War Crime: Mass Graves Left Behind by Kiev Government Paramilitaries

[Russian TV station – Vesti] The number of uncovered mass graves in the Donbass, left behind by the government’s punitive troops, is already in the dozens Just today, three new mass graves were found – in three different towns The biggest one has the remains of over 30 people It is clear that war crimes and torture were widespread in all of the areas occupied by government troops Nikolai Bulgachev reports: New mass graves are being uncovered in the towns left by government’s paramilitary units. Local residents point out the graves left behind by them This one, found yesterday, had bodies of men and women with hands duct-taped behind their back. Those executed were civilians By now, several dozen graves from executions have been found They are located in the towns of Kommunar, Nizhnyaya Krynka, Telmanovo, Starobeshevo The number of victims could be in the hundreds – and those not executed were terrorized They would buy booze and always be crazy. Well, always drunk. Haven’t seen any sober ones here. They would go around the houses and loot. Take the TVs, furniture, ornate rugs. Load it up on semi trucks and drive off. Those… troops that were here. Pillaged everything. So this isn’t an army. Simply bandits. In the town of Panteleevka – it was under control of the government paramilitaries – people consider them occupiers Very, very bad. – Do you have anything to eat? -Nothing. No pension for three months, I’m hungry like a wolf. The kids have permanent stutters now. Still hiding in cellars. Crying with tears this big [shows] The paramilitaries did not provide any relief to the locals. People are starving now and their opinions reflect this. The areas by government positions saw widespread looting and robbery at gunpoint. Whole families lived in basements for weeks, afraid to come out. We’re sitting here, the kids are in deep shock I don’t know – do we have psychologists? Who can get them out of this state, after the murders here? These areas, occupied by the government until recently, are only now coming back to normal This is the town of Vasil’evka, the government forces retreated from here several days ago, a few kilometers that way Now, there are self-defense militia forces here, and the civilians are coming back to their homes as well It’s hard to make it to the forward positions these days because of rain, only jeeps can make it through the mud The militiamen are on watch day and night Here, the militiamen tell us of several more big mass graves out in no man’s land Nikolai Dolgachev, Azat Ataigonov, Andrei Rudenko – reporting for Vesti from Donbass

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