What do visitors think about Special Forces: In the Shadows?

The general public viewer would find it very interesting because it’s such a secretive area of the military and there’s not
much information in the public domain. I liked all the games they’re really
challenging. Something that people have forgotten I think the origins of the SAS. My favourite part was when you learn how to apply and I wish I was 20 years younger. I liked the pack the bags bit because you had to think about what they really needed on that mission. I liked the statistics around the side
about selection and all the stuff they have to do. And also the descriptions of
the various roles and how they fit together in a unit. You learn more about much more generally what to do to, it’s good to separate fact from fiction. The whole experience actually, the way that it was set out the fact that it was interactive. Understand the risks that they were put in into their lives. Yeah I’d definitely recommend it, it’s really interesting it. It is a very good and complex exhibition. I’d recommend, anyone that has a little bit of interest in history and the military armed forces to come down and check it out.

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