UN must take S. Korea-U.S. joint military exercises to Security Council: Pyongy

Failure to hold an emergency meeting to address
the South Korea-U.S. joint military exercises would prove the council is ″Washington′s
political tool″. That′s what Ja Sung-nam, the North Korean
Ambassador to the UN, wrote to the Security Council last week,… according to the UN
website on Sunday. Ja′s letter went on to say the SLBM test-firing
was a legitimate form of deterrence against military threats posed by the annual joint
drills. Dubbed ″Foal Eagle″ and ″Key Resolve″,…
they took place in March and April. Pyongyang called the exercises a real nuclear
war game, practice for North Korean invasion, and an effort to eliminate North Korean leadership.
However, multiple diplomatic sources in Washington say North Korea didn′t respond
to U.S. requests for talks in May, following the joint military exercises.
Sources say Washington is trying to create momentum for dialogue with Pyongyang before
another set of South Korea-U.S. joint military exercises scheduled for August.
The allies are currently carrying out the largest ever joint anti-submarine drills
in waters off South Korea′s southern Jeju island.
The U.S. also recently asked the UN Security Council to investigate whether the SLBM test
firing is a violation of UN resolutions banning the regime from carrying out any ballistic
missile activities. Given these tensions,… a U.S.- North
Korea dialogue is looking unlikely. Connie Kim, Arirang News.

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