99 thoughts on “Watch A Military Veteran Shred The NRA On ‘Weapons Of War’ | The Beat With Ari Melber | MSNBC

  1. Mr Do Nothing McConnell…after sucking down NRA money…from Russia… codename: Mitch the Russian B>tch

  2. Take heed to what is really going on. To use a token black man to deliver a message against gun violence is an insult to the intelligence of every American citizens on Turtle Island. This is and has always been a violent country from it's inception by foreign invaders. It tortured and murdered it's original indigenous inhabitants into silence. Then the colonizers fought each other over the control of every resource, including human beings through gun violence. It all sounds like hypocrisy and political theater played out on a chess board all across this great nation of ours. The most violent people on the planet want gun control to protect it's citizens.💩👅👃👀👌Most of us require justice and peace for all, not just a select pack of wolves preaching civility for public consumption through mass media.

  3. Words words words. Republicans will never even hold a vote on gun control, no matter how many kids die. Never. You have to vote them out people.
    The republican party is dead. Thoughts and prayers.

  4. Unless you want to lose the electoral votes, Democrats are going to need to push a different agenda than 'get rid of guns'. Push the Switzerland method, where people have classes and training on weapons. REAL classes. Practice marksmanship. I know that sounds strange but it works. For one thing, instructors are trained to notice the difference in an individual that wants a gun for hunting and protection, and one that seems over-eager to use the gun on others. Switzerland isn't having to sell bulletproof backpacks.
    **Also, note that rarely is one of the mass shooters a man named Bubba that was raised hunting and maintaining his weaponry. You may not like Bubba, You may think that Bubba is a racist. But, Bubba isn't the ones shooting up the school's. And Bubba's love, LOVE talking guns. Get Bubba on board with helping with Gun training and maintenance, and Bubba will be your man.
    **I am just a mom from a Red State. But it doesn't matter if every single person on the west coast and over half on the east coast vote Democrat. Unless the Democrats change up their presentation, they will lose the Electoral Votes and Trump will win again.

  5. Mister Brown, please keep pushing to take assault guns off the street. Make it illegal to have usable war guns in the home.

  6. Can I ask a dumb question please. Why has the Police Unions said nothing about this, surely, they and their members have a lot to lose with these guns being publicly available so easily.

  7. If you want to play with weapons of war I.e. assault rifles. Then by god have the fortitude to put the uniform on serve the nation and earn the right to Carry such a weapon. As veterans we see these as tools of the trade and not a toy for weekend hog hunting.

  8. I don't live in your country… BUT!
    I say to you republican voters and PARENTS – how can you look at your children as YOU SEND THEM TO SCHOOL EACH DAY!

  9. No, we don't need to take those weapons off the streets of America. We need background checks, etc that are sensible and don't restrict the rights of law abiding gun owners. Period. The 2nd Amendment must stand. Period.

  10. The latest reporting is President Trump is starting to waffle on universal background checks. God, I hope not. Do we the people still run this country or is it we the people (except when the NRA considers that problematic)?

  11. These universal background checks are a good starting point… But no background check would’ve revealed anything on the Las Vegas shooter… He wounded over 500 people and killed over 50….It’s a great place to start but it’s not enough… The time has come to eliminate the soldiers weapon from the civilian population… Mental illness does not wear a sandwich board announcing it self… If someone has lived an anonymous life and suddenly finds them self with dark thoughts they can easily stock pile these type of weapons because the background checks would reveal nothing

  12. I think America spent so much time in Afghanistan that they have become just like who they war with. Truth dignity integrity,they have lost it now they look at ppl as goats and animals. Next the government will sell each family a tank for protection😕😕😕

  13. REALLY? 90% of americans support background checks? Interesting thing to learn. Hah. Last time I knew, there were a lot more people who go by the mantra "Shall not be infringed"

  14. McConnell is a Russian sellout traitor plane and simple otherwise give any reason whatsoever for his actions…

  15. But I really need my Russian made AK-47 with 30 round banana clip (now for sale in Bobs gun shop Norfolk, VA) to go Wabbit shootin….

  16. Is this for real, is everyone doing a collective Dasterdly and Mutely?.

    What are weapons if they're not for killing?

