United States (USA) vs Russia and China – Who Would Win? Military / Army Comparison

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because we are not matching a pair of nations, but rather two against one. According to Business Insider in 2018, this
triumvirate of nations has the most powerful militaries in the entire world, putting the
USA in first, Russia in second, and China in third. Following these three countries are India,
France, and the UK. Now we already know that the USA spends more
on its military than any other country – something not all Americans are very happy about – but
we also know that Russia has had a powerful military for many years, and that China has
more recently started to spend big. So, what would happen if they teamed-up against
the U.S.? That’s what we’ll find out, in this episode
of the Infographics Show, USA vs China & Russia – Who Would Win. The U.S. spends more on defense than the next
nine countries in total, which is some feat. When you look at sources for the military
‘base’ budget, most say it’s somewhere between 587 billion and 597 billion. Nonetheless, the website The Balance goes
a step further and adds the expenses of other agencies that come under the defense umbrella,
and it states that the budget is actually $886 billion. We can’t itemize this bill, as it would
take an entire show, but most of the money goes on the actual running of the military. However, and this is a huge part, the website
states, “The F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program cost $400 billion for 2,457 planes, mostly
for development and testing.” Those F-35s sure are expensive, especially
when you consider that the Department of Education got only $59 billion last year. .
What about China and Russia? As for Russia’s budget, again, it depends
on what source you are reading. Fortune in 2017 called Russia’s military
“leaner, but meaner”, stating that its budget had decreased to just 42.3 billion
dollars. Other sources say it’s more like $46 billion. That isn’t much compared to the USA, but
we’ll see how that money was spent soon. China’s defense budget – and most sources
agree – for 2018 is $174.5 billion. Ok, so the USA has the highest GDP in the
world at 19.4 trillion dollars (19,390,600) according to the International Monetary Fund. China was next at 12 trillion, (12,014,610)
and Russia was in 12th at 1.53 trillion (1,527,469). What we can say is that it’s obvious why
Russia is spending much less than the USA, but China, if it wanted, could perhaps spend
a little more. Percentage-wise, the USA spends a fair bit
more than China on military when the budget is divided by GDP. Still, in terms of spending power, the USA
is stronger than both countries, and in terms of military spending, it spends about 4 times
more than both China and Russia combined. But what do we get for your money? One website dedicates its time to adding up
how many people and how much machinery each country has. As for the USA, in terms of feet on the ground,
it has a total of 2,083,100 personnel. 1,281,900 work as active personnel, and 801,200
are reserves. Here we can guess the USA will fall behind. Russia has a total of 3,586,128 military personnel. 1,013,628 are active personnel and 2,572,500
are reserves. China has a total of 2,693,000 military personnel. 2,183,000 are active personnel and 510,000
are reserves. What this means is that Russia and China together
have about a three times larger military in terms of manpower than the USA. When it comes to people needed to fight, one
thing to bear in mind is training, but when it comes to war, one of the things you have
to think about is who would fight and sacrifice themselves? Perhaps the most war-torn nation is Russia,
having suffered in the world wars so much, but then the U.S. has been at war or secretly
involved in military operations almost since the second world war. China’s military is largely untested, but
one should ask if China’s regime would be better able than the U.S. government at summoning
its people to fight. We might also ask if those many in the USA
who have grown used to relatively more creature comforts would even join a war, or would they
even protest against one? As we say, there’s no easy way to understand
this. We can only speculate. Let’s now have a look at what each country
has in terms of machines that travel on land: The USA has in total 5,884 battle tanks, 38,822
armored fighting vehicles, 950 self-propelled artillery, 795 towed artillery and 1,197 rocker
projectors. Russia has 20,300 battle tanks, 27,400 armored
fighting vehicles, 5,970 self-propelled artillery, 4,466 towed artillery and 3,816 rocket projectors. China has 7,716 battle tanks, 9,000 armored
fighting vehicles, 2,000 self-propelled artillery, 6,246 towed artillery and 2,050 rocket projectors. As you can see, the USA has far fewer machines
here. But it does have the M1 Abrams tank, which
