw scroll after Scroll of ancient sith Lord that had been collected over centuries by past Jedi turning to his master And it can didn’t know what say as maids broke the silence anakin it’s time. I showed you where most Jedi fail, and That is to study every aspect of the force while judiciously choosing the light and never Abusing the dark through the ancient sith Lorin holocron you will find what you seek however. I want you to promise me one thing Yes master anything you ask replied, Anakin never hide your thoughts from me again. This is a path to live Lively to treachery and treachery will lead to the dark side. Yes Yes, Master over the next many And it can would continue to study all ancient sith Lord learning from his master along the way with any questions you had during this time Palpatine would continue to try to manipulate anakin by making him feel as if the Jedi only studied one aspect of the force If fun, is to understand the great mystery one must study all its Aspects not just the dogmatic Narrow view of Jedi Luring him with stories of Darth Plagueis the wise and feeding him lies about how the [darkside] Was stronger if you wish to become a complete? Why is you must embrace a larger view for? the careful Jedi again Only through me can you achieve a power greater than any Jedi? revealing himself as the sith Lord your listen I Know what’s been troubling you and it can rush to tell his master of the news. I think chancellor Palpatine is a sith Lord a [fifth] Lord yes, the one we’ve been looking for telling anakin to wait in the council chambers until he and the others returned anakin would do so As he sat there Contemplating what would happen [the] counting nine and along with him the knowledge [save] [padme] he knew that no matter what come and claim to knew it came from a place of Malice and manipulation a place of treachery that couldn’t be trusted he had faith in his master and in the council he would do as he was told and Trust in the Force to guide his thoughts Under Graham my Lord the oppression of V will never return you have lost you know now Some time had passed as anakin looked up to see [master] when you walk through [the] chamber doors tired sweating and his robe torn Abruptly standing shower Carascas master what had happened mace replied? Stupid question anakin for [went] in one came out. What do you think happened and the chancellor Master? He was powerful it took everything. I had to fight him at one point I almost thought he had the best of me, but through the Pod I was able to deflect his powers back [onto] him and kill him That is why I have been so adamant on making sure all sides of the force are learned and that is why I encourage you To study more of the dark side while always knowing which path is the [right] come [Skywalker] We have much to discuss the Master and Padawan left the Council Chambers to inform yoda and obi-wan upon their arrival of the names but first a Hot me on with an order Padme would eventually give birth to Luke and leia where she would to anakin surprise stay alive with his love and support his trust in mace would lead him [to] feel comfortable enough to Inform him of the birth where while upset and angry and anakin he would tell him that he was happy He told and that the Skywalker children would be trained once they could crawl by the members of the council He told Anakin how master Ki-adi-Mundi had a wife and children as well And that in some cultures it was acceptable for masters at family although Not in his it would be overruled and accepted due to the nature of the Skywalker family [the] Council was shocked to hear the news But they [welcomed] the new powerful addition They can luke and leia enrolling them in meditation teaching from infancy to grow their powers in the force before beginning them on Anakin would grow old with [patton] and they would watch their children grow to be the poster children of the Jedi Forming their own team of new and Elite Jedi within the temple teaching us the ways of the dark and the light and to always trust from the force just as [I] [wanted] while always helping them to understand which side was the one to never stray from The temple would continue to grow as Jedi would become smarter stronger and better keeping peace within the Galaxy Thanks for watching guys What did [you] all think I hope you enjoyed this remake of the original? What it makes when you trained anakin I read the comments and saw many thought I could have done more with it Considering [my] other fan fictions that [I’ve] done and I think it’s true. So I created this timeline as well I hope it wasn’t too bad if you would still like me to create a part 2 based on your suggestions Then let me know I can do that for the original one that I made the first video I made that I mean if you did enjoy it, please leave a thumbs up to support the channel And I’ll see you all in tomorrow’s episode of Star Wars theory until then my fellow Jedi my friends oh

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  1. Hey friends! Thanks so much for watching!
    Did you like this remake more? If you want I can still make a part 2 for the first (original you could call it), and the graphic novel winner to go with that if you so choose.
    Good luck in this video's Lightsaber contest and I'll be reading all your comments throughout the day 🙂
    Contest ends Jan 25 2017!
    Thanks again for watching everyone, means a lot.
    May The Force Be With You!

