The History of Osea (Part 2) – Episode #7 – Stuff About Ace Combat

Welcome to part two of the History of Osea
video. This time I’ll be talking about my opinions
and ideas about the country. Just keep in mind that if there’s anything
I didn’t mention in part one, then it’s theory and not a fact. As many of you pointed out, Osea is the Strangereal
equivalent of the United States, but adding to that I also think that Osea resembles Canada. Geographically, Osea extends way north of
the Osean continent, almost reaching the Arctic just like Canada does. Another similarity to Canada is that region
of South Belka/North Osea which was annexed or “conquered” (if you wish to say so) by Osea after the Belkan War. While the annexation of North Osea is a fairly
recent event, it resembles the history of the Canadian province of Quebec which was
conquered by the English in 1759 during the Seven Years War when they fought against the
French. Both countries feature a unique region with
very different historical roots and culture, and they both had their separatist movements
with Quebec’s FLQ – Le Front de libération du Québec (Quebec’s Liberation Front) and
North Osea’s Falcons of Dawn – both terrorist organizations that carried attacks in the
1960s in Quebec and in 2005 in Osea. In recent history, the Osean government has
implemented a pacifist foreign policy, much more similar to Canada’s than the American
more interventionist policy. There were several several cuts to the military
budget and the surplus went to programs related to space development, which is something Canada
has done with its military in recent years – and I can’t even think about the US
cutting its military budget specially with Trump in the White House. Now, talking about Osea’s early history,
there’s a lot of room for speculation. But I want to talk about the conflict between
and Osean and Belka in 1905, a conflict also known as the Osean War. We don’t know who started the war, we don’t
know why they started the way and we don’t even know who won war – there’s no official
in-game confirmation for that. But I believe that if we analyze one of the
first quotes in Ace Combat 5, we could assume that Belka was the one who started the conflict
but Osea did manage to defend itself. 15 years ago, there was a war. Well… war’s broken here plenty of times before. They’ve tried to invade the south lands through the northern valley time and time again. Luck was never on their side though, and their victories didn’t last long. The way Genette says the says “time and
time again” sound more like if Belka waged war more than once, more than just the Belkan
War, which they did in fact and against Osea. Jumping to Strangereal’s Cold War, it’s
obviously a reference to the real-life Cold War between the United States and the Soviet
Union, but unlike the real-world conflict, apparently neither Osea nor Yuktobania financed
or fought wars in other countries – as far as we know. In the real world, the Korean and the Vietnam
wars weren’t just civil wars, politically you could see the battle between the two sides:
capitalism against communism, or United States against the Soviet Union. But the Cold War wasn’t just fought in proxy
wars like what I have just said, it was also fought through diplomacy and intervention
in other countries. For example, the countries of Eastern Europe
fell under communist regimes orchestrated by the Soviet Union while Latin America remained
aligned to the US when the Americans helped many military dictatorships rise to power
in countries like Brazil, Argentina and Chile. We could think that something like that happened
where the southern part of Osea fell into the Osean sphere of influence while one the
other side of the ocean – Verusa (yes, that’s the name of the other continent) was under
the influence of Yuktobania, but we don’t have any proof of that and the Strangereal
cold war was also about 16 years long, that’s not a very long time for all that to happen
– but if it that would be an interesting Ace Combat game! The Strangereal Cold War ended when both countries
joined forces against Belka during the Belkan War and ironically that’s how the Cold War
started, after tensions between the former World War II allies started to rise. Later on, after the Belkan War, Osea like
many other countries embraced pacifist policies and was one of the leading countries in promoting
space development. After 2010 we are only lead to believe that
Osea became even more important in the international community by supporting the development and
construction of the ISEV, the international space elevator and by becoming one of the
key nations in the IUPF – the International Union Peacekeeping Forces. To finish it up, I would also like to talk
about Osea’s flag. Looking at it we can see it was inspired by
the flag of the European Union, but I noticed that Osea has seven stars and one of them
has a different size, it is smaller than the others. If the six larger stars represent 6 different
states from the Osean Federation, I think the small one could represent the region of
North Osea which used to be the region of South Belka. Both the star and the province are located
towards the northeast and because North Osea is a former Belkan territory that would explain
why it is being treated unequally as the other regions. Now that I have talked about my theories here
comes my impression about Osea: Geography: Something like United States, Canada
and Brazil together because Osea is huge and goes from the equator (represented by Brazil)
to almost the north pole ( represented by Canada – also note all those islands), and
you have the US filling the middle area as a transition zone (and also note the Great
Lakes Region). History: Mostly American but with some Canadian
aspects such as the North Osea/South Belka region Government: Like its history, mostly American
but with some Canadian aspects such as the pacifism Military: Very American but perhaps a bit
Japanese too since the Osea’s military branches are similarly named like Japan’s as it contains
“Defence Force” in their names. Anyways, these were just my ideas about Osea,
so please don’t take them as facts! Now, as for the next video on the History
of Strangereal Nations series, I haven’t decided it yer nor will I! I will leave the decision to you – you can
vote now on a Facebook poll on what country you would rather have next and I will give
you a week before closing the poll. This was today’s video, I hope you have
enjoyed and stay tuned to the channel for more Ace Combat!

