Undertales Combat System Recreated in Super Mario Maker.

So I love undertales combat system! I love how surprising the different encounters
are, I love how much humor and charm is packed into it, I love that there are multiple solutions
for every fight, I love the small mini games that break the usually so stale turn based
combat, I love the jokes. It’s just wonderfully done! So recently I started to wonder how many of
the features of undertales combat system we can recreate in Super Mario Maker. For those not familiar with undertale. Combat takes place in turns, we either attack
or use an act command. The act command allows us to solve encounters
peacefully and acts more like a small puzzle to solve the fight. We attack by a small timing minigame, enemies
attack us in a small shoot them up minigame, where we have to dodge their attacks for a
while. The game has a different ending depending
on whether you spare all enemies, spare some or kill them all. And as it turns out each and every one of
those aspects can be recreated in Super Mario Maker. So today we are going to take a look at a
Mario Maker undertale fighting system, that features a timing minigame that deals more
damage the better we time it, an enemy with four different attacks from which it chooses
one at random, a custom dialogue system that allows us to resolve the fight peacefully,
a hint system, where our enemy gives us different hints onto what dialogue choices to use, and
different endings depending on whether we solve the fight peacefully or with force. So are you ready? Let’s do this! Okay so Mario just stumbled into a cliff and
after a long fall he found himself in this very strange stage. There is nothing special here, until Mario
walks through this door, because this door starts a fight against a horrible dry bone. This is the attack selection screen. Our plumber has two choices here, he can either
choose the attack command to his left, or the act command to his right. Let’s first kill this dry bone, and let’s
spare him afterwards. Mario attacks first. the attack happens as soon as we press A here. This bullet blaster cycles from the left to
the right and represents Marios damage meter. The further to the left the damage meter stops,
the more damage our plumber will deal. As soon as Mario hits A the bullet blaster
stops, and our brave plumber is allowed to proceed. Here the blaster stopped in the middle, which
means Mario will deal 2 damage. The next room is the actual attack room, where
the damage is dealt and we are able to see the current health of our skeleton koopa. The health is represented by those brick blocks
at the top, the damage is dealt by shells. If a shell hits the pow block, the dead koopa
dies again and Mario won the fight. Since Mario got a medium result in the attack
minigame previously he deals two damage here. Then our plumber has to go through this door,
which teleports him into the dry bone attack randomizer. There are four different exit pipes at the
top, each one of them teleports mario to a different dry bone attack, but only one of
them is accessible. Which one is decided by random, and each attack
has a chance of 25% to be chosen. If Mario goes through this pipe, his soul
exits it on the other side. So here Mario, or better Marios soul, or this
heart, uhm. I mean technically the heart is still Mario,
or the heart shaped plumber is Marios soul, is it a plumber shaped heart? Uhm. It’s complicated. Anyway, here Marios soul represented by Mario
has to dodge all the evil attacks the dry bone throws towards him, while he waits for
a hidden timer to expire. There are four different minigames, Mario
either has to dodge horrific fireballs, thrown by dangerous piranha plants, or he has to
dodge ouching spikes, shot by bullying winged spineys, or he has to escape evil cannonballs
that fly towards him in endless waves, or he has to dodge crushing ice blocks that randomly
drop from the ceiling. All the attack minigames last for about 8
seconds, and are really dangerous for our poor plumber, but as long as he stays determined
he should be able to survive until the exit door opens up, and takes our plumber back
to the attack select screen. So let’s attack again! This time Mario manages to stop the bullet
blaster at the far left which represents a critical hit, and 3 damage. Then the 3 damage are dealt to our poor dead
dry bone, next the attack selection screen appears once again, where another minigame
is selected, then our plumber shaped soul has to survive the minigame once again, until
we are back at the attack selection screen. So let’s skip forward a little bit. Here Mario landes the last necessary hits
on the dry bone. As soon as the pow block is destroyed, the
dead koopa finally dies, the exit door becomes locked, but another exit pipe opens up. This pipe takes Mario to the evil ending where
he walks towards his beloved axe pole, while all the enemies below him die. Hooray! But what if mario doesn’t feel especially
murderous today, what if Mario wants to save the dead koopas life today, what if he tries
to resolve the conflict peacefully? Well let’s head back to the start and check
it out! So this time Mario decides to choose the act
command instead of the fight one. This leads our plumber to this dialogue menu. Mario now has to choose one out of three dialogue
options. Since miiverse comments died a couple of months
ago, the dialogue choices are. A: POW-block, B: P-switch and C: spring. But how is mario supposed to know which dialogue
choice is the right one in order to end this conflict peacefully. Well if we go back in time a little bit we
can see that the dry bone actually gave mario a small hint onto which option to choose before. He clearly showed Mario that he feels especially
p-switch this turn. So the first time, the right dialogue choice
