U.S. Air Force Special Ops Training: Exceeding Every Standard

I don’t want you to come here and
survive. I want you to come here to compete. You’re looking at 730 days of
training in front of you. And it’s no joke, every one of those days… it’s quite
honestly… we’re gonna crush you. The training is physically challenging.
The mental training, mixed in with the academics, you have to have your mind right. And you definitely can’t quit. You definitely
can’t quit. We’re preparing men and women. We’re
preparing them to eventually go out into combat. It might seem very intense,
but it doesn’t compare to what they’re gonna be going through when they’re
downrange. From six in the morning until four
o’clock in the afternoon you’re doing nothing but working out. Your push-ups,
your sit-ups, your swims and your runs– you should be able to do that all day long.
You’re going to hit physical walls. Being able to complete an exercise when you
feel like you are about to die is huge. Pushing past those boundaries where you
didn’t believe that you could go is part of your mental training. I’ll be honest,
most of our individuals have that mental and physical block in the pool. Lots of
people think that they’re out of breath when they still have about 60 seconds
left. It’s getting yourself to flip the switch of being
underwater and being uncomfortable. Every training objective we do has a
real-world application. The first time I went to Afghanistan, I didn’t realize I
was gonna be walking up thousands of feet of mountainous terrain with hundred pound
packs on our back. One of the craziest scenarios I’ve been in, getting a
Canadian force out of Afghanistan… we had the fast rope into the objective. There
was IEDs throughout the field. He had bilateral amputations about the knee
level, but you have to learn what’s in front of you, attack it, and go on to the next. When
you’re in an actual firefight and bullets are flying and people are dying,
it’s a reality check. These courses are meant to break you down. All week I’ve been in pain. It hurts.
Everything you do hurts, but nothing hurt as much as ringing that bell. This is
painful. This hurts. I don’t want to be here anymore.
I felt the push-ups. The run kind of hit me harder than usually does. I had two
shallow water blackouts, to just where you don’t have enough air under water. I
was running and I just kept vomiting the whole time. I called it quits.
I kept failing my team. I just couldn’t fail them anymore. Whatever your
motivation is, it has to be able to carry you beyond your physical limits,
beyond your mental fatigue. You can’t want it just because you want to
be a badass. You gotta have your mind set on a bigger picture. My family is my
motivation. I have a lot of people relying on me. All the people who have given
their lives… Everyone has the will to win. It’s not the little win we’re looking
for– it’s the will to prepare to win. Train five out of seven days of the week.
Running, calisthenics, high intensity workouts, spending a lot of time in the pool…
Lifting weights isn’t gonna do a whole lot for you. We have a saying: “Exceeding
the standard is the standard.” They need to be so far above the standards that
there’s no questions they’re gonna make it through. We are put into the most dangerous
places in the world. We’re surrounded constantly by people that want to kill
us. Everything that we do here applies the battlefield.
“Enduring the suck,” as we say, is part of your life, and it becomes your new normal.
And if you think that that is as hard as it’s going to get, you’re wrong.
And it’s strenuous, it’s long, but you just push through it. You have to tell
yourself that it’s worth it, I’m doing this no matter what, but I will never

43 thoughts on “U.S. Air Force Special Ops Training: Exceeding Every Standard

  1. Not to worry! Misery loves company! We train and learn from each other! But if I was cut off,……alone. I still Know exactly what to do! We live to train,..cause that training will let us live! Time honored,…SF,SAS. You learn from all kinds of colorful characters,…not all of them smiling!

  2. Is SOWT to SR simply a name change? (since 'special ops weatherman' has probably been a recruitment nightmare), or is it actually a new, different and expanded AFSC?

  3. So you threaten over a million american lives because we want to know where our money is going too???????

    You just declared war, and we will get you domesticated terrorists

  4. 256 likes, 0 dislike… a person who would to dislike this either has no honour, no gratitude, or no heart of appreciation 🙂

  5. My son in law is an inspector for some Big planes in WA i think i get why he like is so good he learned from some great pilots to think way ahead! Thanks My USAF Family You All Rock!

  6. My favorite part of the video is that their motto is they will “never quit” and they truly live up to that! I am going to become a PJ one day

  7. I’m 15 and want to be a pj one day. what’s some advice you would give to me? And I know this might be a dumb question but I am african American. Would that effect me becoming a pj somehow. Because I don’t see any black guys in any of the pj training vids. Any thoughts?🧐

  8. The swimming aspect scares me because I’m not good at swimming, but I still have 2 years to decide to join, it’s something I have thought about, I really wanna do special ops but I think as of right now I’ll fail….

  9. anyone here been through this program? I’m 16 and interested into the USAF, but don’t know how it’s like and what to do

  10. No one.. and i mean no one has the training the pjs do. It would be like passing sec ops schooling in every other branch. There is a reason they are the most decorated guys in all the military.

  11. I just hate to see this bc it may make usmc recon obsolete from what I've heard. No one can outperform the marine corps tho

  12. I kind of want to do special ops but I do t know if my parents will let me. I rather do this than a desk job. Something about this just makes me excited but IDK

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