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we are inundated with words with ideas
with thoughts that are so contrary to the kingdom and I I grieve as I watch
people that I know in the body of Christ that will adopt things that are so
contrary to the kingdom of God and they’ll not just adopt them in the sense
that they no longer resist them they will even begin to promote these things
there were very very much against Christ Antichrist thoughts and ideas even if
you know the Internet I like the internet myself I love you can find
anything I sometimes it says what could I find today
you know I will I said there I go what can I find I did this years ago I
thought I used to shop for this I’m not gonna tell you cuz people tend to buy me
stuff I have to be careful what I say anymore makes me nervous there was an
item I’m not even say what it was but I used
to go in the mall and walk by and see in the window I’d go man I wish I could
afford it little is like 60 bucks but 60 it was like a million to me at
that time and I’d look at that thing and go boy that’s so nice and I’d walk right
past it and several years ago I thought I have $60 I I need to find that thing
so I did I just did a little research on online and if I found what I couldn’t
afford forty years ago I can now afford and it’s a little more in 60 now but
it’s still alright that’s that’s within my reach I love the internet I do but there’s so
much garbage and there are ways of thinking that are so dangerous the TV I
mean Benny now I you know this movies on the planes and oh Jesus help us with
better movies yes yes well what’s a better movies it’s being done folks it’s
being done bright ones is released soon anyway I’ll sit on the plane I last about
five minutes on most movies I sit there I watch ya see where this going Dum turn
it yeah garbage turned that I just don’t last for
long there’s so much bombardment on our minds
and our emotions trying to draw us into emotional weightiness and heaviness that
is not an a reality it’s not really a part of our life even if you don’t have
the internet if you don’t have a TV you still have to walk into a grocery store
and there’s stuff everywhere to prophesy to you the values of another world the
point I’m trying to make is to be strong in this hour that’s going to take more
than a few verses of a devotional on a Tuesday morning you’ve got to interact
with God Himself who is the word have that that is that is in His heart
interwoven to how you think how you feel how you react how you respond how you
plan everything is interwoven because I have taken time to meditate to utter to
moan to rehearse to bring up over and over again
to put in my own words to put in His words to gather other scriptures put
them together make them prayers make them confessions sing them as songs just
don’t try to sing a song that Bethel Music could record that causes a lot of
people to not write a good song because they try to make it recordable listen
it’s probably stinks as a song to be recorded but it’s one that God will
really value so just let it be honest authentic and sing I’m serious sing to
Him You are the one who provides while I sleep I can rest the peace because of
Your abundance Your heart for me is beyond anything I could imagine
God I celebrate who You are you provide for me even while I sleep and you just
take this you begin to sing it throughout your day why because that’s
meditation that’s biblical meditation somehow the heart the mind the emotions
everything about us becomes trained in the mind of Christ the
missing art a biblical meditation must be restored I believe it’s the most
essential ingredient for this season for that we’re living in

18 thoughts on “Trained in the Mind of Christ | Bill Johnson | Bethel Church

  1. "The lost art of biblical meditation must be restored…"
    This is precisely what the Spirit of the LORD is saying in this hour.

  2. "You provide for me even while i sleep. Sing it through out the day. Now, thats bibilocal meditation". So good! Txn you

  3. wow mind blowing teachings from this man better Godly movies are coming as Kat Kerr said.Where is the rest of this teaching please will someone help

  4. AMEN!  We need to start finding the true meaning of meditation.  The devil and his crowed will NOT tell me what I can believe or do, God does.

  5. Biblical meditation must happen on a subconscious level for us to meditate day and night, there is a wonderful series on this art of meditation by a great man of God. His name is Dave Roberson.

    When the Bible say to meditate on the word day and night, it literally means day and night. That would be impossible on a conscience level, but very possible on a subconscious level. That is when the word becomes us and we become the word.

    Our subconscious is responsible for about 90% of our day to day behavior. It’s a game changer once we transform that part of us!! God bless

  6. Romans 1:16-17 – "The Power of the Gospel" – "I have complete confidence n the gospel; it is God's power to save all who believe, first the Jews and also the Gentiles. For the gospel reveals how God pits people right with Himself: it is through faith from beginning to end. As the scripture says, "The person who is put right with God through faith shall live." Reference: Good News Bible-GNT

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