The surprising way this Mexican state is fighting the cartels | The Americas with Simon Reeve – BBC

Arturo Rodriguez heads up
an elite tactical unit, tasked with targeting the cartels. Look at the name of them!
Black Mamba! So, this is a hardcore vehicle. Bloody hell! You see, this is not OK. Look at this. It’s an impact from the AK-47.
From a Kalashnikov. That’s right. You can probably see on the top
there, this is a… Is it a Barrett Light Fifty? Yes, it’s a
.50 calibre barrel, .50 calibre. .50 calibre bullet.
So that’s serious firepower. Yes, very serious. You are not dealing
with 14-year-olds, are you? You’re dealing with trained gunmen,
often. We have dealt with both. Right. Yes. We have that problem.
Sometimes, they are just kids. A kid with a gun, an AK-47,
on a truck, receiving orders, go and shoot, go and shoot those
guys, go and shoot these guys. I mean, you have to fight back. Unfortunately, they die,
but, I mean, there’s no options. They come and shoot you,
you have to shoot back. Obviously,
we want to save your life. The Mexican government has spent
millions training and equipping this special
forces unit. But in some ways,
the cartels are better resourced. They even run sophisticated
intelligence and surveillance operations. OK. Show us this, what are these? Last year, we found these boxes,
which are like phone company boxes. Right. Some of them with even the
brand of the phone company. Mm-hm. And you see they are just
like regular phone box. Mm-hm. But there’s some cameras inside. Look at that! Look!
They were watching to us. We remove all of them. Mm-hm. What happened, just one month ago, we find out they’ve got a new
technology, they use these lamps. It’s a street light. Yes. On the… Look at this! It’s
the street light here, look at that! It’s a bloody camera! It’s one way of enabling them
to terrorise a community. Oh, yes. Ingenious. Oh, yeah. But when you see this
sort of sophistication, does that frighten you? We take it seriously, for sure.
But, I mean… Let me show you one that we
just… Yesterday. We’re coming into your bedroom,
here? Yeah, you can come! These rifles were captured
yesterday. This is AR-15. But it’s 300, the calibre. This does say on it, curiously,
restricted for military, government,
law enforcement export use only. And it’s very quickly found its way
into the hands of the bad guys. It has a laser. A laser on it. So, is the laser still operational?
Yes. Can you switch it on? Yeah. You see that? This is a sophisticated
and obviously ludicrously deadly assault rifle. You are up against weapons of war. This is what a soldier,
a special forces soldier, would take into a tactical
situation. That’s correct. There’s now more than 30,000
killings in Mexico a year. It’s thought around 70% of gun crime
involves weapons brought and smuggled from the United States. Cartels and corruption
drive violence here, but so does US demand for drugs
and the supply of American firearms. This is the guys.. The times we have
been involved with in a shooting situation. 41 shoot-outs. Yes. This is the guy we have arrested. This is the guy that unfortunately
they have died, shooting against us. So that’s the number of combat
deaths, effectively. Yes. 83. My goodness! And this is in a small
period of time, eight months. And this is just your unit, in this
area. This is talking about 40 guys. Of one state in Mexico. Yes. So, we’re heading
out on patrol with them. We’ve got
to get our PPE on, our body armour. Gracias. Bloody hell! There’s some serious
hardware coming with us. I think realistically
this is all partly to show that the Mexican state is here in force. And it is also partly needed. This is a dangerous place. It’s been more than a decade
since the Mexican government declared all-out war
on the drug cartels. In the chaos that’s followed,
it’s thought up to 200,000 people have died, mainly in battles
between the cartel gangs. The American government
classifies this area of Mexico as a category four conflict zone, on a par with war-torn
countries like Somalia or Yemen. The United States is not just
an observer to this situation. America and Americans have helped
to fuel the drugs trade. As a country, they sell huge
amounts of weapons that ends up in the hands of drug gangs, that
result in this sort of situation. The violence has left
much of the economy here shattered. Foreign companies have left,
factories have shut down. The state government of Tamaulipas
is desperate for investment. In a heavily armed convoy, Victor
took me to see a flagship project, one he hopes will turn
the entire region around. OK. So, we’ve arrived. I can take this off. Why did you think
we should come here? Against all the odds,
around 500 wind turbines are being installed here, providing green
energy to the region. Victor believes this will become
the largest wind farm project in the whole
of Latin America. He hopes it will change everything,
bringing power, jobs and hope to a troubled area. If we come back in ten years,
what do you hope we will see? There are few things more normal,
I think, than a wind turbine turning now. It does look very peaceful,
it’s industry, it’s progress, it’s the future. Even with our heavily armed escort
and armoured cars, my bodyguards were
worried about our safety. After just 15 minutes,
we had to leave because of the threat from cartels. It was a sign of just how
far this area is from anything like normality.

