This Exercise Is All the Help You Need

[chanting] This Exercise Is All the Help You Need
01-04-2017 [Mooji] This season,
what has happened is that I … It came to present an exercise with many people, some of you, we’ve tried, done it with you before. And I felt it has been
a very easy invitation and facilitating towards the place within you which is timeless. And so why not remind you of that?
That can be a start. It went a bit like this. Let’s imagine that you all came and you said, ‘I really want to meet you,
I really want to come home to myself,’ whatever that may mean for you. I’m taking it to mean
that you’re searching for liberation. You’re searching for that joy
which will not leave you, for happiness that does not go away. You’re searching for a life
which does not have death at the end of it. I’m raising the stakes very high. OK? So I’m going to take it at that level. So let’s say,
your request has come to me like this and I find you knocking at the door, you’re knocking at my door. And I said, Please come in, to each one. Please come in, but before you do,
please leave your mind outside. It’s a strange thing to hear,
Please leave your mind. And by ‘mind’ I mean all your ideas about life, about what you think life is, or should be, or has been, or can be in the future. Just drop all your ideas for a moment. You have to be totally empty
when you come into this space and empty of all the ideas you have about yourself. Because we have been living
with many, many ideas that we’ve held about our self. They keep changing, by the way,
so they’re not fixed. We try something out for a while
and it screws up somewhere. And then we re-invent or upgrade the ego,
or whatever it is that we do. So I am saying, leave all of this outside, leave all of this outside. OK? And even your desires for the future
and how you want the world to be, how you want your life to be,
how you want your family to be, how you want your children … Leave all your projections,
your desires and memories and identity, just leave them for a moment,
we’ll leave them outside while you’re here
to fulfil your highest, your highest aspiration, if it … let’s say, it is for freedom. OK? When we’re finished with the exercise,
which will not be very long, you may go back out and pick up your stuff
that you had before. And as I said before, Don’t worry, it will be there, waiting, waiting for you! OK?
[laughter] So you can pick that up any time. So right now, you’re simply going to enter and leave all your stories
and the traffic of thoughts and judgments and fears and ideations,
leave that. Do we feel we can do this for a moment or two? [Sangha] Yes.
[Mooji] Yes. OK. [Mooji] When you feel you’ve done that, come in. Close the door, come on in. You’re here. And I won’t be giving you
some new ideas to keep now, nothing new. So any feeling like,
‘OK, so we’ve done it, now what? Now, what’s going to happen now?’ So I’m going to say to you,
Not even, ‘Now what?’ No, ‘Now what?’ Just as it is, no ‘next’. So immediately, you’re only here. And don’t fall asleep! You’re only here, you’re only here! [silence] What is this that is ‘only here’? Are you here or not? Yes, you are here! Senses are here! Senses we have not suppressed. The senses are there.
The senses are not the mind. The senses are here. The power to perceive is here. The ability to experience is here. Also, don’t use your imagination;
that’s cheating. No imagination, there’s just sober looking. Now that these thoughts have been stripped away,
left outside and so on, and any projections about the future, I’ve said, Don’t engage with that!
Only now. Only now! All the thought activity,
all your self-assessment, all the ideas you have about yourself,
we don’t want. We’re not going to tell any stories today. I don’t want to hear your story and I’m not going to tell you about my story. I just want to meet you! Not you plus! Just you. So without your story, without imagination, without judgements, desires and attachments, without all of these, are you you? Are you not here? Excluding these other things, are you not here? [Mooji] A little feedback will help now and again.
[Sangha] Yes. [Mooji] What is it that simply is? What is this kind of ‘is-ness’ that is here? It’s uncreated, unsupported by ‘you’. [silence] Is anybody exerting any effort? No. Simply, you’re here. Whatever it is that you are experiencing,
or recognising, or perceiving, is it a painful discovery?
Is it a disappointing discovery? [Sangha] No. [Mooji] Are there any amputations or something?
[Sangha] No. [Mooji] No. [silence] Can this, whatever it is …
I would not give it a name. I’m just saying, at the moment, Whatever it is, this ‘is-ness’,
can it go away? [Sangha] No. [Mooji] Can it fade?
[Sangha] No. [Mooji] Like, ‘It really is strong in here.
Woah, woah, woah!’ But if you go to the shop, it will be weak.
[laughter] [Mooji] Could it be like that? No.
[Sangha] No. [Mooji] What religion does it belong to?
[Sangha] None. Not to any. [Mooji] No it’s not. Right now, does it matter
if you are a really good person, or not at your best? Does it matter? [Sangha] No. [Questioner] Guruji, I can see purple sky. [M.] Somebody said, ‘I can see purple sky’. Don’t get involved with purple sky or purple rain,
or anything like that. Any image is only a cloud floating by. Don’t develop any relationship
with anything that you see, for a moment. Let them just appear and disappear. Don’t force anything.
Don’t hold on, or push away anything. This feeling, or vibration of ‘is-ness’,
just ‘whatever-it-is-ness’, is it different from you who are here? No. [silence] Do the different days make any difference to it? If it was Tuesday,
would it feel different from a Wednesday? No. No difference. What time of the day is it here? In this? [Sangha] No time.
[Mooji] No time, no time. [Mooji] Are you sure
you’re not just making this up? You’re not imagining this? Hello? [Sangha] No.
[Mooji] No, no, you’re not imagining it. You’re not imagining this. Do you feel worried in yourself about anything? [Mooji] Do you feel agitated about anything?
[Sangha] No. Can this which is directly perceived,
can it come to an end? [Sangha] No. [Mooji] No.
So if you are the same as it, can you come to an end? [Sangha] No. [Mooji] That’s worth discovering, isn’t it?
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