TVN’s Training Tuesday | It’s Boot Camp Season

Hi I’m Scott Coburn and this is Training
Tuesday. The major training focus for PSATS this
winter will be the PSATS Boot Camp for Township Officials. This is an
excellent opportunity for new supervisors and newly appointed
officials to quickly get up to speed on all of their township related
obligations. It’s also a good refresher for current supervisors as well. in the
PSATS Boot Camp you will hear from a variety of experts on everything from
meeting management to emergency services to township budgeting to handling tricky
personnel issues and much more. The Boot Camp is a three-part comprehensive
introduction to local government that we will hold at 15 locations around the
state the day 1 sessions of the Boot Camp will be held during the evening in
November and December and are aimed primarily at getting new supervisors up
to speed before they attend their first meetings. The day 2 & 3 sessions are full
days on Saturdays in January, February, and March and we will take a deeper dive
into all sorts of township related issues such as land-use, road management,
The Sunshine Act, Right-to-Know Law and much more. To register or learn more
about the Boot Camp and other PSATS training programs go to, call PSATS at 717-763-0930, or check out the Pennsylvania Township News Magazine. Also
be sure to tune in next Tuesday for Coffee in the Capitol our guests will be
Representative Dan Moul, Chair of the House Local Government Committee.
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Township Video News content. Thanks for watching!

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