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  1. The cartels only want to sell their products, which the USA is the largest junkie but since Uncle Sam can’t tax then properly they’re at war and while the wall is being constructed, the US sends it’s weapons to create chaos.

  2. It's a beautiful country, it's horrible that America fuels this violence. Maybe we should clinically legalize to help those on these drugs and destroy the black market.

  3. The Tamaulipas government does not let the federal police into its state, and it is suspected that it has renowned groups for its benefit.

  4. Unfortunately, Wind turbines kill between 214,000 and 368,000 birds annually. So like all things, there is a give and take. What Mexico should also be doing is, applying to the United Nations for NATO forces to join with the Mexican Military to wipe out the Cartel quickly. The way there are doing it now, it won't ever be accomplished.

  5. the drug trade is a billion industry, they buy military grade weapons, and have ex soldier training their street soldiers they are a huge threat.

  6. I love how he mentions nothing of the brits gigantic drug addictions that give the cartels the money for the weapons they have. It’s just the USA that helps with all the bad stuff no one else lmfao.

  7. Let's incorporate some Tesla technology against the Cartel….
    Silent but deadly war !!
    Thanks to our corrupt politions the cartels are heavily armed….
    Jail all our corrupt in Mexico in the middle of nowhere and let the corrupt deal with what they helped create…..
    With no more money and power they will become target practice to the Cartel and shot by the very guns they gave them !!!

  8. maten a todos los terroristas, amlo no sirve para nada le vale la seguridad, kill all terrorists our president is a scared chiken hes with mafia

  9. American guns aren’t to blame, maybe if your government responded to the cartels like they did to the Alamo, then you wouldn’t be having these problems. If it wasn’t for those brave men in your police force I don’t think Mexico would be around anymore.

  10. This is such biased garbage. We don't want drugs here in the us. We don't want criminals in the us. We're fighting to keep our guns too protect ourselves from the gangs and drugs coming from these central/ south American countries that the liberal Democrats want to overrun into our country. We'd rather these countries become peaceful and prosperous in their own country. Sincerely, the average us citizen.

  11. Q: Why is Mexico full of narcos?
    A: USA keeps buying drugs.
    Q: Why is Mexico full of guns?
    A: USA keeps selling them.


    Q: Why does the USA sell so many guns to Mexico?
    A: Mexicans keep buying them.
    Q: Why does the USA buy so much drugs from Mexico?
    A: Mexico keeps selling them.

  12. Here’s a big twist!!! Their “amazing” wind farm is just being funded by another cartel 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ Mexico’s corruption runs soooo deep that it’s ridiculous.

  13. i would say mexico could be a super power if it wasn’t so corrupt in its political parties i know there are other problems but i don’t know them

  14. Now imagine that obama had a program to run these kind of guns into mexico! The mexican government should prosecute him.

  15. What we see is not the real thing. Mexico is allied with cartel, and the people who are arrested are puppets used as media targets and propaganda bait for the success of the Cartels. Beware the Hidden State peoples. Trust no one.

  16. They sure make a big deal of regular guns lol every house in America has those military only weapons and guess what it’s a 22 caliber rifle . Well the one he had was a 300 black out but still just a hunting round .

  17. That reporter is trying way to hard to sell it. Its just a laser. You can pick it up at walmart and your cat chases it. Has no impact on how a rifle fires. This is what happens when someone reports on something and has absolutely no clue what he is talking about

    And the scarf… lmao really?

  18. BBC tries to blame America for Drug cartels having weapons. Typical Leftist garbage. Do you really think it's only illegal gun deals from the US being the only way they get weapons? Last i checked AK's are from Russia. Last I checked every shithole conflict around the world is fueled by AK's. The only people in the US that want to keep this BS going are those who oppose building the wall. BUILD THE WALL.

