The Best Skyrim Combat Mods

What’s good. It’s Fevir. The Skyrim Special edition is almost here
and with it’s upcoming release the interest for Skyrim and Skyim mods is growing.. and
as someone who has kind of kept up with the mod scene- I figured I’d compile a list of
the best combat mods for Skyrim. The mods on this list all are compatible and
play nice with each other- and on a personal note- are all in my own mod list. To start the list off we have Mortal Enemies. This is based on an older mod you might be
familiar with, Attack Commitment- and what this mod does is de-aimbot you and enemies..
in melee range. If you’ve ever tried to dodge an enemies attack…
you learn quickly that you can’t. You can only move out of range, usually backwards
and that’s because you and NPCs can turn and rotate during the attack and do so- they track
your movement 1 to 1. Mortal Enemies slows that rotation.. and kind
of commits you to an attack and the direction you’re moving or facing during it. This mod is meant to play nice with the second
mod on the list- TKDodge. This mod has been around for a while but not
since TKDodge 2.0 did I use it- since it’s now been cleaned up and just been made snappier. This mod gives you the option to dodge in
all 4 directions with a quick step.. and before.. it relied on iframes given during the dodge-
but with the Mortal Enemies effect.. you can side step an NPC during a power attack.. and
then actually be able to hit their flank or work your way around them. Together these 2 mods- implement quick dodging
that is a staple in so many other action titles.. into Skyrim in a great way. On the topic of more mechanic based things-
I think we have to mention Dual Wield Parrying.. just giving you the option to block while
dual wielding.. for some reason this gets a lot of grief from people.. talking about
how it’s OP and if it was balanced it would of been in the game.. but with how much we
tweak difficulty in so many other ways.. this is just a build enabling mod and you can always
turn down weapon based blocking effectiveness if it’s offensive to you. More on blocking.. this is a mod I have a
love hate relationship with- Weapon Parry Standalone. It makes it so that if you attack when an
enemy attacks.. your weapons clink.. and kind of cancel each other out giving a different
way to block and nullify damage. I love this mod in theory and in 95% of the
game. I know that a lot of people really like it-
which is why I’m mentioning it.. but it can be frustrating.. because Skyrim’s combat is
clunky and the animations can be a bit off and sometimes you clink when it doesn’t look
like you’d clink. I am not entirely sure if the combat scripting
works better at high FPS but this mod gives me no problems at 60.. where as if I go somewhere
where it dips.. it can be frustrating.. so I recommend it but also warn you. Next mod isn’t quite a combat mod- but improves
combat in a way that very few do. It’s called Equipment HUD. What it does is allows you to assign 7 weapons,
7 spells and 7 shouts to a cycler. Which then allows you to push separate keys..
to cycle through them. This translates into less time in pause menus,
favorite menus and can have you binding skills you never would enter your menu to use- like
sense life- finding a place and actually being used because it’s not a chore to go through
those menus. Next on the list is probably the biggest mod
here- Wildcat- I go over the mod in detail in a previous video.. but what
Wildcat brings is rebalance. It messes with damage done, damage taken,
conditional bonuses, active bonuses.. in a very lightweight manner. Where a lot of the other mods here are mechanic,
quality of life or immersion based.. this mod alters the numbers in combat to make Skyrim
more dangerous. It comes with a tacked on injury and stagger
system which might need to be tweaked on or off depending on your preference.. but even
having to edit that- this is the most drag and drop friendly combat rebalance. Now we’ll go over some combat behaviors. These are the instructions for how enemies
will act and react.. it’s the AI. Wildcat has it’s own.. but I prefer to overwrite
them. I do so with Enhanced Enemy AI by Erkeil..
for all non-dragons and then add Ultimate Dragons.. which adds a bit more than AI..
it changes dragons outside of straight combat with attacks and balance tweaks which kind
of steps over the scope of this list- but I think this mod has the best dragon combat
behaviour. And speaking about dragons.. and the invetible
knockdowns- I want to shout out D13 Faster Get Up Stand Up- which speeds up recovering
from knockdowns.. which I don’t want to play the game without. And last but not least… SkyTweak. Skytweak should be in every mod list.. especially
if you are trying to achieve something specific as the control over so many game settings
is incredible and can actually flat out replace the need to download entire mods. For our purposes- we are going to emulate
the mod- Melee Weapon Range Fix by turning down the range of weapons and bashes by a
bit to make them a bit more realistic. I go for about ~120 for both weapon and bash. I also recommend turning off enemy dodging..
if you’ve ever seen NPCs just quickly and randomly side step an arrow or spell even
if they are unaware.. this removes that. Also turning on NPCs use AMMO and turning
off autoaim completely.. but really.. you should learn all of what you can do in this
mod.. you can change so much to taste. But that will about do it for the best combat
mods.. I should probably have said- best combat gameplay
mods.. because things like adding blood or adding more kill moves or altering animations..
also add to the experience.. but these will flat out make participating in combat feel
better. So there we have it.. until next time. This is Fevir. Peace. Also.. while I have you guys here. I’ve mentioned it before.. but I am hopefully,
for real this time, going to be consistent on my Skyrim mod channel.. so click the link
to head over there and subscribe if you are into Skyrim modding.. I’ll still be putting up some Skyrim videos
here until there are a bit more subscribers over there. Thanks- I hope you’re all excited about the
Special Edition version coming out next week.. take it easy.

