Top 10 Magic Weapons w/ DEATH BATTLE’s Boomstick

Hey everybody! We just launched a brand new ScrewAttack T-shirt on the Roosterteeth store! Just click the line in the description below if you wanna pick one up and it’s a great way to support the channel! You know what really takes weaponry to the next level? Making it magic! There’ve been plenty of awesome magical weapons over the years and I’m gonna count down my top 10 favorite. Hey, a boomstick for ScrewAttack’s top 10 magic weapons. Number 10 You gotta respect Bayonetta. When it comes to weaponry, this gal’s got quite the arsenal at her fingertips – and toes. But the set that makes my mouth water just thinking about are her bazookas. You know what I’m talking about the bazookas that fire magic missiles Seriously – how often does anyone come across a pair of rocket launchers from the depths of hell? I’m talking about Lt. Col. Kilgore This death launching duo are sent to contain the soul of the crazy Vietnam vet from everyone’s favorite war film and thanks in part to the spirit of this madman these explosive … are Bayonetta’s most powerful ranged weapons. Plus, if you pair them with the … , you can fire a dozen rockets across the battlefield in all directions I mean, just look at the destruction these things deal out. I love the smell of napalm in the morning. Question for ya: what’s better than a legendary sword passed down through time? A legendary sword passed down through time that shoots magic lasers! Forged by the hand of a goddess, the master sword is great for up close and personal combat and ranged, but that’s not all This double edged blade can destroy magical barriers, dispel dark curses, and seal away demons which would be really handy if any of my ex-wives come looking for alimony. If the master sword runs out of juice, you can give it a jump start with a bit of lightning But most importantly, it shoots lasers! Come on! Oh, and as a bonus, you never need to sharpen it! No matter how long this thing has been lying around it’s ready to go as soon as you pick it up even if it’s broken. Number 8 I have a dream: that one day I have access to so many guns I can toss them aside like tissue paper The next best things are Reaper’s Hellfire Shotguns in Overwatch. These unlimited akimbo over-under double-barreled blasters are devastating up close. And when I say unlimited, it’s not like a shotgun with unlimited ammo. Oh, no, no! These are literally an infinite number of hellfire shotguns available to Reaper at all times. Seriously, after blasting your foes, you just throw ’em on the ground like a mic drop and a new set will magically appear in you hands. Now sure, some of you might be thinking, “But Boomstick, the guns aren’t magic, it’s probably Reaper!” And I say to you: prove it! Until then, a man can dream. Number 7 The ultimate conversation starter – Destiny’s Icebreaker is the baby of science and magic attempting to harness the power of the sun into a single sniper rifle round. Now sure, 99% of the prototypes exploded and killed their users but hey, I’d say their sacrifice was worth it I mean, this things shoulder rounds hit harder than a cobalt colossus in heat – and by that I mean they make them explode in fiery death. Each of its half dozen rounds are constantly regenerating over time so reload time is reduced if you are a good shot Their real magic though is the fact that if you earn a good shot, the gun has the chance to automagically replenish the missed round instantly. Speaking of missed rounds, haven’t played Destiny 2 in a while Number 6 Having chains seared permanently in your arms seems like a high price to pay for access the powerful of magic but the blades of chaos are definitely worth it. Forged in the depths of the underworld by Ares himself, these blades are perfect for any situation. Just start flailing your arms around and watch the body count rise. If you need more convincing, Kratos’ weapons of choice also burn enemies as they cut They are basically bladed nunchuks of fire magic. Sword-fire chuks, if you will Yeah, I’d sacrifice my family for those In a world populated by vampires and demons, you know there’s bound to be some cool magic weaponry from seraph of the end. You got bows that fire energy, scythes that send fire to the ground but nothing stands out more than Shinji Hiragi’s sniper rifle or as I like to call it, the sniger rifle “Why?”, you ask. Because it shoots motherfucking tigers! Nothing let’s your opponent know you’re better than them quite like blasting an endangered animal into their chest. I could go on more about this beast of cursed gear like how it’s powered by a demon – but who cares? It shoots tigers! Number 4 If Outlaw Star has taught me anything, it’s that space is full of sweet spaceships, aliens, and magic. And it’s also home to one of my favorite magical pistols, the Caster Gun. Why cast a spell with a wand when you can shoot a spell bullet out of a gun. Well the shells are extremely rare, the punch they pack is incredible. I’m talking massive Kamehamehas of hot fire or miniature black holes and some may think it’s a bit of a downside that using a shell too powerful will cause it to drain your life force but personally I feel danger goes with a weapon like cheese with a fine wine and by that I mean cheesed wiz and mad dog – oh I’m gonna get myself that tonight Number 3 Thor’s hammer has many origins but my favorite telling is from The Mighty Thor – mostly because this teeny tiny hammer has a super storm a size of a galaxy inside of it. And oh boy do you get some power wielding this thing I’m talking teleportation, weather manipulation, massive energy beams and flight. And by flight, I mean hooking this hammer with all your might and and hold it on for dear life. So not only does Mjolnir let you dull out magical hammertime, capable of leveling mountains to your enemies, but you can save on air fare. Oh, and hammer’s also nearly indestructible Those things got a lot of going for it Number 2 Back when I told Joe about my favorite swords, a bunch on the list had a few magical properties but the one that sticks out is the legendary Sword of Omens from Thundercats. It’s like a Swiss army knife of swords. I mean really, what can’t this thing do? It’s indestructible, can cut through anything, shoots energy projectiles, heals things, grants X-ray vision, calls your friends, and holds entire planets together Plus, one of my favorite things about the Sword of Omens is you can’t lose it! All you gotta do is call for it and it comes flying to you which is handy because it’s probably pretty easy to lose in its travel size It’s a bit of a grower, not a shower. Probably explains why Liano has to get all hyped up every time he draws his sword. It’s Number 1 I’ve counted down a lot of badass magical weapons but one takes the game because you can do practically anything with it. I’m talking about the Lantern Ring Originally made to harness the power of the Universe, all rings on the emotional spectrum let’s you just think of something to have it created in front of you Swords, gatling guns medical equipment, the limit is pretty much just your brain. Oh, think of the possibilities! Giant bottles of booze, movie theater sized TVs, strippers you don’t have to pay Oh wait, this is about the weapons How about a suit of armor or an Apache helicopter? Honestly, the sky is the limit with the power ring’s magical manifestations. But the real question is: Which color do I pick? Probably not going black ring because I’m pretty sure you need to die first to wear it. Red lantern rings require all of your blood to be replaced with lava Gross, but also pretty metal! You know what? I’m just gonna cheat and I go phantom ring which let’s me harness all the feels on the emotional spectrum. Now, to summon a giant … to terrify Wiz in his sleep When it comes to giant mechs, they’re usually built around sides but Voltron is the bastard child of science and space magic Imagine cruising around town in this baby. The only real downside is I need 4 other people to make it run I guess I can auction a lying off to the friends that serve me best! Yeah… Now who’ll have the upper hand, Wiz?

