Top 10 Dumbest Weapons Ever Created

10) Fire Balloons The fire balloons were incendiary bombs attached
to giant hydrogen balloons. Developed during Word War II by the Japanese,
the balloons were intended to be a cheap way of dropping bombs over America and Canada. 9,300 of these balloons were launched, but
the unreliable wind direction meant that only 357 reached their targets and many of them
failed to detonate. 2 even landed back in Japan! The fire balloon assault caused 6 fatalities
when an American woman and 5 children were blown up after stumbling upon one, while looking
for a place to picnic. 9) The “”Sticky”” Bomb The ‘Sticky Bomb’ was a glue-coated grenade
developed by the British during World War II to combat enemy tanks. Initially rejected by the army, then Prime
Minister Winston Churchill ordered them into production. Eventually 2.5 million were made. Although covered in a powerful adhesive, the
‘sticky bomb’ failed to stick to tanks covered in dust or mud, so soldiers were encouraged
to ambush tanks, by slapping the grenades onto the vehicles. Soldiers had just 5 seconds to escape the
explosion, but only if they could avoid getting the bomb stuck to their uniform. 8) Novgorod The Novgorod was one of two circular warships
created by Imperial Russia and used for coastal warfare in the Russo-Turkish War. Armed with inbuilt 26-ton (23.5 metric ton)
guns mounted on revolving turntables, when one of the guns was fired, the recoil would
cause the ship to spin completely out of control. Far from streamlined, the shape of the ship
left crew members powerless against the ocean. During trial cruises one ship got caught up
in a strong current and was whirled around helplessly, leaving the entire crew ill. 7) WindKanone The wind cannon was a 35-foot (10-meter) long
cannon devised by the Nazis that essentially shot a gust of wind at enemy targets. In tests, the compressed air mixture of ammonia
and hydrogen was shown to be powerful enough to break a wooden board an inch (2.5cm) thick,
from a distance of 656ft (200m). However, the Nazis weren’t fighting static boards
of wood and in real-life combat, the wind cannon failed to disturb even low flying aircraft. Relegated to use on the battlefield, the wind
cannon still failed to yield results, but its length made it an easy target for Allied
bombs. 6) Duck Foot Pistol The Duck Foot Pistol was a gun with four spread
out barrels, in a manner that resembled a duck’s foot. This allowed the shooter to hit four targets
at the same time, making it popular among 19th century sea captains anxious to prevent
pirates boarding their ship. However, none of the barrels pointed forward,
so firing the gun made it likely that everyone would be hit – except the attacker. 5) Gun Shield An attempt to combine the defense of a shield
with the might of a firearm. Unfortunately the gun shield failed to do either successfully. A round shield with a musket sticking out
of the middle, 100 of these gun shields were made for King Henry VIII’s bodyguards. The problem was that the heavy material of
the shield meant that it was impossible to lift and aim the weapon at the same time,
rendering it useless. 4) Diving Tank Waterproof tanks known as the Tauchpanzers
were developed during the Nazis’ plan to invade Britain. Hoping to arrive with stealth, they planned
to drive to Britain unseen across the seabed. Caulk [cock] and tape were used to seal the
gaps of 254 ordinary tanks, before long hoses were inserted to ensure that crew members
could breath underwater. Problems occurred as the tanks couldn’t
drive over the large rocks on the sea floor. Also once the tanks stopped moving they instantly
sunk into the sand, leaving the soldiers no choice but to swim to safety. The tanks never did make it to Britain. 3) Who Me? ‘Who Me’ was a potent stink spray, developed
by the USA during World War II for the French Resistance. One of the world’s smelliest substances,
the concoction of sulphur compounds stank of fecal matter and rotting food. Who Me was designed to be sprayed onto the
occupying German officers, in an attempt to humiliate them, but the stink of Who Me left
the sprayer smelling as bad as the target. So after just 2 stinking weeks in action,
the USA decided to abandon the project. 2) Puke Ray The LED Incapacitator, otherwise known as
a Puke Ray, is a handheld non-lethal weapon that aims to use colored, flashing lights
to cause the victim to experience headaches, disorientation and vomiting. At least $800,000 was spent on developing
the ray, but the US military abandoned the project when it was discovered that it could
be defeated if the victim simply closed their eyes. 1) Anti-tank Dogs During World War II the Soviet Russian army
attempted to train dogs to carry explosives to enemy tanks, blowing up the dog and tank
upon contact. Once on the battlefield however, the dogs
became scared by the live ammunition and often ran back to their own trench, killing Soviet

100 thoughts on “Top 10 Dumbest Weapons Ever Created

  1. I guess the anti-tank dog was really useful because you know every war people gonna invent weird thing and turn out to be dumb idea

  2. The Puke Ray is actually a smart idea because if they close their eyes they won’t be able to see giving you the advantage, unless if they have clout goggles, you’re screwed.

  3. Tbh when they say "nazi weapon". That implies the scientist was a nazi, b r u h not all germans during ww2 were nazis

  4. You forgot the giant flying egg that 310 mph from WWI Russia ,that was considered a tank,it was launched and rolled across cities,they thought.

  5. with the dog tanks, the Russians trained the dogs by making them run under the Russian tanks in training. but that was useless on the battle field because the dogs just ran to the Russian tanks to plow them up because thats what tanks they where trained to run under. TRUE FACT

  6. Bruh just hold the shield with your left hand and have a gun on the right hand there's no point having a gun and a shield mix together

  7. Everyone crying over the dogs… Yeah, let's have HUMAN LIVES run out into a battlefield to stop tanks from a nation that is using gas, fire, and constant shelling to kill us, that'll work much better! It's a product of the times, and it was meant as a way to stop the constant loss of human lives during a horrible war.

  8. Who would make kamikaze bomber dogs? Stalin would, not Hitler. Stalin would, that proves Stalin is worse then Hitler in terms of animals

  9. 4:20 that idea kind a worked bc in ww2 the americans god danm uncle sam assualted an island that was of strategic value they landed on that with something called amtracks they could drive in water there was another version with a barrel wich could shoot shells also that isaldn was heavily fortified and i think thats where the bomber took of heading for hirosima

  10. I don't like the dog idea,but I think it could have worked if the dog drop the bomb under the tank and get away before it exploads

  11. People when humans die in war: omg so sad

    Truth is, people need to stop complaining and that every species are treated the same. War is war, no matter what. And what made you think that a dogs life was better than a human?

  12. The puke ray is not useless if they have to close there eyes then you could Shoot them and if they don’t they puke so it’s a good weapon but you have to have two or more people.

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