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  1. Why do you just show screenshots and zero gameplay? Pretty lame to be honest. It’s not that hard to get footage of these games.

  2. The Fallout scene in the beginning reminded me of the most overpowered weapons in Fallout 4: Miniguns and Gatling lasers with the wounding legendary prefix. Easily the strongest weapons in the game since the wounding effect causes enemies to bleed for 25 damage over 5 seconds, ignoring resistances and stacking infinitely, resulting in a weapon that shreds through any enemy in the game even on the hardest difficulties. The only fallback in them is that they are extremely hard to find without insane luck, usually requiring you to find an legendary enemy that drops one of the weapons and then reloading your save over and over again to get the right legendary prefix on it.

  3. Hold up did anyone else notice that during the golden gun weapon they showed a screen shot of the drang from destiny 2.

  4. A overpowered weapon is a gun that's to good at everything like a shotgun with excellent range but it's also too good at close range with a big magazine

  5. You know I am surprised of no mention of the Gjallarhorn from Destiny
    No other gun or exotic gave you such power and reactions from a drop

  6. I love that I'll shotgun Left 4 Dead my only problem with it is that ran out of bullets too fast it doesn't carry enough ammo for me

  7. What about the R8 in csgo before it got nerfed it was literally a one shot to the chest basically the awp but like you can buy it 2 round

  8. Why do i see sturm and the last Word, but a single Destiny gun being featured? There are has been so many OP weapons.

  9. This is so dumb, The awp is not overpowered. If you had played any of The counter stike games you would know that The deagle from css was op. Or The revolver from Csgo that oneshot people, and got nerfed. The revolver was better then The awp and you could buy it on any round

  10. yo i just wanna know if y'all did the laser beanbag chairs? prolly not, but hey thanks for the cool night haha

  11. The BFG is supposed to be overpower, and that doesn't make the game any less fun, actually it's the opposite, cleaning a room with a single shot is extremely satisfying

  12. Do you even watch your video once before posting it? Some pretty simple mistakes could easily be fixed with a little review.

  13. USAS 12+frag rounds bf3 by far. Not only was the splash damage huge as well as the damage, but because of bf3s laughably bad suppression system enemies were not able to return fire as their screens went blurry and the accuracy of their guns went so bad you couldn't hit back. Those were the days..

  14. Fact about Left for Dead: The virus in that game was spread by Payday Gang in Mercy Hospital. So there is a heist where u need to steal blood with rare virus which was the one which started the apocalypse. After u stole the blood u gave it to some scientist which accidentally spread the virus. But the virus was created in CS GO to stop the war between Americans and ISIS. So what am I trying to say is that PAYDAY,LEFT FOR DEAD and CSGO are in the same universe but in different timelines.

  15. I would pick the handcannon from Resident Evil 4 because of the one hit kills on most thing and the unlimited ammo after fully upgrading it.

  16. In my opinion the Thundergun should be first, with it can literally blow any competition(in the list or something) and at the same time make it to first, besides my opinion I'm actually surprised there's actually a list that actually features an wonder weapon from zombies that's not in its own list by zombies YouTuber it's very rare.

  17. No the most overpowered weapon in COD zombies is the Gersh Device! I survived until round 120 on Ascension, Black ops 1 zombies, by myself, the method I did was I ran around the first lunar lander continuously until the entire round of zombies was behind me and then instantly erase them all with the Gersh Device ending the round instantly, it was an OP strategy that allowed you to survive almost endlessly, the game gave you a free max ammo around once every 3 – 5 rounds so you would seemingly never run out of Gersh Devices if you played your cards right, the only reason why I stopped at round 120 was because I was too tired to keep playing and thought it was a good round to stop at. The funny thing was at that incredibly high round it took like 20 shots from a pack a punched ray gun to down a single zombie into a crawler. lol the Gersh Device, and maybe the Thundergun/Zeus cannon, were the only things that could even kill zombies at that point it was pretty ridiculous.

  18. McCree's revolver in Overwatch. It's incredibly easy to get headshots at any distance with basic fire and flashbang+fanning the hammer is a guaranteed instant kill and is nigh impossible to counter since your opponent doesn't see it coming. The only time I get killed as McCree is when someone comes up behind me or someone pops an ultimate. He is the best character in the game in even one-on-one encounters. Hanzo's bow is a close second.

  19. I reckon pumps aren't op anymore. U know I got 40 damage with it on a head shot so I don't think that they r op. What is OP on fortnite is the homing missile (excuse if this isn't its name but I think u guys know what I mean)

  20. surprised the clash blaster from Splatoon 2 isn't here…
    edit: yes I know I'm a bit late I came here from Snapchat okay?

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