46 thoughts on “The History of Osea (Part 2) – Episode #7 – Stuff About Ace Combat

  1. I think it's important to note that the Osean Military was not a defense force until AFTER the Belkan War. Personally, as it was noted in the opening of Ace Combat 5, I believe that it was the trauma of seeing seven nuclear warheads go off that spurred the Osean Government to engage in a much more peaceful outlook, as well as reorganize their forces.

  2. There's also resemblance to Canada in that there are Great Lakes close to North Osea, which look identical to the Great Lakes in the real world, which lay along the border with the USA and Canada.

  3. um.. I seem to have no memory of the osean flag having that small star? but now im seeing it everywhere, I've played AC5 since it first released but i just cant remember there ever being a small star on the flag?

  4. Nordennavic, just because.Also, maybe farfetched, but what if the guy and girl we see talking together in the AC7 trailer are the same kids from 4? I mean, yeah it's highly unlikely, but it's fun to think about.

  5. The canonicity of this finding is, admittedly, debatable, but here goes. Looking through the "Assault Records" in Ace Combat Zero, there's an entry for a Belkan pilot named Fredi Starke. What's significant about this entry, is that it states he's the grandson of Jonas Starke, a Belkan fighter Ace of the 1940's. This could mean that there was another large scale conflict in the timeline that has gone unexplored.

  6. I think Yuktobania would be cool to learn more about. In ACZ, even though it's the Belkan War, we hear absolutely nothing about Yuktobania, yet in the beginning of AC5, they mention how Osea and Yuktobania have been at peace since the Belkan War implying that somehow that war brought them together more or less leading to the peace between them, yet no explanation as to how or why. That's always bugged me that they never mentioned anything about Yuktobania in ACZ, but it's understandable since it wasn't really necessary in the Demon Lord story.

    Also, thanks again for the AMAZING video Ace Combat Fan! Love every single one of your videos! Keep it up!

  7. Is it weird that when I play battlefield 1 I pretend that its the Osean war but with britain being Osea, Germany being Belka (of course) The U.S. being Emmeria intervening on Osea's side, Italy being Sapin, The Austro-Hungarian empire being either Wielvakia or Nordland, the Ottoman empire being Levant (I think thats a real acecombat country in the middle east tho im not sure how canon it is.) and I don't have the dlc but off the top of my head france would probably be Fato. The Osean war probably wasn't that huge but I have a big imagination as you can tell. XD

  8. Did you know there are several confirmed language in strangereal like english of course, but also spanish and french?

  9. your video is amazing, if you continue your video i hope that you will explain the yuktobania country as osean rival.

  10. Ever notice how the individual provinces of Osea and Yuktobania are always drawn in every time they're seen in a map? That could be evidence pointing to both countries being less like American or Russian-style federations and more of a confederation, like the EU or Arab League.

  11. I like that you split things (part 1 facts, part 2 theories).  I love ace combat but I haven't done great at keeping things straight so I greatly appreciate all your videos

  12. I live in michigan, the great lake state. If i was in this universe. My home word be highly contested

  13. I live in michigan, the great lake state. If i was in this universe. My home word be highly contested

  14. I'd love to see at least one pre-Belkan War game, maybe set during the Belkan-Rectan war of the 1970s, the Yuktobanian-Kalugan war of 1986, or perhaps even the Osean War, for a WWI-styled Ace Combat, that'd be so cool!

  15. 興味深い解説や考察が数多くあるし、説明もわかりやすい
    オーシア国防軍の機能については、米軍(US Armed Forces)や自衛隊(Japan Self-Defence Forces)よりむしろイスラエル軍(Israel Defense Forces)の方がしっくりきたかな。ベルカとオーシアの対立なんてまさにイスラエルとイスラム諸国の関係そのものだし、オーシアもアメリカというよりイスラエル的な自衛行動が目立つ。オーシアはアメリカとは違って地政学的には平和じゃないのが関係してるのかもね。そもそも自衛隊は軍隊じゃないっていう違いもある。日本語ではハッキリと「オーシア国防軍」って書かれてるし

  16. Please read this commentary! If possible, put it in a video also: Nagase said in AC5 that Harling would build another Arkbird, and considering that they built Kestrel II, they probably made Arkbird II! Just imagine fighting THE or fighting WITH the Arkbird again! Other of my theory is that they stopped the project of Arkbird II and built the Arsenal Birds, since they are like the Arkbird. Another thing that support this theory is the fact that the Arsenal Birds carry that rocket launched by the space bridge, and Erusea probably took control of the ABs by launching those rockets and sabotaging them. Of course it would be cheaper to launch only one rocket to an Arkbird, but it would be tripulated and there would be the risk of the Arkbird to be sabotaged again. A non-tripulated air carrier would be more difficult to be sabotaged by a rocket, and that's why they choose the Arsenal Birds instead of the Arkbird. But someway Erusea managed to sabotage them. That's my theory, what do you think about it?

  17. Ace Combat Fan, at 0:48 do I see freaking Lake Michigan there? Actually I see the state of Michigan there as well.

  18. Harling has been president for Osea up until Ace Combat 7 years? That’s a lot of terms for a president

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