is p-switch. Once the choice was made all other choices
lock up by some evil dialogue tree options magic, and mario is able to proceed. This path leads him to the attack randomizer,
to a attack minigame and back to the attack select screen. Here we can see that the dry bone gives Mario
a new hint, this turn he feels especially pow block. So Mario chooses the pow block dialogue option,
leaves the area again, survives a minigame, and ends up once again in this room. This time the Dry bone wants the spring dialogue
option, if Mario enters the spring option, the fight is finally resolved peacefully,
and Mario is able to spare the koopa skeleton. The dry bone seems pretty happy about this,
don’t get confused since he isn’t celebrating, that’s just because he has no body to celebrate
with. Anyway, now mario sees the true ending, where
he eats all the yum yum mushrooms and the enemies at the top survive. Hooray! Okay so how did all of this work, well some
parts of it are actually surprisingly simple! Others aren’t. So let’s start with the attack minigame. That one is really simple. At the top is an anti jump thwomp hidden,
which triggers a pow-block as soon as mario jumps. The thwomp is on tracks so that Mario isn’t
able to trigger it before the shelmet cannon fires. The shelmet cannon fires, and picks up the
bullet blaster. Once Mario jumps the anti jump thwomp immediately
triggers the pow block, the shelmet leaves the game and the bullet blaster drops down
where he just was. Now only one of the three doors is accessible. The door to the left deals three damage, the
middle one two and the one to the right deals 1. These doors lead directly to the damage room. Now Mario activates one, two or three shells,
depending from where he entered. Super simple isn’t it! Sadly I wasn’t able to build a system that
deals damage immediately as soon as Mario enters the room, without this boring waiting
sequence. I really tried, and I still believe it should
be possible, but the timing of the shells, so that they don’t run into each other is
such a nightmare! If the pow block is triggered this muncher
dies, and the bullet blaster closes the one exit while opening the other one. The minigame randomization is super simple
as well. Basically we have three randomizers wired
together, one blooper randomizer, which either opens up the path to the right, or the one
to the left. And then two clown car randomizers that use
the fact that ouched clown cars randomly drive towards the right or towards the left in order
to grow the vines. The mini games should be self explanatory
as well, that’s what the timer at the top looks like. Okay so the a little bit more sophisticated
stuff. The hint system and the dialogue menu. So the hint system first. Everytime the dry bone is loaded he gives
a different hint. The first time p-switch, then pow block, then
spring and from then on he is out of hints, and gives no hint at all. This works by pretty complicated spawn blocking
chains. i won’t go over everything in detail, but
what roughly happens is the following. There are tons of bob ombs, which are spawn
blocked because a block block lives at the place where they live. If a bob omb goes boom he destroys the spawn
blocking blocks which means the next bob omb is able to spawn the next time the room loaded. This chain for example is set up in a way
that only the fourth time the room is loaded, this spring and this shell are able to load. They trigger this invisible block which means
that no items drop down from the fourth time onwards. The p-switch at the bottom becomes spawn blocked
by an invisible block after it’s first load, and the other items are set up in a way to
drop down the second and third time the room is loaded. Okay the custom dialogue system. This system is set up in a way that the three
correct inputs need to be done in order. If any input is done at the wrong time, the
system deactivates and the peaceful solution becomes locked. First why do the three inputs deactivate after
one input. That’s super simple. We use anti jump thwomp at the top once again
to test marios vertical position and to trigger a pow block once Mario hit a question block. This destroys this muncher, and moves this
chain chomp pole on top of the conveyor belt below the input spot, which locks all inputs. So how do we test for correct inputs and permanently
lock the contraption if a wrong input is entered. There is a shell at the left, that travels
to the right and activates a p-switch if the left input is triggered last, and the two
other inputs were done correctly before. There is a spawn blocked big bob omb, that
only is able to spawn if the middle bob omb was triggered first. This big bob omb destroys this block, which
drops down this muncher and completes the bridge for the shell. The small bob omb doesn’t boom effective
enough to destroy this block, because of this we can be sure that the inputs need to be
done in the right order. The rest of the contraption are stupidly complicated
ways to spawn block everything in such a way that each input deactivates the machine if
it is done at the wrong time. If anyone wants to take a closer look at how
all of it works, I actually uploaded this stage, the link is in the description. So here we have it. An almost feature complete recreation of undertales
brilliant combat system in Super Mario Maker. I had a ton of fun building this silly little
thing, and I hope you wonderful ladies and gentleman enjoyed watching this video about
it. If you did don’t forget to leave me a thumbs
up and maybe you feel especially determined today, and want to hit the subscribe button
as well. I hope that all of you have a wonderful day
and to see you soon. Goodbye!

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