is regarded as one of the best in the world. Much of Russia’s fleet is old, but its T-90
is good, and its newer Armata super tank is also regarded as a mean machine and perhaps
the best in the world, but as National Interest pointed out in 2018, the country may not have
enough money to produce many of them. That’s the big difference: the USA has tons
of budget to produce many more tanks if need be. National Interest also points out that most
of China’s tank fleet is old, but hastens to say that China’s Type 99 can hold its
weight with any of Russia’s or America’s tanks. You have to give China and Russia the advantage
here. But where the USA is strongest is in the air,
with no other country coming near its outrageously powerful fleet of aircraft. We already know about all those F-35s in development,
but the USA also has a large fleet of other great aircraft including F-22 Raptors, F-15E
Strike Eagles, F/A-18E/F Super Hornets and F-16 Fighting Falcons. This year it bought 15 KC-46 Tanker strategic
military transport aircrafts for $3.1 billion, and also one B-21 Bomber for $2 billion. We might also wonder what’s going on with
stealth aircraft at that secretive place called Area 51. Still, Russia has hundreds of Sukhoi Su-35s,
and no one has ever doubted this aircraft is as good as any that exist. As back up, it has fleets of MiG-29s, Su-27s
and MiG-31s. Looking to the future and 5th generation aircraft,
Russia is quietly building the Sukhoi T-50 PAK-FA, which National Interest said is as
good as anything out there, while the airplane Russia calls “The Ghost”, the Su-57 stealth
fighter, is currently under development. China is no slouch either, with its ready
for battle Chengdu J-10s and J-20s. You’ll find all of these aircraft we’ve
mentioned on top ten lists, with pundits not always agreeing on which takes first place. All we can say is that the U.S. has more cash
to build more, and perhaps a more experienced air force. As for the navy, the U.S. holds an ace in
the hole with its large fleet of 20-strong aircraft carriers, expensive things but extremely
important in war. The biggest and perhaps best of its kind is
the USA’s Gerald R. Ford (CVN-78), and the U.S. also has 2 supercarriers under construction
and 10 more planned, which will cost many billions of dollars. China has just two aircraft carriers but is
building a supercarrier called the Type 002 (or CV 18). Russia has one fairly old aircraft carrier
not quite up to speed with China and America. The U.S also has 10 frigates, 65 destroyers
(some more to come this year), 0 corvettes, 66 submarines, 13 patrol craft, and 11 mine
warfare vessels. China has 50 frigates, 29 destroyers, 39 corvettes,
73 submarines, 220 patrol craft and 29 mine warfare vessels. Russia has 9 frigates, 13 destroyers, 78 corvettes,
62 submarines, 41 patrol craft and 47 mine warfare vessels. Not surprisingly, if you look at any top ten
lists, the best navies in the world usually go something like, 3) Russia, 2) China and
1) USA. Only Global Firepower puts China ahead of
the USA, but its only adding up the number of vessels. Still, you can find articles on the web stating
that China is catching up to the USA, so if we add Russia to China, well, that’s a formidable
force. We could talk about nuclear weapons but we
all know most of those are split between Russia and the USA (China has some, but no one knows
how many exactly). We could also wonder if any country could
prevent any missiles hitting in the event of a nuclear war, but it’s likely it would
just mean all-out destruction. So, in terms of who would win this hypothetical
match-up – and let’s say the USA didn’t have any allies, such as its favorite big
brother the UK – we’d have to say Russia and China. The USA may have the money, but both China
and Russia are developing all kinds of new weapons to match any weapons in the U.S. On top of that, you just have so much more
manpower. It would in the end overwhelm the USA. So, the U.S. takes its first loss on the Infographics
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100 thoughts on “United States (USA) vs Russia and China – Who Would Win? Military / Army Comparison

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  3. We as a people of the planet should have learned something from WW2 destruction of each other isnt the answer to the worlds problems. The nuclear weapons should be dismantled and used for clean energy and space programs not to end life on earth period

  4. Yeah, no way Russia and China would win against the USA. In order to invade they would have to control the sea and our carrier groups would wreak both their navies. I also think our air-force would dominate the skies. With either advantage, the war on the ground would turn in our favor. Honestly I think that with our naval power we could take on the entire world and win, conventional warfare wise. No nukes.