  19. It's funny/dumb how when the guy said the laser on the ar-15 was operational, he was so shocked and THAT apparently makes it a "ludicrously deadly assault rifle".

  20. This is so bias he pretty much said becuase of america making so many guns and selling guns is the reason it's so dangerous

  21. After 15 minutes they had to leave bc they were scared of the cartel 🤦🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️ No wonder the cartels have so much power.Stay and fight and protect your state.

  22. Barrett sniper rifle in a gun truck? Things that make you go hmmm. Another interesting bit, they filmed in his bedroom rather than bringing the rifle out where they were showing the hidden cameras.

  23. BBC, to let you know when I was stationed in Yuma, Arizona; the Mexican federals would escort the cartel across the US border. Also as to where the weapons derived from, operation fast and furious provided weapons to the cartels without getting approval from congress provided some. But to let you know the cartels get weapons mainly from illegal transactions and South America. You gave an account from the Mexican police, where do they rank in corruption in the world? Just saying.

  24. @3:45.. this is what a special forces would take….um no… that's not what we take.. that's a semi automatic rifle not an ASSAULT RIFLE.. that rifle is called a modern sporting rifle..

  25. Funny thing is they aren’t fighting the cartels, the cartels are just killing the ones who go after them and the ones that don’t take bribes

  26. The United States military should jump in. kill every last one of those drug cartel members. Capture all the drug cartel leaders and find out which Democrat politicians have accepted payoffs from them .Make Mexico safe again make Mexico great again. Arrest all the Democrat politicians involved and make America safe again.

  27. Mexican politics and policing, the fight at the ballot box about who will be in power in order to get the Cartel bribes and payoffs

  28. A lot of people like to blame American policies for allowing arms to go to Mexico and Central America.

    But truth be told, there are already comprehensive policies against such exports. It's called ITAR, and the short version is, you can't export no guns or ancillary equipment related to firearms (optics, accessories, suppressors, etc) without a long ass bureaucratic process.

    So why hasn't ITAR stopped the flow of guns? Well spoiler alert, cartels don't follow the law.

    All the ITAR does is make legitimate trade of armaments for legitimate civil and government use a massive bureaucratic mess, jacking up the price on the legal world market for innovative American products related to small arms.

  29. The Police here in Tam Nuevo Laredo are Scum Bags half of them are Mafia. I was kidnapped and then assaulted on a separate occasion put in critical condition. The Police refused to respond.

  30. We're idiots for giving these corrupt morons armored vehicles and technology, as it's simply going to be taken by the cartels and used against them. The trick is to weed out the corruption and teach ONLY extremely loyal/dedicated units US military TTPs.

  31. Now ask the commander how much he gets paid by these same cartels he's "fighting" every week… This reporter is so naive and just foolish in general

  32. Nothing else motivates them to keep terrorizing their own country other than the 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸American dollars.

  33. the cartels are forming their own induvidual states within the countries.
    somebody said, lets make our own gouvernment.

  34. The Tamaulipas and Coahuila state police confiscate more drugs , guns , vehicles and arrest and kill more gangsters than the Guardia Nacional , the army or the marines , thats because the new federal government is no longer fighting them . Sooner or later shit is going to hit the fan , the government is loosing control of several regions of Mexico.

  35. Hey over got an idea! What if, just bear with me here, the United States enforces existing immigration laws? Radical notion I know but just let me go one better, what if the US builds a barrier at the border? I know the mere thought has me literally shaking right now but we need to be brave here we'll get through this I promise. If the US followed through on those two policies, then the cartels, drugs, weapons, and criminals of all different varieties wouldnt be able to carry out their crimes to nearly the same degree! I might've stumbled on a possible way to help both countries here. Nah never mind we should let absolutely anyone come across the border whenever they want and scream at people who want immigration enforcement and a wall that they're racist and literally evil. It's far better to let the cartels who run Mexico the ability to run their drugs and guns between the two countries with impunity.

  36. BBC your disgustingly misleading a on about 5 of your sentences and translations. Your disgusting. This is serious.

  37. Its such a shame. Imagine if mex8cans were able to channel all the wasted energy dealing with drugs into their citizens, it would be a truely amazing place. All the best from Australia

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