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Welcome to the history of Emmeria documentary! Emmeria, or officially the Republic of Emmeria,
is a major country in the continent of Anea. Emmeria is bordered by the Federal Republic
of Estovakia to the east and the Kingdom of Nordennavic to the northwest. South of Emmeria is Yuktobania, located just
across the Fuscum Sea, and to the north Emmeria is bordered by the Arctic Ocean. According to the 2013 census, Emmeria’s
population was of 110 million people, most of them living on the south shore of the continent
and the Island of Khesed – far from the mountainous interior and the frigid temperatures of the
Arctic. When it comes to history, Emmeria’s oldest
records date way back into Strangereal’s middle ages around the 15th century. Back in the 1400s, Emmeria was one of the
kingdoms in the continent of Anea and the early days the Kingdom of Emmeria was full
of issues – both foreign and domestic. Vassals and foreigners fought throughout time
in order to control the fertile lands around today’s city of Gracemeria. The ruler of Emmeria at the time, King Aurelius
II, decided that enough was enough and followed by assembling an army to first defeat the
foreign invaders that were troubling the region. As battles went on, King Aurelius’ troops
gradually became more powerful and skilled as they fought against the foreigners, but
it was when they built the Golden King sculpture that their fame really caught on. King Aurelius’ troops became so battle hardened
and famous that enemies would just lose their will to fight upon seeing the golden king
sculpture. Although this sculpture was only created to
increase morale of King Aurelius’ unit, it soon became their symbol and as history
passed on the sculpture survived to become a symbol of Emmeria itself even in modern-day
Strangereal. After King Aurelius troops’ managed to expel
the foreigners from invading Emmeria’s land, the king managed to convince the vassals to
stop fighting not by threatening them but by using the respect he had earned driving
out the foreigners. Upon gaining stability in the region of Gracemeria,
Emmeria peacefully transitioned from a kingdom to a republic, becoming one of the first,
if not the first, democracies in Strangereal. It must be mentioned however that the Emmerian
royal family continued to exist with a high degree of prestige within the Emmerian society. The next known facts about Emmeria come from
the late 1990s during the Ulysses-crisis. In December of 1994, researchers from Usea’s
International Astronomical Union discovered the existence of the Ulysses 1994XF04 asteroid
which was bound to hit Strangereal. However it was only on April 20 of 1996 that
the discovery of the Asteroid was announced to the general public. Of course the public was shocked upon hearing
the news however the asteroid was only expected to hit the continent of Usea. For the next three years, since the asteroid
was supposed to hit Strangereal in 1999, thousands of people left Usea prior to the impact of
the asteroid as refugees. All Strangereal nations to a greater or less
extent, accepted the Usean refugees with Oured and Gracemeria – in this order – becoming
the two cities who received more refugees. On June of 1998, a space probe that was sent
to investigate the Ulysses asteroid found out that the asteroid had a hollow interior
and as result of this the asteroid would shatter into various pieces when approaching Strangereal. With this new discovery, the estimated impact
area increased dramatically to include the continent of Anea instead of just the center
of Usea, which was more or less protected by Stonehenge. After hearing the news that Anea would be
hit by Ulysses’ fragments, Emmerians across the country protested and the country was
almost facing a civil unrest due the shocking news but this was when Lord Alberto Lawrence,
a member of the Emmerian royal family and direct descendant of King Aurelius, used his
influence to calm down the Emmerian citizens. Lord Lawrence was a prominent public figure
who would actually receive and greet refugees as they arrived at Gracemeria’s air force
base. It is also thanks to him that Emmeria accepted
a great number of refugees and the country increased cooperation with other nations in
order to deal with the Ulysses crisis. Since there was no more time modify Stonehenge,
the Anean countries had just over an year to respond to the imminent Ulysses crisis. Estovakia focused on the development and construction
of its own asteroid intercepting railgun – the Chandelier – while Emmeria’s strategy was
to build several underground shelters throughout the country to protect its population. In the city of Gracemeria alone, 16 large
and small underground shelters were being built in early 1999 which had a capacity to
accommodate about 200,000 people. Then again, it was Lord Lawrence who proposed
the creation of a particular shelter in Gracemeria – the one under the castle. The castle already had existing tunnels underneath
it which could be expanded since the castle was built over a firm area. The position of the castle, on the top of
a hill would also save the shelter from a tsunami if fragments of the asteroid were
to fall on the nearby sea. Using his influence, Lord Lawrence also asked
other kingdoms to do the same with their own castles since most of them only had historical
value. Due to his humanitarian actions, Lord Lawrence
