Wax Processing from Bee Boot Camp

The wax that you saw outside, we have … Is
it finished? Roiling boil
Okay, just let me finish. If I can just get your attention over here,
this way. If I can get through, here. So, the wax is in those, in those, decapping
containers outside. It comes out, and we put it in five gallon buckets like this, and it
still has some honey and debris in it. So, it looks just like that when it comes out
of the decapping bin. So, we fill this with warm water, and let
it soak for a while, and then we dump the water out. And out comes the honey and any
other residue that will absorb into the water. And then we do it again. Fill it up with hot
water, let it sit for a while, dump the water out, and then we do it again. Three times.
So, you wash it and stir it up a bit each time also. And then by the time you’re finished
with it, it has the consistency of oatmeal. And then it’s ready to process. And we’ve
got some stewing outside we can show you in a moment. So, three times washed, and it’s
best then to take that wax after the third time washing and put it out on a tarp and
let it dry for a couple days so it’s completely dry. Ans then you can put it back in here
and store it and not worry about it. You put this away wet, other than in a freezer, it
will mold, and you cannot get rid of the mold and you just throw it out. And that’s an
unfortunate thing. So, wash it three times if you have the time, and today we didn’t
but that’s okay because we need a little water in here also when you’re boiling it.
So, wash it three times, dry it out, and then you’re ready to process it or if you want
to process it right away, as soon as you wash it the third time and it’s relatively dry,
you can begin processing it in the next step. So, outside we have a tricky cooker actually
or a propane cooker and a large stainless steel can, and we just dump that oatmeal like
wax in there and let it come to a slow boil. And then we continue to take off what’s
called slum gum. The residue from wax that we don’t want has propos in it and some
honey and some wax pieces and other matter that we don’t want is called slum gum. There’s
even a use for that as we’ll show. So, we’re boiling it out there. We take off some slum
gum, put if on pieces of paper that when the honey dries on or coalesces on can be cut
into strips and used as fire starter in a fireplace. It’s a really great fire starter.
Wax burns really well.

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