Alright guys, my name is John. I’m a photographer from The Smart Local. So my colleague Nic and I actually started the TSL Run Club, where we actually encourage anyone in the office who wants to keep fit, to run with us 3-4 times a week. So I decided to do something special for the regular runners, I actually signed them up for the 42 KM Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. Guys, guys, good run today! Well done for the run today! Oh by the way guys, I signed ya’ll up for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon. 42KM! As in the whole – Is that why ya’ll are filming today? No – for real or what? What’s going on? No seriously, what is going on? Ni siao ah! I thought he was kidding ah. But it’s really real right? Like what the hell, I cannot even run 5KM leh. I’m lost for words, I don’t even think it’s real. The whole of today, John was just walking around in like his singlet. Then he was looking like super lap sap. And I was like why are you dressed in your running attire the whole day. Then he was like super excited and was vlogging everything. I was just wondering why he was just going around vlogging everything with a camera the whole day. Then ya lah, I guess this is why. I think it’s very sudden. That he suddenly just like okay, I signed ya’ll up for 42KM. So I was like more in a disbelief than anything else. But after that when I think about it, I’m like Okay lah. If i’m going to do a full marathon, I’m gonna do it once and for all and it would be great if I do it with my friends lah so I was like okay lah, I’m up for it. So today, we have a very special guest with us, his name is Soh Rui Yong. He’s a 2 X S.E.A. Games gold medalist for the marathon and he will be training us for the Standard Chartered Marathon in December. What do I think about the runners? I think the 5 runners that I have met today each had a different attribute, different personality, which makes the group very, very colourful and fun. John has a very joyful and fun loving personality. I think Nic has probably the strongest base right now. He had a very powerful running form. He looks like completing a marathon wouldn’t be a problem for him. Jocelyn is very resourceful – you want to get through life, you have to be resourceful and a marathon is a lot like life. Megan had good perseverance Ya, she looks like she can really lock in and just keep going. Xenia, I felt that Xenia had quite a good running form. Her arms were close to her body, her stride was short and efficient, not like long and bounding which you don’t want in a marathon because you lose a lot of energy that way. So, I think her touch rugby background really gave her a little bit of fitness and running form Apparently, they just told me that Saturday runs are optional lah. I think with 2 months left, optional runs are no longer optional. Now they’re all compulsory runs. So I understand that 2 months of training for a marathon is not gonna be easy and all. So thankfully, Standard Chartered has got us covered. They’ve got pacer runs and all sorts of other activities that lead up to the race day and help us to develop ourselves to finally run the full race. At the same time, they also hooked us up with awesome gear that we’ll be wearing and training with. We tried WeBarre training. It’s my first time doing it. It’s basically Pilates + ballet. I was the only guy in the class. So ya, I just got my ass kicked by ballet Pilates. It was damn tough, we were all sweating like we were all like shaking So other than training to run, you have to train like your core and like everything else. I think the running community in Singapore, they are all very welcoming. No matter what fitness level you are at right, you can just join. This is the furthest I’ve ran, but I’m actually feeling quite okay, like my legs are still quite okay. I think I can even run a bit further. So, I’m quite happy with today’s run ah. I’m super happy, I can go gym now. Tired but really good. We just got about 32KM more? Easy, Peasy. After completing every run, we are that little step closer to the finishing line. Good morning guys. So freaking tired. Hello Yukee! This is Yukee, our videographer. He is running with us! We are running 21KM today. So time now is 3:33 AM. We will be flagging off at about 4:30 AM plus. And then ya, we’ll see you at the finish line and see whether we can still talk or not. We’re just done with 21.1KM 42km I cannot okay. Sincerely, now we are not ready, and we have 4 more weeks only. How?! Hi! Painful. Painful. It’s like never ending leh. Where is the finishing line! The last 3KM was torturous. I think it was extra painful for me, because I actually injured my left foot. Some like tendon inflammation so it’s like super painful It’s like every step right is like my soul died. I can’t relate. But I know, for the Standard Chartered Marathon, this is where our 21KM right is a fantastic reality check for us lah. Reality really hit us hard. What about you Megan? What were you doing? Okay the reason why I didn’t sign up was that cause I felt very physically unfit. Like aiyah, I was really very, very scared and also, a bit broke ah so Okay so I didn’t run the half marathon – we were supposed to sign up together lah Actually, it was my idea to like Eh guys, let’s go run a marathon but due to unforeseen circumstances I was unfortunately not able to run. Ya, because for me ah, I’m someone who cannot run. If like Soh Rui Yong ask me on a Saturday If it is alone, I’m not gonna run. I think that’s the difference when it comes to the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon right. It’s super worth it because like when you sign up, then you get all the free training. Like for us we did barre, pacers run and other small initiatives to help you get ready. Okay, so thanks for watching. Keep a lookout for the next vlog where we will show our painful journey throughout the 42KM. Actually in our office right, we got a few more interested friends who will be running with us. And you’ll get to see them in our second vlog and see us at the finish line together with them ah So we encourage all of ya’ll out there who are still interested to sign up for the Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon, Standard Chartered Singapore Marathon half marathon and 10KM to just do so. sign up And see ya’ll on race day. So if you have any other fitness stuff you want us to try, just a comment down below and check out our other videos that side. and don’t forget to like, share and subscribe! Bye! See you on race day!

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  1. Every time I see John, I think his name is John Britto until his name is shown and I remember, John Britto is the foreign worker lol.

  2. We're entering our final month of training! If you guys have any tips and advice to give us, do drop them in the comments below! We would really appreciate it!

  3. you guys shld try out pound! Its smt like pilates but a more intense version bc it involves hand eye coordination and really works out your entire body esp your thighs!

  4. Hello TSL hehe will a group of you guys be keen to come on down to Republic Polytechnic to challenge yourself at our very own Adventure Learning Center? If keen, do let me know who I should drop an email to make this happen or alternatively, I can be reached at [email protected]! ☺️

    (see: https://www.rp.edu.sg/shl_al_adventurelearningcentre.aspx)

  5. Wow got to admire the grit and determination of the team; especially Jocelyn, such an inspiration and role model for us all! #respect

  6. UMM…………….i understand how u feel…………i CANT EVEN DO MY NAFA TEST 1.6 but i have reason i sprained my ankle and walk the whole thing lel but i did not tell cher so i redo

  7. awesome.. congrats on first half marathon… I wish i can run the singapore marathon.
    just remember not to worry about your pace on your first marathon and enjoy the run! taper well and have a good race.

  8. Funny how this appeared in my recommend. I will be running half marathon by the end of the year and I haven't started my training yet. 😂

  9. Those who excitedly want to run a marathon or wish to set a PR need to try this marathon training program “Zοrοtοn Axy” (Google it). I had been a reader of countless books on marathon training and a runner of two marathons and around 50 half marathons. This is a quite motivating and reassuring guide. I had been able to get tactics that I did not know about. .

  10. You guys better not push yourselves too hard because that is what i did. I ran 10 km a day 6 times a week and ended up with plantar fasciitis,believe me you dont want to experience that..

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