Weapons Qualification | 2nd Regiment, Advanced Camp 2019

Behind me, 2nd regiment advanced camp
cadets test their sharpshooter skills at the weapons qualification range. Today we’re at the range to qualify you need at least a 23 out of 40 to qualify and
you’re doing in 3 different positions. So you start out with pro and supported
which you have sandbags underneath to support the rifle that you’re shooting
with and then you move into pro and unsupported, so no rifles but you can use
a magazine to use that as a support and there’s a foxhole right next to you and
then you do kneeling for that so 20 rounds for pro supported and then 10 rounds for kneeling, of total 40 shots. My most important thing is just to get down in a
comfortable position and shoot and what feels natural. Also what works like if it’s natural and doesn’t work change it like listen to
instructors advice but most of time shooting is just being relaxed and
comfortable. You need to breathe, you need to relax you need to stop thinking,
because most of the fails that I had previously is because I was overthinking
like my shot like my target and this time was like mostly breathe relax
thinking about anything and just like shoot and I got it. Being able to handle and fire your weapon accurately and successfully, is really important to being an infantrymen and as a cadet, it’s really important and it also it helps build
trust in the cadets I think, because a lot of people think oh there’s just
college kids but handing them something they can really really do some damage it
shows that the cadre have a lot of trust in us. Reporting for the Public Affairs Office at Cadet Summer Training, I’m Haley Brown.

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