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Magic Weapons w/ DEATH BATTLE’s Boomstick

  1. Reaper throws his guns on the ground and spawns new ones? Tediore guns from Borderlands (includes shotguns and rocket launchers) reload by throwing them at your enemy's face and watch it explode! And then a new one appears out of thin air.

  2. Speaking of chains on people’s arms I once watched a Indian movie(because I’m Indian)the main character of the movie was had two chains connected to the walls and his arms trapping him but then he breaks the chain from the walls with them still on his arms and he uses the chains as weapons to fight the bad guy

  3. He forgot to mention that Mjolnir was forged in the heart of a star, which exploded and KILLED THE DINOSAURS

  4. lady death chaos comic vs purgatori chaos comic vs zera image comic vs Serenity war angel Avatar Press vs red sonja Dynamite Entertainment vs Shanna O'Hara Plunder marvel comic vs Vampirella Dynamite Entertainment vs Avengelyne image comic

  5. reaper's unlimited shoutguns im not actually im impressed sure its unlimited but iv'e seen teridor from borderlands which by the way explodes when thrown to reload so basicly unlimited and deadly

  6. why didn't you mention durandal or ea or even possibly excalibur proto. heck even gudo dama or possibly gae bolg

  7. What about the SWORDSPLOSION!!! from Borderlands 2's Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep DLC. It is a shotgun that shoots a sword that explodes into three more swords that explode upon impact. That's a magic weapon.

  8. I know ScrewAttack arent into DnD and none of the weapons can really compare in power to most of these, but the Sword of Kas is a sentient sword that lives to kill the undead god of evil magic and can shoot magic beams that turn your victims into zombie slaves. What's not to love?

  9. I want too see Link VS Jesse ( Zelda VS Story Mode ) Edit: DB ( DEATH BATTLE )
    If you don't know who Jesse is he is the "mayor of hero in residence" in Minecraft Story Mode

  10. Mjolnir doesn't have teleportation magic. Thor was only able to do that because he called on his best Friend with the BiFrost sword which allows him to teleport to any of the 9 realms of the universe.

  11. In the words of one of my favorite youtubers: “ Reaper doesn’t have unlimited shotguns. He only has 6. It’s just when they stay outside for to long they get shy and come back”

  12. Comments section is like most of these are not magical weapon or there are those weapons they are pissed didn't make the list.. It is his tastes in weaponry and the rings can use your emotions to manipulate stuff I call it magic

  13. can anyone tell me what anime the tiger rifle is from i think i need to add it to my "I still need to watch this show" list

  14. What boomstick would say if he got ahold of number 5: "I have a gun that shoots tigers your argument is invalid."

  15. If anyone plays neverwinter u will know black ice weapons are the bomb but if I had to choose 1 it will be the gwf weapon

  16. I would add Pandora (Devil May Cry 4) instead of Hellfire Shotguns and Ryu Hayabusa's Dragon Sword (Ninja Gaiden) instead of the Icebreaker.

  17. Who ever is saying the lantern ring isnt magic,it is! Press read more if you want the reason.

    The ring isnt advanced they define magic supernatural The ring is powerd by emotion and can do anything with a train of thought,and if your about to say its advanced alien tech it defin the ring as a magical weapon I rest my case!

  18. You know that reaper doesn't have infinity guns he has 6 when 4 are on the ground they poof back in his pockets

  19. Mine would be

    5 Green lantern ring
    4 He man sword I forgot the name
    3 Thundercat sword also forgot the name
    2 Voltron/all of its weapons
    1 Stormbraker

  20. Okay so here's the thing…The Green Lantern Rings are not magical. What they're referring to is the Starheart or the Green Flame which gave Alan Scott his own power ring. One Ring. But what's confusing is, I'd be willing to say that even though the Green Flame is more powerful, surprisingly Green Lantern's draw upon the emotional electro magnetic spectrum, taking from the life energy of the universe and the beings in it (even said to be damaging the universe at a time). But what's weird to me is that….isn't that magic? It's how Ben 10, most of Marvel Comics and other companies explain their properties worlds and powers as "Magic" when people aren't buying the jehovah witness excuse of "It's Magic". So yeah they're right Green Lantern's are magic….by…technicality?

  21. what about Pandora (the devil arm with 666 forms from DMC4) or the Demon Sword Yamato, that can cut throug freaking reality!

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