was acclaimed as the King Aurelius of modern time Emmeria. Besides the construction of several underground
shelters throughout the country, the Emmerian military forces were also mobilized on the
months prior to the fall of the Ulysses asteroid to aid with transportation and support of
international organizations and humanitarian aid. It is said that while the Federation of Central
Usea was taking the offensive against Ulysses by using Stonehenge to intercept the asteroid,
Emmeria was the one taking care of the defense. From July 8 to July 20 of 1999, the Ulysses
fragments started raining down on Strangereal but Emmeria, with its vast network of underground
shelters, was barely affected. Unfortunately the same could not be said about
its eastern neighbour of Estovakia who was unable to finish construction of its asteroid-intercepting
railgun and did not have shelters for its civilian population. In the year of 2000, Emmeria started to send
aid to Estovakia so that the country could recover from the Ulysses disaster. However, after the disaster, the central Estovakian
government became weak and several factions controlled different parts of the country. With so many factions disrupting the distribution
of aid, Emmeria’s aid program became impossible and was soon suspended. In the year of 2004, the preparatory agency
for the Republic of Anea was founded whose goal was to merge the three Anean countries
– Emmeria, Estovakia and Nordennavic – into one. The capital of the new republic would be the
city of Mante, located in Emmeria, and this preparatory agency made it into the G7 summit
being hosted by Osea aboard the Arkbird in the year of 2008. Before that, though, it was in the year of
2007 that the Lyes United Front, a faction in Estovakia, managed to take over Western
Estovakia including its former capital. The Emmerian government, who was willing to
restart its aid program, thought that with Western Estovakia being controlled by only
one faction the Emmerians would be able to provide humanitarian aid and speed up the
Estovakian recovery. Representatives from Emmeria and Lyes United
Front (LUF for short) met and they both agreed on the applications of the Emmerian aid according
to LUF’s rehabilitation project – and the aid program between Emmeria and Estovakia
was restarted. As it turns out, the LUF took advantage of
the Emmerian aid and began using it to suppress other factions within Estovakia. As a result of the LUF’s actions, the Estovakian
civil war started. Despite the Republic of Anea being represented
on the Arkbird in 2008 after the war started, the project was frozen because of the civil
war in Estovakia and all three countries returned to their individual status. Despite the ongoing civil war, Emmeria kept
on sending aid to the LUF thinking it was being used for humanitarian work while it
was in actually fueling the LUF’s forces. The Emmerian aid program was only stopped
in 2010 when the civil war really got out hand and because the Emmerians cessed their
aid program so late – already 3 years into the civil war – other factions in Estovakia
thought the Emmerians were supporters of the LUF. In 2013 the Estovakian civil war came to end
with a victory of the Eastern Faction over the LUF and then again Emmeria restarted its
aid program. On February 4 of 2014, former members of the
LUF attacked a humanitarian storage facility in the city of Vistoc, Western Estovakia,
killing eight Emmerian soldiers from the Emmerian Reconstruction Assistance Force who were stationed
there. Apart from members of the military, there
were other 27 civilian casualties at the site and the supplies lost were meant for 50,000
people living in the region. Smaller factions were known to be attacking
convoys of supplies but this was the first time an actual base was attacked. Later on the same day, the Emmerian Ambassador
to Estovakia met with Estovakia’s foreign minister and said that despite the attack,
Emmeria had no plans of stopping the program. Estovakia’s foreign minister, Antonina Koznick,
a former captain of the navy for the Eastern Faction, mentioned that Emmeria was partially
responsible for the Estovakian civil war by assisting the Lyes United Front with supplies
and the Emmerian Ambassador replied that it wasn’t the case and that the aid handed
to the LUF was only meant for an early Estovakian recovery. The Emmerian ambassador went further to say
“Has she ever thought about their position of being assisted? I cannot help think that she is trying to
take Estovakians’ frustrations out on us Emmerians.” As you can see the attack and the subsequent
meeting greatly increased tensions between the two countries. Later, on August 30 of 2015, Estovakia launched
a surprise attack against Emmeria and the Emmerian-Estovakian war began. Estovakia quickly conquered most of the Emmerian
mainland by using its Heavy Command Cruiser but wasn’t able to stop Emmeria’s counterattack
even when they deployed the Chandelier into the conflict. After Emmeria reconquered its capital of Gracemeria
and destroyed the Estovakian railgun, the Estovakian military regime was overthrown
and a ceasefire was arranged between the two nations thus ending the conflict – and this
concludes the history of the Republic of Emmeria. I would like to thank Acepedia for helping
me with the research needed to create this video and as always, stay tuned to the channel
for more Ace Combat!

