Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Served In The Military

Elite Facts Presents 10 Celebrities Who Have Served in the Military 10. Michael Caine
Michael Caine served in the British Army as a rifle infantryman during the Korean War. Caine has always been a supporter of the military
and believes that anyone who breaks the law should have to serve for at least six months
as he states “I’m just saying, put them in the Army for six months. You’re there to learn how to defend your country. You belong to the country. Then when you come out, you have a sense of
belonging rather than a sense of violence”. He states that he is still haunted by his
experiences in the Korean War. He states that his life completely changed
after he and his fellow soldiers narrowly escaped death on the battlefield. Caine was only 18 when he was drafted to the
military as he was sent out to help those who were in need in south korea following
an attempt by north korea to invade the country. 9. Christopher Lee
I think it’s very safe to say that Sir Christopher Lee has done it all. He took the reigns of Dracula from Bela Lugosi,
He’s had prominent roles in many other films and juggernaut franchises such as Star Wars,
Lord of the Rings and even performed vocals for his own heavy metal band. Before his career started however, He served
his country during World War 2. When World War II broke out, Lee volunteered
to fight for the Finnish forces during the Winter War in 1939. He and other British volunteers were kept
away from actual fighting, but they were issued winter gear and were posted on guard duty
a safe distance from the front lines. It wasn’t until 1941 that Lee decided to
join the Royal Air Force. 8. Elvis Presley
Elvis was drafted for a two year stint on December 20, 1957, completed basic training
on September 17, 1958, and then served in Friedberg, Germany in which he would meet
Colin Powell. He was stationed there from October 1, 1958
through to March 2, 1960. He was eligible for the “Special Services,”
which basically would have allowed him to receive special treatment for the simple reason
that he was the One and Only Elvis Presley. Instead of opting for the celebrity treatment,
he preferred to serve just like everyone else, and the guys who served with him have said
that he just wanted to be one of the guys. He was honourably discharged as Sergeant Elvis
Presley. 7. Steve McQueen
This one might have been a bit obvious with his connection to war films. Steve McQueen became a tank driver for the
Marine Corps in 1947 was noted to have had a rebellious streak during his service. It was reported that After he was promoted
to Private First Class in the Marine Corps, he was continuously demoted back to private
on 7 different occasions, including once when he stayed out long after a weekend pass had
expired and had to be hauled back by the shore patrol. That being said however, It shouldn’t diminish
his accomplishments as McQueen was noted to have been a Heroic soldier as he had saved
the lives of 5 different marine soldiers when he pulled them out of a tank before it had
broke through ice, plummeting to the bottom of the ocean. McQueen was honorably discharged from the
army in 1950 where he would then begin his amazing film career. 6. Randy Couture
Okay, Randy Couture is just badass! Not only is he cited as an MMA legend and
the fact that he is the oldest UFC Heavyweight Champion, Holding the championship at the
age of 45 AND currently holds the record for the most UFC Heavyweight Championship reigns
by holding the belt on 3 different occasions between 1997 and 2008 AND is one of 2 combat
fighters to have held the UFC Heavyweight Championship and UFC Light-Heavyweight championship
(Who again currently holds the most reigns over that championship) , But he also served
as a soldier before he entered the octagon. The bruiser served in the Army for a total
of six years and reached the rank of sergeant before starting his now legendary MMA career. 5. Rob Riggle
So even this took me by surprise. Rob Riggle who is best known for his work
on Saturday Night Live along with various comedy films such as Step Brothers, 21 Jump
Street and his most recent role as Frank West in Dead Rising: Watchtower, had previously
served in the Marine Corps with him serving 23 years before retiring in 2013. That’s right, He we was serving whilst making
most of the comedy films and SNL sketches he was best known for. There has been no other actor who has done
this. Riggle’s role in the Marine corps was lieutenant
colonel and public affairs officer with the NYC unit. 4. Clint Eastwood
So it’s pretty safe to say that Clint Eastwood may owe the military for his now famed movie
career. Eastwood was drafted into the Army in 1950
during the Korean War, stationed at Fort Ord in California. An Army friend, Chuck Hill, had contacts in
Hollywood and thought that he might do well in the movies. Before then, though, Eastwood luckily cheated
death when a military plane he was flying crashed into the Pacific Ocean. He was able to survive the crash landing and
used an inflatable raft to swim to shore. Because of this, He testified at a hearing
in regards to the incident which prevented him from serving overseas in Korea. 3. Jimi Hendrix
So Jimi Hendrix’ music was largely impacted by the vietnam war. Well that’s because he was enlisted in the
military during the course of the Vietnam war. Hendrix joined the Army in 1961 at the young
age of 19. Although he wasn’t drafted and it was completely
voluntary, He didn’t have a choice. Well technically he did have a choice as After
being caught stealing cars in Seattle, the police gave him a choice where he could either
Join the Army or go to jail. He joined the 101st Airborne Division in Fort
Campbell, Kentucky, where he served for one year before being discharged. The musician claimed he parted ways with the
organisation after a parachuting accident. After being discharged, he wrote the hit song
“Machine Gun” in protest against the Vietnam war. 2. Shaggy
Before his successful music career, Shaggy enlisted himself into the U.S Marine core
in the 80s. He credits his stint in the Marines for his
successful music career. In an interview during the 2011 Grammys, He
states that “Being in the Marines didn’t influence my musical career artistically. I think it did it as far as discipline, as
far as preparing me for the rigorous schedules that was gonna come with doing music because
I had no clue.” He served in Desert Storm and though he has
called himself “a skater” and “not your model Marine,” he would eventually serve as a Field
Artillery Cannon Crewman. 1. Chuck Norris
What’s that? Another thing Chuck Norris is successful in? Add that the ongoing list of accomplishments! But in all seriousness, Norris was a member
of the United States Air Force where he served as an Air Policeman in 1958. He was stationed at Osan Air Base, South Korea. It was here in which he found his calling
in martial arts as he began his training in Tang Soo Do. Obviously he went on to earn his black belts
and he also founded the art of the Chun Kuk Do form. Norris was honorably discharged in 1962 where
he would then go on to continue his career in martial arts. Don’t forget to like us and subscribe
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  1. I think Donald Pleasance was in the British military (possibly RAF). Then he goes on to play an Airman in The Great Escape

