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Welcome back to a new video First of all thanks to all of you for loving our channel so much In todays’ video we will be doing 5 compound movements which you must perform especially for muscle building I have seen a lot of skinny people in the gyms who are trying to put on muscle mass They tend to perform fancy isolation movements which is good But do add these 5 exercises to your weekly schedule They are old school compound movements and they will definitely help you Let’s begin with the video This compound movement is very useful for overall strength building along with muscle building The first exercise which I will perform here is barbell bent over row The exercise is very important for your overall back development I will explain some minute details while performing so try to learn Firstly when I lift the bar, the grip should be a little wider than shoulder width Next, while lifting I will keep my chest lifted and core tight, this will keep my lower back safe Before starting stand straight but in a lot of gyms what I have noticed is that people perform this exercise at 90 degree which results is a lower back injury So, before starting soften your knees a little and do not bend more than 45 degree But before starting you will have to keep your chested lifted and core tightened and stiffened body Now just lift the bar up towards your lower abs Squeeze your upper back and slowly release the bar Make sure when you release the bar you’re doing it slowly Breathe out when you lift the bar Squeeze your lat and upper back muscles properly so that the working muscle can work even better Your muscle mind connection while performing this exercise should be good Also, when you release the bar you do not have to release it forward as this causes lower back strain Leave the bar normally, hands being free and just lift towards your lower abs squeezing your upper back The second compound exercise which I am going to perform here is the king of all exercises i.e. barbell squats This particular exercise has a lot of benefits like it increases the hormonal level in the body and also increases the overall lung capacity And because here we are training quadriceps, which are the biggest muscles in our body you are burning a lot of calories as well and this results is lowering of body fat too I will be sharing few minute details with you all while performing the exercise so do try to avoid those mistakes Lets’ see what those details are Firstly place the bar on your neck properly then lift the bar firmly Take a few steps away from the rack Now let’s begin from the bottom First you need to see the distance between your feet, they should be shoulder width apart Next I have seen that a lot of people keep their feet straight while performing squats and their knees bend inwards while performing, this is incorrect So keep your toes facing a bit outwards and your knees should follow in the same direction when you sit Before starting always remember to keep your core tight and chest lifted While going down do remember that you need to take the load on your heels instead of your toes Go down slowly At this point a lot of people go down too much which they call deep squats but it is unnecessary as it causes strain on your lower back so remain parallel to the ground Come back up, squeeze your quads and breathe out Then again take your pelvic bone backwards and go down slowly Also, your toe should not cross your knee, it should remain parallel I have also seen that a lot of people bend their upper body when they sit but it is wrong Try to keep a strong muscle mind connection so that you can bring the maximum pump in your quads Along with quadriceps, this exercise will also help in the development of your glutes, hamstrings, lower back, upper back and core muscles So never miss this exercise from your schedule The third exercise which I have picked here is barbell bench press This exercise is very useful for your pectoral development but also very beneficial for your overall upper body as it is a compound movement Try performing this exercise with heavier weights but heavy does not mean that your perform it incorrectly Your posture should be correct and the number of repetitions at 8-10 will be useful for you Let’s see how to perform this exercise correctly When you lie down the first thing you need to do is form an arch in your back, enough to fit your hand underneath your back Next, throughout the set you need to place your feet on the ground neither on the bench nor in the air as this provides better balance and aids in performing the set Now the distance between your hands should be a little wider than your shoulders After lifting the bar retract your shoulder muscles and tighten your pectoral muscles Bring down the bar slowly, then lift and breathe out Your pectoral muscles should stretch when the bar is down and squeeze when you lift the bar up Avoid involvement of your shoulders as much as you can and try working your pectoral muscles only Similarly your muscle mind connection should be intact in every repetition so that you can fully use the pectoral muscles This exercise will put some strain on your triceps muscles as well because when you bring down the bar the triceps get involved while pushing the bar up Make sure this exercise is never missed out from your weekly pectoral schedule The fourth exercise which we are going to perform is a great exercise for your upper body and especially shoulders The name of this exercise is front military press Let us see how to perform this exercise Firstly, the grip should be a little wider than my shoulder width Before starting tighten your core and keep your chest lifted and keep your elbows a little inwards Now push the bar above your head Stay there for a second, squeeze your shoulders then release it slowly Lift up the bar again, breathe out Try to perform this in a controlled way so that you can better involve your shoulder muscles One thing you need to check is that when you bring the bar down your elbows shouldn’t swing too much So the next time you plan a workout schedule, especially shoulders Never miss this exercise The last exercise which I am going to perform will help you a lot to build your strength and along with that it will help you put on muscle mass Let’s see how to perform this exercise correctly Before starting I need to see where I should be standing I always stand at the point where the bar is at the centre of my feet Next the feet shouldn’t be too wide apart or too close Keep them at a normal distance Next I need to check the grip Take both your hands down alongside the knees and hold the bar Before starting, your chest should be lifted, core tight also glute and hamstring muscles should be stiffened I will start the first rep from this position Lift the bar up and stand straight but a lot of people go way back which is unnecessary and causes strain on your lower back I will finish just like how I started Slowly taking the bar down while keeping my chest lifted and keeping the bar close to my legs Again, I will do the second repetition in the same posture Also, you cannot move your neck too much while performing this exercise It should remain neutral at all times It is a bit difficult but it is a very useful exercise so do include it in your weekly schedule This was our video for today
I hope you all liked the video Do include these 5 compound movements in your weekly schedule And if you did, do tell me in the comments what benefits you noticed I will keep sharing more informational videos with you all Till then keep loving our channel
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