100 thoughts on “The WORST Shoulder Exercise for Bigger Shoulders – STOP!!

  1. if your doing something do your best and do better like what you should do . listen to the people who is reach to the goal

  2. I do this exercise, but I don't go above my nipples with the weight, is that still terrible for my shoulders? I do it mainly as a back exercise.

  3. Does anybody know which video it is where he brings out the skeleton to show how shoulder impingement is caused? I can't find it and I want to show my friend who doesn't believe me about impingement.

  4. when you lift with dumbbells, you have the same downward facing pressure, the difference is when the lift goes up the shoulder mark it lift more than barbell, one cannot correct this with dumbbell, I guess A we need to take this exercise out as it is biomechanicaly detrimental to the joint in general

  5. Damn, the pain I feel in my joints has made me take long breaks between weightlifting sessions for a long time now. I feel pretty stupid, but at least I can weight lift without that shitty pain now.

  6. I personally like using straight bar for up right rows, I guess if you feel pain then common sense you shouldn't do it. use dbs instead.

  7. i have been suffering from recurrent shoulder dislocation any suggestion on how to work out my shoulder without dislocating it?

  8. I tried this exercise for the first time last night…great exercise but I woke up this morning, feeling it in my elbows and forearm. Have to watch your form on this..

  9. Thank you very much. I havent hurt myself yet, i just recently started working out, bb90. I didnt feel comfortable doing upright rows as it put a lot of pressure on the shoulders. As you say, not the right kind of pain. Thank you again and keep up the great work sir.

  10. I am suffering from diabetes and schizophrenia, since i started working out to your videos, i went from 255lbs of fatty mush to 196lbs. My diabetes at the moment seems to have gone away…sugar readings of 95-115 consistently, and my mind seems clearer than usual, without heavy doses of my medication. I still have a lil stubborn belly fat and love handles i cant get rid of, but i have no plans of quiting. Your diet videos helped me a lot as well. I thank you for these videos… they are saving my life.

  11. hello sir, i have same problem as you mentioned in your another video. On left shoulder bone popped up and it hurts when lifting heavy weights. Please help me about this sir.

  12. Thanks Jeff! I only started doing upright rows, it wasn't feeling right on my shoulders, now i know why. Thank you for saving my shoulder joints!!!

  13. Yeah i jave been having sharp pain that i would feel for days, eating alot of advil after, im sure from prior injury, did the dumbbells tonight, much better

  14. Yesterday I was doing this variation at the gym and a big guy tried to correct me, he said it would hurt my shoulders. Oh the irony…

  15. my buddy who can bench 300 cant fuck with UR's..me on the other hand,is one of my fave lifts and i touch the barbell to my chin every time with 100 lbs 12 times..i think it has more to do with the thickness of the wrist tendons and the strenght of the grip

  16. I think this was it: https://www.amazon.com/Treat-Your-Own-Rotator-Cuff/dp/1598582062/ref=la_B002LPYUBM_1_3?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1510863179&sr=1-3

  17. Thanks. I needed something new in my shoulder workout and a search for upright rows brought up your video. Great advice and you've probably spared me some pain. Thanks again.

  18. Another great video. Thanks. The high pull has now supplanted the barbell high row in my shoulder workout. Thanks again for uploading this.

  19. I think this is the last piece to my routine. I've always done military and upright rows for my shoulders with dumbbells. This exercise mod should help a lot. Should I do side lateral raises as well? Or can I replace these rows with laterals?

  20. Ive just practiced the dumbell movement without weights on so I can got the motion correct and I'm getting clicking on the last bit of shoulder rotation where I didn't get clicking on the upper bar lift. Am I doing something wrong or is it just my shoulders aren't used to the motion yet

  21. I think it kind of depends on the person as well and shoulder pain can come from a multitude of things. You can look around a gym and see people who aren’t balanced their front delts are developed and their rear delts are under developed. Shoulder is like a capsulated ball and socket and if it’s not correctly aligned or their are muscle imbalances shoulder pain will occur no matter what you do. You have to be smart about how you train this isn’t a max out type exercise where you can use body English to get extra reps

  22. If you do upright rows with a straight bar, keep it light. I went fairly heavy the other day and my already not perfect left shoulder is aching like crazy 4 days later. It has to be the rows that did it, nothing else explains the pain and weakness, even 4 days later. Next time, i'm gonna do the dumbs as shown herein.

  23. I use rows over lat/front raises because my shoulder snaps with raises, No problem with rows. Misleading title to say the least.

  24. What about just doing a partial upright row with higher weight, say 1/3 of the ROM of the original excercise?

  25. Both my shoulders have been replaced with full prosthesis three years ago. I do upright rows on a smith machine with 85lbs and have no grinding or pain what so ever. Could it be that the mechanics of my shoulders are now different than normal shoulders?

  26. You can also do this with power bands (one for each arm) and it is also just as safe as dumbbells and gives another variation on the strength curve.

  27. Bascially, after saw more recen videos, the best it's change internal to external in L with a very light dumpbell.

  28. what if we perform the upright row not so upright but in a position where we perfor DB lateral raises u know the medial head would be alighned with the gravity and then strengthen our forearms and take a bit wider grip than a shoulder grip.
    this could also be called BB high pull and just renaming the exrcise would cause a difference.

  29. I just saw someone doing these yesterday but he was swinging it up and letting it drop down without resisting the fall… And it was a 20 kg barbell

  30. I should have watched these videos before staring my training. I now have a bicep tendon injury in my shoulder that has seen the strength gone right out of my whole chest, shoulder and back routine. I’m 59 years old and I was just getting to 130kg bench press level. I did my shoulder doing a combination of upright rows and behind the neck presses with 60kg. Did not struggle with the weight until the damage was done. Now I can’t get past 80kg for a bench press 6 months later. Not good.

  31. When you watch an athleanx vid, search the recommended exercise for more details on how to do….. And end up at another athleanx vid. Thanks will be try this tonight

  32. I always do Dumbbell upright rows and never hurt my shoulders. I hurt my shoulders once doing standing barbell presses but never with upright rows.

  33. Wow Jeff, I was really blown away by this video, when did you start colouring the the hair? 😂😂😂

  34. Blew out my left elbow with the EZ bar took almost 2 years to heal,this video has helped me out,I have been back at it for almost a year now without injury, THANKS!!!

  35. What if you lift the weight to your ribs and if it’s still bad what are you meant to do instead to strengthen the area of your shoulders so you can bench heavier and stop that clicking noise ??

  36. Did he colour his hair or something? Because he looks more gray here when he's only 37 than today when he's 44.

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