Thoughts on The Game Changers

Next question is from Larry. Larry asked
me a question and it’s gonna be. I have to put up with this question for about
two more weeks I’m hoping and then it will never, it’ll never raise its head
again. In my career a few things have come up and people just keep asking
about it and asking about it until I just I hit a saturation point. What
do you think of Z health? What do you think of CrossFit? What do you think of
lunges? What do you think of… And Larry asks, “In the in the last two episodes you
address The Game Changers. I can’t quite put my finger on where you stand based
on your limited comments but I am generally curious. Can you clarify your
stance on the movie and on vegan diets for athletes?” Well I haven’t seen it and
I’m not going to. I’d much rather watch Disney Plus and watch the Mandalorian
and Star Wars. Listen, if… well… this is
still the problem with this kind of thing. I break my world into four
parts. What I do: health, longevity, fitness and then performance. You know health I use Maffetone’s definition: “the optimal interplay of the human organs.”
You find out by blood tests, medical exams, eye exams, dental exams and to see
what your health is and health is gonna be an appropriate place between two
extremes usually. Longevity is a quality and quantity issue. In my
family we don’t tend to have a lot of longevity but we have good lives.
The third is fitness. That’s ability to deal with tasks and then what I did work
on is performance. When they call your name, when the rocket comes in, when
the whistle blows you step up and perform okay? I’m not sure. I mean you
have to be very careful when you read books like the Blue Zone. You got to
be careful about reading anything really because as we found out just a few
years ago Ancel Keys hand-picked his results from that famous study. It is
possible to live on practically any diet. If you go, and I have traveled
around, you meet you know people who World War 2 and basically have nothing
to eat for a few years and they’re you know, well it’s not so much now but a few
years ago you know someone in their 90’s who basically starved for two decades.
You’ve got to be real careful when it comes to the next two areas: fitness and
performance. Frankly my best efforts are on, with no food in my body. In a
starvation mode so I’m always concerned when someone cherry-picks evidence. Every
single person involved in the show has a financial thumb on vegan. Arnold, as I
understand it now, he is now promoting a vegan protein powder. Well that should be
clear right in the beginning. You know I watch that, there’s a high school coach
who proved that he could lose weight on the all McDonald’s diet. Well he was also
being paid by McDonald’s. Wo you have to just be very careful sometimes when
money is involved. Frankly, I don’t care what you eat. If
if you throw the discus 75 meters and you’re a vegan or a carnivore I don’t
care, you’re the new world-record holder. If you can be a vegan and not bother
me constantly about what you eat, good for you. That’s one of my big knocks on
CrossFitters and vegans is they’re always telling you with that little air
of superiority about how they eat. It’s much like when someone joins a new
religion and all of a sudden they have the answer to all questions. That just
gets difficult for me. I mean I have, I don’t, I’m not sure humans are evolved…
We’re clearly omnivores but you know, I’m not sure that you know
watching a documentary on the same place I watch How I Met Your Mother is going
to change my mind on a lot of things. As my daughter pointed out, be very careful
about getting your information and entertainment from the same source. It
can cloud the issues a little bit. I don’t know what you wanted me to say
Larry but these are, you know the nutrition is not exactly my thing.
I mean I certainly have to have opinions on it if your strength coach. Yeah you
have to, or performance coach but I found that this particular show
was divisive as anything in the political sphere in the UK or the United
States that’s going on right now and the last thing we need is more divisiveness
so I don’t know. I just don’t know if I could watch another food
documentary. I just don’t know if I have the patience for it. I did enjoy the one about the guy who just
did juicing for a year and lost all the weight. I enjoyed that on. I don’t know why I
liked it but I found it fascinating.

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