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  1. I'd like to thank all of those who contribute to Acepedia and send my special thanks to SlyCooper1 for the help with the research, and also to Benjamin Bortkiewicz and Zaptroxix, who worked with me during the production of the video doing the Japanese and Portuguese subtitles respectively.

  2. I believe Estovakia was unable to complete Chandelier before the Ulysses impact due to other nations banning it for its potential to wage war. I don't know if they would have been able to finish Chandelier before the impact, but it was prevented by foreign intervention as stated in the mission briefing.

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  5. Fantastic job as always. This felt like watching real history and explains a lot of the background leading up to Ace Combat 6.

    If you need another strangerea nation's history to be covered may I suggest San Salvacion from Ace Combat 04? Besides Eursea it's the Usean nation with the most background. It was the nation Stonehenge was built in and also a supporter of the Usean rebels (According to Assault Horizon Legacy's map). San Salvacions' invasion started the Usean Continental War, during which it saw 2 major battles and an armed resistance. Plus it has a nice flag and a defined location to display in video.

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  9. I cant help but feel that it was never explained very well why Estovakia declared war on Emmeria in the first place in-game. All you really get is this quote: "Their economys been in shambles for years. Looks like theyve finally snapped". And I used to think of Emmeria as a reperesentation of the US, but now I think its more like England pollitically. They started as a kingdom, then became a democracy while keeping the royal family. Gracmeria seems to be a near perfect reperesentation of San Francisco, with the Kings bridge being the Golden Gate bridge. And the climate even matching up with that of the San Fran Bay.

  10. Estovakia's civil war reminds me of the Yugoslav wars (mainly cause Estovakian and Yugoslav cultures are very simmilar) but the outcome is much different

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  13. I think Aurelius decision to transition to a republic is pretty unrealistic, because why would he abandon his power and his preetigious figure of king, simply to make Emmeria a republic. That doesn't make sense to me.

  14. Well, well, well, there was a king and he lived real long ago
    He smiled and riled and where he went
    The people always go
    He was so good and the people dug and shiny metal did give rise,
    So the golden statue to the king was the people’s grand surprise

    So when the king he saw it,
    He smiled like a ray
    And with a laugh he told them,
    “It ain’t smiling anyway,”
    And all the skilled men, the painters and the artists, they looked at him with a frown;
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    When the king had left them with a smile on his face, everybody went to see, it was a frantic race
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    so then they all decided it’s a compliment to say, may the golden king smile upon you, may he look your way.

    (I wrote this song and recorded it about Aurelius II and it’s great.)

  15. "A giant meteor is going to hit us. Let's protest so our governors will pass a law forbidding it!" – Some weird leftist in Gracemerie

  16. Ace Combat Fan, in Ace Combat 7 the map of Strangereal shows Anea not Nordenavvic, not Emmeria, and not Estovakia. I wonder.

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