100 thoughts on “The Best Skyrim Combat Mods

  1. Will definitely try these, thank you.
    Till now I used Combat Evolved, the stances from ACE, and TK_dodge.
    I hope they will be compatible with PerMa, Disparity and Better Vampires? 🙂

    My goal is to have a combat system near Dark Souls.

  2. You always mention your load order, would you mind haveing a place with your entire load order displayed, I want a fully modded skyrim and then make tweaks and changes afterwards, since I have previously modded my skyrim to death and I wanted to restart with stability in mind.


  3. Combined with AISIS and revenge of the enemies, this is a perfect combat mod list for me. However I also enjoy archery quite a lot. Is there anything you can recomend that can tweak or improve on archery?

    I usually use ordinator. But I really feel like playing a long playthrough using Perkus Maximus. Does this mod list work well with that overhaul?

  4. A Skyrim mod channel where the player has female characters wearing proper armor instead of skimpy outfits and demonstrates useful mods? Time to subscribe!

  5. What version of Mortal Enemies do you recommend? Normal or the Rival Remix? And what's the difference with the walk and run changes?

  6. Hey Fevir, do you think this combat setup would work well with Hardcore mod playthroughs? I'm about to upgrade my pc and get right back into Skyrim with Requiem installed.

  7. Holy crap this is dope. I used to mod a lot back in 2012/13 when I was playing Skyrim, but this is like next level compared to mods back then. I might consider revisiting Skyrim… ;p

  8. Man, getting overhauls is so intimidating, I wanna get good overhauls for everything but I never know what to pick. This video is helpful, showing off a good combat overhaul, but what about magic, stealth, etc etc.

  9. So let me just get this straight. You use all these mods are once? If so, what load order do you use? Is it the order you show them in? Forgive me if it is already mentioned in the video.

  10. I tried to install the Wildcat mod into Skyrim Mod Organizer for Legendary Standard Edition and it says "error invalid type 105". How do I make it work, I want it sooo much?

  11. Hello friends: What do you think? What would be a more epic/realistic/hardcore combat experience?
    This guys mod-lineup in the video (all of them),
    Deadly Combat
    Revenge of The Enemies
    Combat Evolved

    Or the same, but
    Duel COmbat Realism – HARDCORE
    Revenge of The Enemies
    Combat Evolved
    ASIS? –

    this is where I came from.
    Anybody have a preference and why

  12. Combat is improved 7 fold with all these mods. Its amazing…. but I don't have a PC. Oh well time to jerk off to 80s hairband music.

  13. The moment you decided to start mod reviewing on youtube without downloading CBBE, you became a good mod reviewer.

  14. is it really worth to buy special edition when there is 10% available of the mods that were at the original skyrim? besides the older version with proper mods looks better than the new w/e

  15. I dont see how anyone uses Wildcat's default settings. If you're able to do half of an enemies health, they stagger, and then you hit them against and if you hit the next threshold, they stagger, and you do it again and they stagger. So essentially, all enemies have half health because you can permastagger them once they reach 50%. That's assuming they dont get paralyzed or such from an injury. This also happens to you without you needing to drop low because you by default get staggered from normal hits, making combat against multiple enemies impossible because it's just a permastun fuckfest.