  2. I always thought Mace Windu's semi- dark side fighting style and the 7 form of lightsaber combat was a natural fit for Anakin. I would definitely be risky but I think it would have payed off in the long run as you point out. Great episode!

  3. I like it. But your interpretation of Master Mace Windu, I always imagine what if there was a subgroup of jedi trained in both the light and dark side of the force yet remained on the light side, would the jedi trust them. If Master Mace was like that, then the answer would be yes.

  4. And count Dooku would actually live if Mace Windu was there which he was according to this video. He would prevent anakin from killing him.

  5. How hard can it be to follow this route instead of same fking thing anakin turning Vader in every fking game/movie/animated series/books…
    FFS I am tired to seeing the same thing again and again and again…
    At least one game has a character called starkiller who trains under dark side and becomes the prefect warrior of aggression and dominates the entire battlefield solo.
    He fuks darkside and joins light side.
    We need more of these characters instead of those pansy ass jedi who only take light side but refuse to study dark side.
    Windu and star killer might be the only people who knew about the powers of dark side yet didn't get seduced by it and decided to be in light side

  6. I would have loved to learn from Mace, not just because my favorite color is purple though lol. The fact he channels his darkness and balances it into light, more aggressive parry. My kind of style.

  7. I rather wish we could have both. The lessons and moral of this story are rather excellent and it's a lovely story too.

  8. Doesnt this just make the "Chosen One Prophecy" insignificant about Anakin. Since Palpatine was defeated by Mace Windu, episodes 4-6 do not happen as we see in the movies, and Anakin never brings balance to the force by tossing the Emperor over the edge of the shaft.

    I feel like Obiwan training Anakin is the best option. All the Jedi had a fear of the dark side. Obiwan was probably more fearful than most, due to his personality. This would make him more controlling over what Anakin learned and how fast Anakin advanced in his training as a Padawan. We see this in the Attack of the Clones when Anakin complains to Padme after he slaughters the Sand People. Saying, "Hes jealous! Hes holding me back". Pushing Anakin to fight internally with what he, Anakin, wants and what he knows he should want based upon what Obiwan teaches him about the Jedi way.

    That's why I'm glad Obiwan teaches Anakin, leading to his eventual fall and rise as the Chosen One. If Obiwan had not trained Anakin, I doubt the events would play out like they had, giving us the complete arc of the Chosen One prophecy.

  9. Sounds much better but what makes stars wars good in my opinion is the unexpected twist and the un predictable

  10. It would definitely have been interesting how Anakin would have developed if he had had Mace Windu as his master.

  11. Although obi wan was a good master he’s not the one Anakin needed and mace could’ve been a better candidate

  12. I really liked it. Because of Mace's training, Anakin, in a way, was able to truly bring balance by having the ongoing generations of Jedi trained in both sides of the force. Well done bro.

  13. I do agree in for the most part of this theory except, Palpatine would have been arrested by Mace instead of killing him. Even though Palpatine was sent to prison, he would have escaped and got himself a new padawan.

    He would still issue order 66 but Anakin, Mace, Obi-Wan, Yoda, Padme and Bail Organa would have escaped. Anakin and Padme would have been sent in secret back to Naboo to raise Luke and Leia as Jedi with the guidance of the remaining Jedi. Eventually Luke and Leia would rebuild the Jedi into a new republic and would defeat Palpatine and his empire.

  14. I have one problem with the opening, and it is kinda a big one: Obi-Wan was proven to be ready to take his place as a Jedi Knight because he killed a Sith Lord. There was an old Jedi tradition that stated any Padawan who could defeat a Sith Lord in battle had proven their worth to ascend to the rank of Knight without passing the Trials.

  15. Palpatine: Telepathically calls Anakin while fighting Mace

    Anakin: You have reached the mental voicemail of Anakin Skywalker. Please leave a message after the lightsaber activation sound


    Palpatine: Sweats nervously

  16. i love this alternative timeline,wait- what about the clone wars? what happened to the clones and battle droids?

  17. I know this is made up but in the actual movie mace windu didn't even want anikin trained stating he was too old I don't think he would openly volunteer to train him however I could see Yoda believeing that only his former apprentice would be wise and balanced enough with the light and dark side to train the chosen one who is supposed to keep this balance. He would be the best master for anikin but I don't think he would want to at first.

  18. However this would of made a much better story for the prequels. It always bothered me that he didn't swing on old palpy when he had the chance. Could of saved a lot of lives if you let Jedi pride go for a moment.

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