Tips for Coding Bootcamp Graduates To Land Software Development Positions

– I’m Chris Shoemaker. I’m a corporate recruiter over at MindTouch here in San Diego. I think code academies are a great way to get about and get
yourself into the industry. MindTouch right now has six or so Origin Academy graduates on the team. A lot of the team members
start off on our support roles, but as we’ve seen them all grow in their careers over the last year, we have Origin Academy students that are now on our dev ops team. We have some on implementation, as well as quality assurance. It’s been great to see them
grow their careers there, grow their skill sets, and now they’re paying pivotal points here in the MindTouch. If you’re coming out of a code academy, you’re competing with candidates that just got a four year degree, or they’ve been it for quite some time, so it’s really important
to create your own brand, and be aggressive during
the interview process. Some of us are always
introverts to extroverts, but this is the opportunity to really spring for the fences. It’s really important to
walk through those doors, and to talk about yourself. It’s important for them, I think, also to control the conversation, and to talk about the
passion that got them here, and then why they’re here. That’s what a team is always lookin’ for. We understand that you’re entry level. We understand that you just
got out of the code academy. This is your time to shine. We know what your skill set is, let’s learn more about you as a person. I think that’s important, as well as continuing to be aggressive in your approach. If you’re finding a job, don’t just apply. Find out who that hiring manager is, find out who that recruiter is, and go and knock on that door. You’re gonna have a lot more success by being that aggressive. (typing)
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