    Are the attacks of opportunity good? Yes. Is the permastaggering good? Fuck no. As a player you cant react when youre staggered for 1.5 seconds, and usually theres more than one enemy who will stagger you again during that time.

  16. The original " attack commitment no turning during attacks" seems to work significantly better than Mortal enemies for me. It is wonderful concept that really improves combat tons IMO.

  17. watched about 5 of your vids so far. loving the channel. I have been playing Elder Scrolls for 15 years and I got terribly bored of Slyrim in particular for some great number of reasons but I feel the mods you have suggested may help me seriously have a better time playing this game.

    Now I want to ask about the Wildcat mod and how close it is to Envigor. I was playing my cousin's completely specked-out game and it had a combat mod where I, as a level 3 barbarian for obliterated by a skeleton-yes, a bone guy- h a greatsword in two hits. Was it probablty the same mod? It's the one that changes weapon damage and specific coefficients right? would you be able to show us a specific video on how best to make combat feel balanced enough while still having enemies that are too powerful for you? I feel some balance mods eliminate a great deal of the power of highly reverent enemies by making them humanlike in health and damage absorbtion. Can you also tell me anything about the Real Combat mod? What does it do? thanks

  18. Why isnt there a mod that completly copies the combat movements of Dark Messiah? Best combat in game I´ve come across til this day.

  19. if you review mods heres one for you that is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!! hes only got like 2000, dl n 12000 view, this is a must see mod for se, as it is original and includes auto sort n auto load, he could use a lil advertising of this underrated in downloads mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. i remember, after ablut 1000 hours of playing this game i decided to overhaul the combat very much like this. And on top of that i added "Deadly Mutilation", "Enhanced Blood Textures", and some mod that i don't remember the name of that, as an example, made it so that enemies killed by fire spells turned into charred boens of corresponding creature + a blood pile on the ground; Just for that extra brutal aspect to it.
    The bloody difference it made to the game! It actually felt like your attacks where cutting into the enemy and not just waving in the air in front of them. best modding decision i ever made with that game. I found that playing an asssassin character with a greatsword and/or bow + werewolf form made for the best, bloodiest and most satisfying combo.

  21. Hey Fevir wich ENB where u using here? looks amazing, and do you know if that ENB is avalble for SE?

  22. The last video was so good and helpful I am watching this one and I reloaded the video to play a add twice for you.

  23. I put dual wield parry and dodge on the same key. somehow I think it lets you roll again sooner lol but it's nice to block when not moving and it feels great to use in combat just saying

  24. i ofc know stuff like wildcat ultimate combat mortal enemies … i know nearly every combat mod but skytweak where new for me rly cool list, the first list wich rly helped me to improve my combat 😀

  25. I wish my game looked as good as yours but i play on console
    Could you make good mods console video that would be awesome

  26. The dodge mod is cool but also pointless you can avoid enemy attacks if you've played skyrim long enough you'll find ways to move diagonally which moves your character faster then your normal forward or side movement. Doing that allows you to evade attack but the idea of having a dodge ability is dope nonetheless

  27. I am about to get Skyrim on PC for the first time (500+ hours on XBox). I was going to make a list of mods to get to make the game more immersive, but I think I'll just subscribe to your channel instead.

  28. Just so everyone knows, the Weapon Parry Standalone is now actually standalone. It was remade from the ground up and now no longer causes issues.

  29. Wuildcat is like a illusion of higher difficulty but its really much much easier than master/ legendary

  30. Nice idea, but It looks kinda dumb just being able to walk around the monster over and over again with no hit.

  31. There should be a set of mods you could use to fight better in unarmed combat, be it of numerous fighting styles, all the while dodging and counter attacking and using a little bit of magic to have a balanced match with any magic using enemy.

    It'd make for an interesting playstyle; bringing your fists to a sword fight.

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