  5. The US wins. Contrary to popular belief, the Russian navy is actually lower in quality of ships and rather low in numbers. Its soldiers are poorly trained and often poorly equipped, it's logistics are a nightmare of inefficiency, and China's isn't any better. A large portion of China's navy are gunboats with some cruise missiles attached (without these boats the US navy might outnumber the Chinese navy) and they have one carrier and it's of an inefficient design. They cannot win. Then there's the technology and the advancement. China advances by being given knowledge and tech by other people (most commonly America). Keep in mind, these people were dirt primitive before being uplifted by the West.

  6. Lol. USA more resources than china and russia, USA will win any day. Yes you might right about the numbers of military personel. But heres the problem with that :
    1. You might have 5 million soldiers but your budget is just for 1 million soldiers, then you cant supply guns for the remaining 4 million soldiers.
    2. The 5 million soldiers might have a gun but their ammunition is limited, what would happen if they runout of ammo? Surrender?

    Lots of military personel but lacks of budget, 2 scenarios.
    1. Die in war because runout of ammo.
    2. Die on starvation.

    With that US budget, they can have 10x equipment and ammunition than china and russia, and with their budget? Wont even enough to defend themselves.

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    Usa army boomed. China and Russia Injured, UK invade China And Russia.

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    They choose not united, and get defeated ! But no worry, just 15 years, the six kingdom rebels totally destroyed qin dynasty! Just 15 years!
    So, even though you can defeat the whole world! After years, the whole world will totally destroy you!

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  22. These are only official estimates. The real contest begins when hidden technologies and military hardware/weapons are revealed and considered. And no government is transparent to reveal their hidden weapons.

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  26. Oh wait if this war should happens, then it will be fight in Germany too.Because many US bases are in Germany and other the largest US Air Base (Ramstein) outside the US and also the headquarters of the US armed forces in Europe is in Germany (Wiesbaden). Germany would fight together with the USA.

  27. I suspect what would make it very messy, would be the fact that we'd have a tri-pact war scenario. Guess the sides. Also, the US would have an enormous amount of allied additional fire and manpower aiding them. Russia an China would have a few also. Short of a full on nuclear exchange a massive influencing factor would be fuel and other supply logistics etc. Can I see something like this arising? Sadly, yes.

  28. I think as far as winning goes, I believe this would be more a stalemate, the USA could never be invaded which it feels like this hypothetical war is basing its self on complete destruction by invasion. in which case infographics is right. the USA couldn't beat china and Russia together, aka by invading and destroying them. following that logic, since the USA could never successfully be invaded and is hopelessly outmatched in manpower to inavde either Russia or China, it would be a stalemate. though when infographics did a video of the USA vs the World, the USA wasn't playing for the complete destruction of other countries. it also wasnt going for an invasion of other nations, since it knew it couldn't win. it was going to starve the world of resources so the war it coudnt win coudnt continue. if they let that kind of war continue, it would only be a matter of time before eventually the USA would be invaded an defeated, thus starve the world of oil, and they can't lose, though they didn't really win either. they would have the power to secure their borders for a long time and could spend a lot of time making sure other nations couldn't reach the mainland because if they did, it would be over. though in all likely hood, the citizens of the USA would tear the government apart brick by brick before this kind of war went anywhere. lol

  29. And none of these conventional weapons mean anything compared to nuclear weapons, and electronic warfare, directed energy weapons, and space weapons.

