Training for the Fight

[Action Music] [Soft Music] (Coast Guard Lt. Tiago Goncalves) Focus. [Upbeat Music] Determination. [Upbeat Music] Discipline. [Upbeat Music] Training can be very physically demanding when the real challenge comes from within. [Upbeat Music] I was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The judo discipline, it’s, it’s crucial
for, for my, my growth as a person; and I believe that counts a lot for my myself
as, as an officer. You, you have the discipline, you have the determination,
you have the focus. You have all those qualities that that keep you straight in
line and then understand what you need to do to complete the mission. [Soft Piano Music] [Action Music] The preparation intensified. My focus is
more towards the competition. The training is harder, and I’m ready. [Action Music]

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