  17. What the [email protected]&K is weapon design technology! And in there structure! Please stop!!!!! You guys are killing more law abiding gun owners WHO KNOW what a assault rifle is than any Mass Shooting!!!!!! So Mr. Congressman went to Afghanistan with a AR GTFO!!!!!!!

  18. those republican will do something….they will ask for more money from the NRA so that they can continue to turn a blindeye to all the dead and dying of america 🙁

  19. Why do republicons not know that 90% of people in America want background checks!!!! A bill to require background checks and a ban on gun shoes has to be passed! A all out ban is needed! Get out the gun registry, and require that everyone turn in these weapons before more people die in mass shootings!!!!

  20. What are weapons of war?
    Let's see… rock, Spear, bow and arrows, mace (not that spray junk), axe, tomahawk, fist, catapult, fire, burning or hot oil. sword, dagger, katana, flintlock, musket, pistol, m1 carbine (semi-automatic)…..
    The gun ban proposal is based on the look of a weapon, ignoring the fact that the weapon is no different in it's function as any other SEMI-automatic weapon.
    A tyrannical government has reformed itself right under our noses…forcing the people to buy commercial licenses to fish, travel and to have the right to keep and bear arms for a fee. The right to gather for a fee, the right to build on your property for a fee… all while we, the people sit back and allow our servants to reduce the constitution of the united states to just an old museum piece.

  21. Mexico does not allow any arms used by military in civilian hands,mandatory jail for those
    caught in possesion of a high caliber arm.

  22. No American should have the right to own a weapon of mass Destruction, they are not a defence weapon, they are for KILLING as many people as possible in WAR. The must be BANNED and made illegal for private use.

  23. If we dont want people with mental problems have guns what are you going to do about trump thats in charge of our most deadly weapons on earth because he is one sick fein

  24. We the People are supposed to have the same Military Firearms Equal to them and Shall not be Infringed!! 👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  25. Been there Done That and Wore Out the t-shirts, but I Still feel the same way about our 2nd Ammendment Rights in tack for Either Tyranny Both Foreign and Domestic Threats and right now I feel like Our own Government is Making a Tremedious Mistake and Shall not be Infringed!!!

  26. Unfortunately things will never change unless politicians or a member of their family is a victim of gun violence. Even then they may still choose their career and power over saving lives.

  27. NRA & GOP should really wake up and stop being greedy. Supporters of this should really be ashamed of themselves. I put the blame at the top. Something could be done, they just won’t do it. How they got a strangle hold around Mitch neck? I don’t think so. That’s why he looks like a turtle 🐢 and don’t care. He going further and further in that 🐚. 😂 😆 😝

  28. Time to drag Lapierre out of his blood money mansion he got for facilitating the massacre of civilians and execute him for crimes against the people of America.

  29. If someone could physically demonstrates what assault weapons do to the human body it might finally put the citizens anger over the edge. I’m not sure how you’d do it. Maybe use a red gel filled doll to simulate a child. Show what a volley of high powered gunfire would do to a 6 year olds body or a teenagers face. It would be awful and gruesome but by God let these gun nuts see first graders cut in half with assault rifles. It IS horrendous but maybe 2nd amendment radicals and Moscow Mitch would finally see how evil it is to put weapons of war on our streets.

  30. Well said! Assault weapons and any weapons of war belong in the hands of the military. It makes no sense to allow them in the civilian market, certainly not in a civilised society. Enough kids and innocents have died because of the ready availability of these weapons.

  31. God Bless America! 🇺🇸 Gun control! Tough laws for gun crimes, double their sentence for possession of illegal guns! ☮️

  32. Prove that civilians don't need these Rifles by disarming the Police first. Every police car I see has a AR15 in the front seat.

  33. It's time for a class action against the NRA and Murder Enabling Mitch. It appears that the NRA want to be the regulator and Murder Mitch the only legislator. If the NRA and MEM want to rely on 18th century rights and the second amendment (which reads:) "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed" – if that is the case – then regulate it properly or go back to 18th century weapons. A musket and a pistol would be proper weapons of self defence. Don't be like ISIS. ISIS invoke ancient Quran teachings but instead of riding a camel or a horse into war they want to drive tanks. So, invoke the 2nd amendment but live by a 'well regulated' process or trade in your AR for an NRA approved musket.

  34. Hey politicians how to end gun violence is you stop sending troops around the world killing innocent people to take their natural resources.