  30. I'm from the UK and obviously we'd be there too and we spend a similar amount on defense as Russia so that would tip the scales massively, even though you'd probably be able to without us, I could be wrong but didn't China get involved in the Korean war? They had a really primative army then but were like ants swarming and it was hard to handle so numbers can make a difference but it'd depend where the war was fought logistics etc

  31. This is the same channel that said in a Chinese invasion of Taiwan the US carrier fleet would sail straight into a swarm of Chinese ballistic missiles.

    Completely moronic analysis.
    – Let's use bogus inflated inventory numbers.
    – Let's believe claims of undemonstrated capabilities.
    – Let's ignore that quantity is NOT a substitute for qualify.

    Instead let's remember that to defeat your enemy, you have to take the fight to the enemy. The only countries to successfully wage war (in the modern era) over seas are the US and England. Only US and a few other NATO countries even have the capability.

    Lastly, if Russia and China could jointly overcome the US military dominance they would already have done it. They may not be friends but they definitely don't like the US.

    Infographics is a bunch of morons.

  32. In a full all-out war with China alone the United States would win and would totally decimate China and the United States itself would had extremely grave damage but would survive as an entity with Russia in a full exchange neither Russia nor the United States would survive as an entity while there might be a government somewhere in an undisclosed location or most likely somewhere in the southern hemisphere I don't believe that the United States itself would exist any longer perhaps small pockets of survivors here and they're the only upside would be the fact that the United States has worldwide military forces and would still be able to project Authority in some circumstances by virtue primarily I think of the Navy because I think you'd see a high survivability of the submarines A matchless survivability of the surface ships I believe our ground forces would be decimated and I think our air force would be cut down to less than 20% in my estimation although this is my guess because I'm not a military expert you all have a great day let me know what you think of my opinion.

  33. Percentage right I'm a registered nurse I thought I'd comment on the medical issues after strike you would have very little if anything left of a medical community supplies most hospital to be destroyed the largest amount of Health caregivers would be dead or injured and even those that did survive unscathed would be no better equipped to handle the injuries and things that would go along with that than any other Survivor simply by virtue of not having the things you need dressings antibiotics IV fluids laboratory analysis x-ray machines Etc what I'm saying is the medical community cannot help you. Not in these circumstances and not at all.

  34. Russia's only a threat with their nuclear chemical and biological weapons there conventional military is out of date poorly-trained poorly equipped except for special 2 units so when it comes to that I don't think there's a big threat from them or frankly from China China's geography does not allow it a whole lot of ability to strike and they have enemies on the south such as Vietnam quite interesting Lee and of course India with a billion people themselves and a half way decent military and to the north Russia and China are not really buddies it's a marriage of convenience sooner or later they turn on each other I don't think that the primary threat right now is from China although most people say it is I believe the only existential threat to the United States is Russia.

  35. I you're really over rating the Russians and the Chinese when it comes to Conventional Warfare they don't stand a chance against the United States in land battles are frankly sea battles that remain conventional is the nuclear weapons that will cause the devastation and at this point people who believe a ballistic missile defense will save us are pretty naive those things never work as advertised.

  36. in the end of Great Britain is going to go with us in an all-out War as well as Canada Australian English speaking countries. It's my opinion that your pan really ain't going to have a whole lot of choice but to join us in any type of military campaign and then a handful of others

  37. Someone should tell infographics that wars are not won on numbers alone. Numbers mean nothing when the enemy has air and naval superiority and can bomb and shell you at will. A war between Russia, China and US would almost certainly be decided by the navy and air-force. In that area, the US outclasses both of them put together. There's a lot of variables but in most situations, if the US could gain air and naval superiority, the war would be over. The US wins this at least 7 times out of 10.

  38. Bring it commies!!! I think US is highly underestimated here you have no idea what is really happening trust me

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