  2. Huey Morgan from the fun lovin criminals, James blunt, Prince Andrew and Prince Harry, Billy Connoly, Sir Sean connery, Roger Moore and JFK

  3. Um, Major General James M Stewart? He made movies while serving in the Air Force Reserve. Has a bomber pilot in WWII and the last bombing run he went on was over North Vietnam.

  4. 1. The fuck is a marine soldier?
    2. It's amazing how back then you could get demoted 7 times and still get an honorable discharge.

  5. Another thing there is no such thing as a MARINE soldier idiot. Army are soldiers MARINES are MARINES,, DEVIL DOGS JARHEADS AND LEATHER NECKS.

  6. Your facts are flawed. Steve McQueen if still alive would be a Marine he was no longer on active duty when he went into acting. If he was discharged from the Marine Corps why do you call him a soldier? I would appreciate that you get your facts straight since I am a Marine. Semper Fi Brothers and Sisters

  7. You forgot Major General James "Jimmy" Stewart. He also had a noted military career and was a World War II and Vietnam War veteran and pilot, who rose to the rank of Brigadier General in the United States Air Force Reserve, becoming the highest-ranking actor in military history. On May 23, 1985, President Ronald Reagan awarded Stewart the Presidential Medal of Freedom, simultaneously advancing Stewart to the rank of Major General on the U.S. Air Force Retired list.

  8. This yt is so wrong in too many ways to list. Some blatant errors mentioned by others.

    I will mentiin one: this yt helps perpetuate the really stupid myth that criminal degenerates can perform worthy military service. That might have been partly true half a century ago, but not now.

