Welcome to MIT Bootcamps!

The Bootcamps are these week-long intense, entrepreneurship courses where people from all over the world, attempt to start up a company within a week. The Bootcamp encourages you to dream big and to hit hard. Individuals have to form into teams, identify a problem or an opportunity They ideate, they create a solution… understand if it works financially and then, they pitch. They’re incredibly diverse in their backgrounds: business, engineering, science, marketing. What brings them together is this drive to build something new. If you want to find a practical, systematic and rigorous framework for innovation, the Bootcamp is for you. You’re working on it for 22 hours a day. You’ll learn a lot about who you are, how you work under stress. That pressure makes you learn so much. The Bootcamp is what got me into MIT. If there’s one word that defines the MIT Bootcamp, it is intense, transformative definitely life-changing.

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