Weapons training in Macedonia

[Nolte] When soldiers of the 230th
Military Police Company arrived in the Republic of Macedonia to teach classes
on American crew-served weapons to deploying members of the Macedonian military,
they have a couple of days on the ground to prepare the classroom
and put the finishing touches on their classes. But when some of the Macedonians already at
Training Area Pepelishte express interest in learning the weapons,
they leap at the chance to practice their courses.
We have been trained on them, we know how to use each weapon, we know how
to fire them, we know how to clean them, we know how to
perform malfunctions. We want the same thing with the Macedonian
soldiers so that way, when they go downrange, they’ll
be confident with them. [Nolte] Of course, while they are here to
teach, a vital part of any military to military event
is the exchange of information. The soldiers of the 230th were rewarded with
the opportunity to learn about a staple rifle of the Republic
of Macedonia and militaries the world over: the AK-47.
We had one of the Macedonian sergeants come down and give us a class on the AK-47.
He showed us how to break it down, how to reassemble it.
His particular weapon–I believe he’s had it since 1987–was immaculate.
It was very clean. [Nolte] Their first encounter with training
another military left them confident in the Macedonians’ ability to learn the important
lessons they have to teach in the coming days,
lessons that could save their lives or those of their American allies
when they deploy to Afghanistan. Reporting from Krivolak in the Republic of
Macedonia, Specialist Jason Nolte, 21st Theater Sustainment Command.
[♪upbeat music♪] That’s the Army Today from Soldiers Radio and Television in Washington.
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11 thoughts on “Weapons training in Macedonia

  1. Stupid Greeks. There is only one Macedonia and it`s in this video made by the US army. Macedonian army is present in Iraq and Afghanistan where is the Greek army? Only in GAYreece.

  2. @paparazzoz
    you idiot, Macedonia has 200 soldiers in Afghanistan Greece has 75. Macedonia has 2 million inhabitants Greece has 10 million. You do the math moron.
    btw Macedonia had 77 soldiers in Iraq – Greece = zero.

  3. @slackmk YOU are so stupid and so IDIOT. we dont play the game of the americans you moron, greek troops are in afghanistan to help the simple people, not to fight against them unhistorical impecile,

  4. monkeydonia has 200 soldires? where? in your dreams? haha
    200 soldiers are the entire skopjan army moron
    stop watching too many war movies, u mixed other country army with monkeydonia army

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  7. @CorporalTrelton pst : Твој отац је геј Словена и твоја мајка курва Бугарски

  8. You would be surprised russian guns are as good as american and british ones. Not to mention their elite is by far the most hardcore in the world (not best because that doesnt exist), due to their training.

  9. I was one of the American's that helped train them. I loved those guys. They took out to party the last 3 days we were there. It was a great time

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