  35. I cant believe they dont stand up more. I know they took an oath but so did the president and he is not living up to his.

  36. And a so called veteran referring to the rifle as an assault rifle is pathetic if hes a veteran he knows that's not what ar-15 stands for I wonder how much they paid this guy. 🤔🤔

  37. I disagree I think those gun is for every American, to defend themselves. And I recommend every buddy should have one or tow.

  38. You need to remember the Constitution you swore to uphold and protect including not based on ur thoughts based on its clear ENGLISH, “No INFRINGEMENT” on our 2nd Amendment RIGHT! NOT PRIVILEGE ITS OUR RIGHT!!! And shall not be Infringed!!!! Which means every law abiding citizen has the GOD GIVEN RIGHT, NOT YOUR PERMISSION, A GOD GIVEN RIGHT TO HAVE AND CARRY ANY FIREARM THEY BELIEVE IS BEST ABLE TO DEFEND THEM AND THEIR FAMILY. And that shall not be INFRINGED!!!!!

  39. Just how many gun laws do you think it will take to make us safe. You want to blame someone, blame the judges and the lawyers. They are the ones who turn these people out instead of putting them away for life.

  40. "That technology" has been around for 100 years, just ask Elliot Ness.

    The "Red flag" law will be the closest law we have to having gun control.

    And don't even get me started on Black Market 3d printed weapons of the near future even though It's happening now and will continue for the next 200 years.

  41. We know laws banning murder and armed criminals don’t stop criminals. Why would you want to do more of the same when you know it doesn’t work? (Because it’s a hoplophobic response, not a rational one.)

  42. So what they are really wanting to do is to send out armed men and assault me with the same guns they say has no place in a slave society? That only the masters have a need to be protected by these same weapons, while us slaves get to fend for ourselves with tooth and nail? Or are we suppose to just roll over and bare our belly for the wolves to tear out our guts? How dare you all advocate for assaulting me and my family with same guns you all say are so wrong. So you aren't really against gun violence or guns, you are just against us slaves having them and being able to defend themselves with them, right? You do realize that the first war for Independence started when the Tories came to take the guns from the FFs? Tories is, Tories does. Course it wont be these people running their mouths about taking the guns that will be out trying to take the the guns for the most part, that is what they hire the thugs with guns for.

  43. Rifles killed less than 400 people in the US last year. Knives killed 1500. Blunt objects killed 700. Bare hands killed 600.

  44. Give everyone a AR 15 and there won't be anymore shooting if everyone in the Walmart has a AR 15 then there won't be any shooting there and they are not the same they are not fully auto they are designed to protect your self from the enemy

  45. I think most of you should watch this video , so you can really understand just what the 2nd amendment mean's. Please take the time to watch and learn. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rhBwHiLcTG8

  46. Why doesn't Mitch allow a vote? Follow the money: Russian Economy > Oligarchs > Deutsche Bank > Mitch's friends and family > Mitch.

  47. Rep. Brown I agree with you 100%. Most clowns who want this type of weapon have never been to war. They play XBox, PlayStation, etc. A assortment of handguns, a shotgun is quite sufficient for self defense. These people live in a "make believe state!" Most I believe would not have the intestinal fortitude to go to war. Let alone join a branch in the military.( "Want- to-Be's!) If they have this belief that they need these type of weapons why did they not join the U.S. Military? ( America's Military would be fully staffed!) Having served as a Combat Medic most humans cannot even imagine what I have seen and the medical aid/ care I have given. But yet they want weapons that is way out their league. I have many associates that have these type of weapons and I cannot count the the times I had to inform them "You are holding the weapon wrong!" ( Retired 21yr Vet.)

  48. Don't you just love how donnie presumes to judge any and everyone? Like he would have any moral/ethical compass. Poser!

  49. SHELL THE GUN To the Terrorist In America It Well Be Gun Violation War Crime In the NRA OF FEAR BY Terrible Disdrotion Of War on Humanity Blood Shed By Gun Victim Avoid The danger in Our Community?.?

  50. Bull ..what your not talking about is millions of legal gun owners didn't break a single law today. You're requesting to punish everyone for a few.
    I own an AR15, and i served honorably in our military. Don't come for mine.

