Wall Plank Exercise – Standing Diastasis Recti Exercises To Help You Get To A Floor Plank

I get asked a lot about planking and if
they are safe to do with diastasis recti the answer really is it depends if you
jump right in and do planks without doing some other things first and you’re
not ready for it then you could make things a lot worse and that means not
getting that mummy tummy down which would suck so today I’m gonna show you
how to do wall plank exercises that will prepare you to do more advanced ones
down the road once you work on these and feel ready then you can progress to more
traditional ones make sure once you’re done this video to check out my other
exercise videos to help you with that mummy tummy
there’s many mums you will see in the comments that they are starting to close
their gap and it’s starting to happen for them they’re starting to see results
in as little as one to two weeks and for those of you who don’t know me I’m Linda
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stand in front of a wall and put your elbows on the wall you can always make
this exercise harder by stepping further away from the wall but start small and
you can always move back make sure you contract your core and
bring your belly button towards your spine have your legs shoulder-width
apart while you’re in this position you’re going to take a deep breath in
and lift your pelvic floor you’ll then do small pulses by breathing out and
making a hiss scent they’ll sound like this if you look closely in the video you can
see my stomach going in and out do this for 10 reps
you should definitely feel it in your stomach for the next exercise you’ll be
breathing in and out normally without the hiss or pulses start with your right
arm and slide it up the wall and then down and then switch to the left side do
these 4 10 repetitions do them nice and controlled then you’ll take your right arm and keep
it bent but bring it out to the side and then back and then your left arm and
then back again do these 4 10 repetitions at any time if you feel like
your core isn’t held tight anymore then stop and take a little break and
then keep going it’s important that you keep your form for the next exercise we’ll be lifting
our knee in front of us and alternating them this can be a little tricky if you
are finding it difficult to do just do little tiny little lifts until you feel
like you can do more do these 4 10 repetitions if you could handle these
and would like to make it even harder you can do alternating legs and arms at
the same time the next exercise we will be doing is a
side plank on the wall stand beside the wall and place your forearm on the wall
don’t mind my little one who’s photobombing the video step away from
the wall where it’s comfortable if it’s too far
move a little bit in and if you wanted a bit harder go a little out and simply
just hold the position there if you’d like to add a leg lift in you
can be mindful not to dip your hips in towards the wall or twist toward it keep
it nice and straight and then hold add the leg lifts for 10 reps and then repeat on the other side let me know in the comments below at
what point that you found that this started getting hard for you I’m really
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recti tracker thank you so much for watching until next time

3 thoughts on “Wall Plank Exercise – Standing Diastasis Recti Exercises To Help You Get To A Floor Plank

  1. One of the most common questions I get asked is if planks are safe….Here's a simple wall plank exercise video that you can do anytime of the day & even in your regular clothes 😉 No excuses 🙂 At what point in the video did you really start to feel it? Comment Below!! WHAT TO WATCH NEXT: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sNcmGhLI4Hk&list=PLRpfTmY4rVgBQrxi_v-SMmB5Ntn9h5BVq

  2. Wow i will add this to my list of exercise,with bodies after babies,i am already seeing alot of results from your other video that am following,my tummy is really shrinking

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