    Fact is that 80% of US HS graduates dont meet bare minimal standards for military entrance. Most are too weak or stupid and some others unfit for legal/mental reasons, etc. Only the best 1/5 of young Americans are suitable, but disrespect for what vets are capable of continues to be rampant.

  9. Did you just say Marine "SOLDIERS?" Uh… no. No. There's no such thing. There are soldiers and there are MARINES. You don't combine the two. Soldiers serve the army. Marines are Marines.

  10. Its army soldier its not marine soldier, trust me I know I'm in a military family, my grandpa was an a Sgt in the army, I have 3 uncles that served two in the army and 1 in airforce

  11. Johnnie Cash, Sinbad, George Carlin, Bob Ross and Jimmy Stewart all served in the Air Force. Cash served in the 6911 communications Security Squadron near Bremerhaven Germany, Sinbad was a Security Policeman, George Carlin was a munitions handler, Bob Ross was an Aircraft Maintenance Ted, and Stewart was a Pilot. Both Ross and Stewart retired after more than 20 years, Ross as a Master Sergeant, and Jimmy Stewart as a Brigadier General.

  12. Eastwood mentioned he served in Korea in Gran Torino, I didn’t know he was an actual Korea vet!! 😱😱😱

  13. YEA BUT LETS ALSO REMEMBER THAT GOOD OLD ELVIS PRESLEY WHEN CALLED UP DIDN'T WANT TO SERVE HE WAS SCARED IT WOULD RUIN HIS SINGING CAREER after he was told it might just make him more famous that's when he agreed to join

  14. Do your research and get your terminology correct before making a “fact” video marines are not soldiers and how does a marine tank driver(McQueen)get “honorably discharged from the army”?

  15. Was McQueen in the Army or the Marines?

    You called him a Soldier, said “Marine Soldier” which makes no sense

    But you said he was honorably discharged from the Army

    Goddamn civilians need to know more about the people risking their lives for them

    It’s the least they can do

  16. My dad served in Germany at the same time Elvis Presley did, I do not believe that Elvis earned those sergeant stripes in two years of service that kind of catering to celebrity kisses off the regular soldiers.

  17. I'll have to take issue with your list. It was said that the one actor from Saturday Night Live was the only one to have an acting career and a military career at the same time. Wrong! How about General James Stewart? One of my favorite actors of all time Jimmy Stewart served as a pilot in the United States Air Force and Air Force Reserves while he had an awesome career as an actor. He retired after many years in the Air Force and as an actor, at the rank of General. They flew bombers as part of the Strategic Air Command.

  18. Why do you have that POS Jon Cena on the cover of your video? He never served a day in his life! Granted he does stuff for the USO, but it's just a publicity stunt for the WWE. Your list sucks!

    Just about every Hollywood men were in the military during the 40s, 50s, and 60s because our country has been at war just about every decade. Except for cowards like John Wayne and Donald Trump.

    Here's something else that Sir Christopher Lee was a member of; SOE. Basically a spy and government assassin.

  19. McQueen was busted down in rank 7 times but got an honorable discharge? Elvis didn't want special treatment but made the rank of Sergeant in less than two years? Hendrix was in the army during the Vietnam war but was out by ' does that work? Said Riggle served while he was a celebrity and is the only celebrity to do that?…how about brigadier general James Stewart AAC/USAF who was a bomber pilot in WW2 and Air Force reserves the entirety of his show business career?

  20. I think it's a good thing to serve in the military, the Desaster Controlment, Fire Department, EMS or any other service.

    It should be a mandatory (hopefully I googled the correct translation) for every young man and woman to serve at least one year in these services.

    I served 6 years as combat medic in the German military. And I am in my 16th year in the EMS and Desaster Controlment.

    And it was absolutely the best decision I made to choose that career.

    That my daughter decided to join the army too and study medicine to become an medical officer in the "Bundeswehr" makes me more than proud.

    Saluting all my comrades all over the world. Thank you for your service brothers and sisters.

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