  51. If you can’t see the irony in someone with guns taking your guns away you don’t understand why the second amendment was added ! The only thing that will stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun ! Mental illness and prescription drugs are a far greater problem !

  52. The left are against the owning of assault weapons and the conservatives want to own lots of assault weapons. So most people on the left don't own weapons and conservatives like me own a number of assault weapons. I am getting ready for the next civil war.

  53. Forget the " gun " part of this. Restrict magazine size. That's the one thing that would have the biggest effect on spree killers without restricting the right to own the gun it's self.

  54. Why is it Americans can’t come to agree on logical, common sense issues.
    You can be sure that if half of the citizens want to solve a common problem affecting everyone, that the other half will oppose it no matter how much sense it makes or benifits the country.
    You are constantly in gridlock and nothing ever gets done.
    I live in Canada and have had health coverage all my life, and I’m 70. Our government decided this would be a good thing and got together and passed legislation. Same with drugs. After 65 you are covered.
    I watch in amazement year after year you guys debate and argue, lie about our system, but you still don’t have a program.
    It’s like that with gun control, immigration etc.
    I think the problem is money in politics, and Republicans being owned by big money.

  55. If he really is a veteran he should know the difference between the weapons he had in the military and the ones owned by private citizens they're not the same. u people need to stop lying about that

  56. republicans say, we will do nothing : ) N have done done nothing :/ i use a 22 to hunt, deer or elk, its most fun with bow n arrow.

  57. Today is Sept 15, 2019 and Assault Rifles are still in the hands of many, so maybe instead of chewing down Moscow Mitch and Trump, let's protest to bring down Wayne LaPierre the CEO of the NRA he is the one that is really doing the damage and refuses to Ban Assault Rifles, now let me be clear I am not saying to put a Ban on Hand guns for protection or Hunting Rifles, you can have your toys, don't see the need for them but that is your right, but Assault weapons are just that weapons for Killing not for Hunting not for protection, for Killing. Ban Them Now.

  58. The type of gun will not matter and criminals get guns through other means. Law abiding people are the only effected. Bolt action hunting rifles can easily fire 1 round a second and they can make in their garage a high cap mag. Laws will not change the problem. Did laws stop illegal drugs? Or did drug dealers get a lot smarter!

  59. They ain't go do nothing! And we gone let them do nothing! Because we're so divided, and will vote to cut our nose off to spite our face. As long as you vote for Republicans they will vote and legislate against the middle class, poor and our rights. They claim to be so righteous but care nothing for drug dealers disguised as a pharmaceutical industry killing people, or a president stealing tax payer dollars, but fiscal responsibility they scream as our debt is higher then ever before 🤦🙄

  60. If there isn’t a legitimate reason for civilians to have a weapon then there is not a legitimate reason for agents of the state at home or abroad to have that same weapon.

  61. Why does someone need a gun to feel strong and powerful. We have dictators around the world that bo this. It's disgusting! Blind person doesn't drive a car because it's illegal they can't pass the test. But you don't need a test for a gun????
    Don't need a test to be president either. Look at the sickness that we have in. Trump says he's a stable genius and he's never proven he's a genius. People buy all his lies, why are they buying lies???? Because they lie just like him and it's okay!
    So sad love love. G-20.in
    This is not Putin country , this is our country.

  62. Agent Orange doesn't want guns in the hands of a crazy person or lunatic!? He has the friggin NUCLEAR BUTTON!!! He should voluntarily offer it up for buy-back..

  63. Completely off topic, we have grown used to Trumps "chopper talk" but this time it showed the two Marines standing beside the helicopter waiting for Trump and I could not help but be struck by the disrespect he shows those men by keeping them waiting in the wash of the rotors, with all that noise and potential hearing damage, not to mention if Trump thinks wind turbines cause cancer, what does he think those Marines are being exposed to!

  64. Communism is here, now! McConnell started this communism scum in the state of Kentucky. Where are there other states with Republican traitors turned against America? It bound to be other states also! America must do more than just vote! Trump creates this tariff scam and is wrecking our economy. This traitor must go!

  65. I was waiting for the part (In the title) where he "shred' the NRA ???? BTW who had a stop watch on when the perp killed 26 people in 32 seconds ?? Was it an illegal machinegun ? That's pretty good shooting unless they were locked in a room together . More BS from the Left . you WON'T get our guns , get over it .

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