The crows trained to clean up cigarette butts

Where there is a will, there is a way and
where there’s food crows can be quite subservient. Here at Puy du fou, medieval theme park, six rooks have been specially trained to pick up cigarette butts and rubbish. It’s a social, intelligent bird. Once they
understand that they get a treat for bringing back rubbish they get nuggets
and it’s change for a bit of paper. they get the idea and then they keep doing it all day. The park initially trains the crows to take part in its famous falconry show. but they thought better of it and came up with the idea of hiring
them as full-time cleaners. The rooks were trained like Pavlov’s dog, using this box. The idea: put rubbish in and get food in return. Staff say that by
seeing the birds hard at work, visitors will change their perception of crows as a nuisance and also reflect upon their own behavior and think twice before
throwing rubbish away. “It’s eco-friendly and practical and it’s also quite entertaining.” “It’s great they’re showing us what we should be doing ourselves. It’s wonderful” Rooks are considered particularly intelligent among birds. The trainers says that the six crows named Boo Boo, Bamboo, Bill, Black, Gray, Coal and Makoto
have already tried to dupe him by collecting wood shavings instead of

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