The Longest Year | One Recruits Struggle to Become a Marine

I’ve seen people with
no limbs, with nothing. You know, like, people,
you gotta leave them, they can’t continue hiding, you know? My name is Jessie Mustapha. When I was little, all I could remember is gunshots, running. I couldn’t understand why we were running. My dad applied for us and went
to the embassy or somewhere and says that, “My
children are in the war,” and he wants to bring them to America. And then I went to boot camp. Sit up straight and look at me! My name is Gunnery Sergeant Pennance and I am your senior drill instructor. And then I got injured. It was my provider asked me,
“So Mustapha, when you go home, “What’s you gonna do?” I told him, “Sir, you’re
breaking my heart. Literally, you’re breaking my heart.” I might be like this forever,
for the rest of my life, so I went okay, tell you, if I’m gonna be here
for the rest of my life, I might as well complete my goal here, you know, my dreams to be a Marine. He’s had to talk to medical officers, he’s had to talk to drill instructors from a whole year on Parris Island to convince them that he’s
worth putting back in the fight. He’s shown more commitment in his 12 months here on Parris Island than some people do in
an entire enlistment in the Marine Corps. Be proud of yourself and
the uniform you now wear and above all else, never quit or give up for we offer you the
challenge of recruit training and the opportunity to earn
the title, United States Marine. When I came to America,
I didn’t know anything, I didn’t know how to read and write or even know how to spell my own name. I want to show thank you because I was once saved by United States. United States always help and I wanna be one of
the people that help. You see, without God, without
United States, without my dad, there was no way I would be
alive, and that for sure I know. I’m also going to tell him to make sure that he goes out and
proves it again, every day. Because in the Marine Corps he’ll meet people who
don’t know his backstory, he’ll meet people who don’t know the struggle that he went through and as long as he
remembers to prove it again with that same commitment every day, he will be one of the best
Marines that I have ever met and I look forward to seeing that.

100 thoughts on “The Longest Year | One Recruits Struggle to Become a Marine

  1. Way to go my BROTHER!! Now go out and GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. This man is a fine example of why I became a Marine in 1984.
    We all have are problems and issues in life, mine put me out in the world at 15yrs old and a Marine at 19yrs.
    This Marine, as so many others, prove that although we don’t get the glory like Army Special Ops or Navy Seals, we prove time and time again that we are the best at what we do and WILL always win our battles.
    As I was told in 1984 by my senior drill instructor, “it takes testicular fortitude to be a Marine, if you don’t have it, it will be beaten in you and you will be tested, if not you won’t earn the title of U.S. Marine”.

  3. He NEVER GAVE UP, he just needed some time to become one of the FEW AND PROUDS❗️that’s something not everyone in the marines is capable of accomplishing💪

  4. The US military is the epitome of warrior culture. No matter your race or ethnicity, if you are a warrior who will fight for our freedom you have a place here. We fight together, we die together. Not a marine, but Semper Fi brother.

  5. Congratulations Marine!!! I am a father of a Marine and watching that made me feel the same pride for you that I feel for my son. Wear the EGA with honor, you earned it and nobody can ever take that away from you. Semper Fi

  6. I was a in plt 1022 and gysgt pettus told us about you and your struggles super motivating and I'm glad to see he got to finish training with you gysgt and thank you for making me a marine

  7. Stupid ass globalism in the marine corps. Heinous. Make a refugee brigade in the army. Quit destroying america with political zionist dogshit

  8. My son graduated from PI in January 2017 after being dropped from his company due to pneumonia. He was there an extra 30 days. I know once he made it and was official a Marine and not “this recruit” any longer he truly felt his dreams can come true with commitment and patience. Hats off and much love to someone who can keep going for 12 months and keep their eye on their goal!!

  9. I literally got chills watching this. What a guy. I wish more Americans realized how lucky we are, and that our freedoms cannot be taken for granted. This guy belongs to be an American, unlike some of the liberal freakjobs who are pushing for socialism.

  10. Mustapha, THANK YOU! The United States and the Marines are blessed to have courageous, committed young men like you. I wish you the very best!

  11. this man truly has the heart of a marine and the spirit of a warrior god bless you sir semper fi and godbless every soldier

  12. I'm wanting to join marines but I'm overweight As of now. I think for male 5.5 @ 296lb i need to be Around 160-180. Tho i can't really be sure on that. I hope to join when i am 21. I have had seizures one in 2017/2018. Tho not due to Epilepsy. Just low calcium. So idk if i can even join. I know it's the chief medical officer choice to make final decision but i thought I'd put this out there and see what everyone else says. Forgot to say that i started going on this diet called far so good. Hopefully in the future i can join.

  13. I thought with the thumbnail it was never give up your guns, then I realized it was a Marine corps vid, haha in the Marines now you wont be promoted as a a high ranking officer unless you agree to confiscate our guns and kill Americans who resist. What a fucking joke, remember your oath!

  14. I seen a lot people in my platoon quit in Army BCT. One of the 18 year olds kid can't even do 10 push-ups and have to get a fake profile in order to go home. I made it to the end and graduated from AIT. I can feel what you been through

  15. It took me six months to complete Marine recruit training due to two separate injuries. Nice to see the Corps recognize this Marine for the determination he displayed in completing his own recruit training journey.

  16. Statistically 76 percent of prisoners go back within 5 years. Boot camp is similar, no freedom, stuck in one area all day, bad food I wonder if he’ll be wanting to go back

  17. I went to bootcamp with him alpha company his first platoon at bootcamp. It was a shame when he broke his leg. Genuinely a positive person always motivated tried harder than most people I’ve met

  18. This is the kind of American success story that makes me proud of being an American.
    Bravo Zulu to this Marine.

  19. All I've ever wanted to do is be a U.S Marine. Everything i'm doing in life is to try and earn the right to move to the U.S so I can achieve my dream. There's still a few years left before I'm 'too old' but I won't give up. God bless the U.S and well done to Jessie Mustapha for his dedication and commitment. All the best!

  20. That’s MUSTAPHA!! He was in PEB and kinda over looked the RSP when I was in it. So proud he went back and so happy they let him go back. From what I heard it was low chance they would let him. He was a great leader and took great care even when it was just over the RSP.

  21. Outstanding, as Marines we adapt and overcome. Semper Fi…you kept the faith. Congratulations from this old SGT, and best wishes for continued success in the Fleet.

  22. Was a pleasure spending a couple months with this Marine, really cool guy had a pretty good talk with him telling me his story coming to find out we both lived in Pennsylvania

  23. I really wish I could be a marine I really tried to be one and they told me no I wish I couldn’t and it wasn’t something I could control I wanted to serve this beautiful country and protect its people I would be honored to be a marine but I guess it won’t work out 😭 and I’ve been depressed over it but I really don’t want to give up

  24. From a retired Marine who was a platoon commander in Vietnam 1969 and served 2 more years in combat supporting counter insurgency operations in a foreign country…. Semper Fi Marine. I guarantee you are not the same person who showed up at boot camp on the first day. The Marine Corps changes you forever.

    Never quit.

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