We’ve Got Ourselves a Standoff | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tv

♪♪ Dr. V:
Peter and Amina. Dr. Ish: Here are your paddles
from earlier. Peter. I hate that I didn’t set
better examples for my kids. I hate that I give in
too easily. I hate
that I’m a cheater. We connected for life
with two daughters. I would hate for my daughters
to have those issues with someone like me. Dr. V: You also identified
the one thing that you need your partner
to change. Amina, please show us
what you wrote. ♪♪ Make me number one. 100% commitment. Dr. Ish: Peter,
that’s a very clear description of what she wants.
How does that make you feel? I’ve never, ever in my life
been faithful to no one. We just t–
Let me work on me, but I’m — I need you there
while I’m working on me. Why? So you can take advantage
of me? Peter, please reveal
your deal-breaker. I can’t do that
before I have this. And I definitely can’t do that
before I have this. [Laughing] Okay. -Wow.
-We got ourselves a standoff. Every day that goes by,
it becomes clearer and clearer that there’s, like,
just no solution to our dilemma. I have no clue what to do. ♪♪

67 thoughts on “We’ve Got Ourselves a Standoff | Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars | WE tv

  1. This girl Amina something is off with her terribly Peter heart will never be with you. you need to get that through your thick skull

  2. OMG he literally said i hate that I'm a cheater lmaooo…she's stupid asf… leave that nigga A LONE… All she is missing is the colorful Afro wig, a red nose, some big red shoes and a colorful jumpsuit!

  3. The solution is clear to everybody but her. Divorce. He is a serial cheater, she has the right to do it. She and her girls deserve better in their lives.

  4. I feel bad for Amina , she thought she could change him , every women before him has felt the same way , honestly regardless of having kids she need to move out of that situation , I feel she’s strong enough too move on let Tara have him she could do it for the kids just like he does it for his whole tribe of children

  5. He's using the kids or wanting to be close to the kids as a means to keep her around to toy with her, sleep with her. Please, I'd tell you fuck you and if you want to see the kids get used to flying to L.A. FOH!

  6. Wow! Amina needs to divorce his ass. He just wants his kids. And convenient sex. Didn't he have her & Tara living in the same apartment building & she had no clue? And Tara was pregnant at the time.

  7. Really Amina you are clueless you don't know what to do really!! The man said he's never been faithful but you have no clue what to do omg!! Sheesh

  8. Yo her ass has got to be retarded. This nigga has 0 respect for women. Please let him go and ruin another chick life!

  9. This gotta be the dumbest bitch and the lamest nigga for real. Smfh what bitches do for dick. On top of that this dumbass chick made him cheat on his girl wit her and she thinks he not gonna do the same to her. Idiot

  10. These two shouldn't even be together. Peterson be with any woman he is a Serial cheater and a manipulator. He is not a great choice for a husband especially when it has so many baby mamas and a school bus full of children. I would say football team but I'm not familiar with football or how many players does it take to play football.

  11. Granted I'm 24 and my father is pressuring me to get married and have children like my mother did when she was 22. But I'm looking for the right guy which is hard nowadays that I'm a demisexual introvert. I am not going to get with the Peter type of guy and try to change him look Amina I know better

  12. I have never seen a more desperate and sad woman who's willing to get with a man who won't commit to her who cheats on her and is trying to dictate where she should live. Even I know he just wants to kiss and a personal concubine

  13. Give him his babies and stop trying to control him. He wouldn't ask you for child support. Stay in LA and just go see them.

  14. Make me number 1? Girl there’s no other numbers in a relationship (unless you’re into poly living). I’m all for polyamory and polygamy, but these women are not. So she’ll be okay if she’s number 1 and Tara is number 2? Just make the bitch your sister wife. Tell your children that sometimes in this world, you love multiple people. Instead of fighting and acting stupid so that one day they will see this. Show them a different way to love.

  15. Ok fr like i don't see why she keeps trying so hard to be with a man who clearly doesn't want her she needs to realise that u if she is better off with out him and that the only way things will do good for her is if she lets him go

  16. He's very controlling. It's not that he needs her in New York for support OR for him changing. He wants her there because as long as she is like this, he cannot control her in a way that she Will mAke her stay. He will get both ways again as long as she is under is wing.
    He does not have his controlling grip on her and He knows that as long as she is separated from him, she will be able to move on and He doesn't want her to.
    BUT, he also doesn't want to fully commit to just her or to just Tara. He's got issues that he needs to work on before he even commits to Tara or her, EVER again. js.

  17. Peter is an asshole. How are you going to hurt her so bad that she moved away and tell her he will only make it up to her if she did something for him first?? Um, dude YOU'RE the one who fucked up. YOU are suppose to win her trust back.

  18. Bitch talking about she doesn't know what to do.Girrrrl! Love you you are gorgeous chile… pretty talented and Amazing,Worthy of commitment

  19. What happened in the womb with Amina and her two sister? Does her twin have all the common sense? Amina is dumb as hell. My god

  20. I hate how Amina just plays innocent like she’s some victim. No btch. You’re a homewrecker and a slut. She enjoyed every minute of joining Peter in creating a toxic environment. She’s going to teach her daughters to be the same type of female.

  21. Man everybody keep makeing it seem like she dumb but in reality she is just in love with an ass whole and she loves him and its hard for her to let go of that ,her first marriage and kids she didnt want to let it go

  22. Stop begging people to love you. They don't have to. You have to find someone who loves you not force someone to love you

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