The 1.9 Song! – The Minecraft Combat Update song!

Boats have oars and new controls, Room for more than just yourself, You can’t use items when you’re rowing, (better watch out for that!) Better AI, skellys strafing when they shoot, Zombie villager skins are lookin’ pretty cute, Beet root, beet soup, eating in an igloo, (tons of new sounds!) Dual wield, use a shield, block some blows, don’t get killed, Subtitles, minimaps, crouch and swing, a new attack, Skeleton trap horse, kill the jockey, now it’s yours! (cooldown graphics) Tipped arrows with potion effects, spectral too! (glowing right through) Lingering potions stay a bit, walk right through! (go ahead) Trap doors can be placed on the ground,
lily pads on ice around you, Hay bales cushion long descent, and dead bushes will now drop sticks, BUT NO MORE TWITCH SUPPORT!! Who uses that anyways? Right-click grass with shovels for paths, skinny iron bars, panes of glass, Spectate mode on hardcore on death, dispensers put pumpkins on heads, A BUTTLOAD MORE STRONGHOLDS!!! There’s a 1/5 chance of a left-handed mob and when anything gets hurt, they give off brown particles, Tamed ocelots and wolves announce death in their chat to their owner! RIP Mr Fluffles 201? – 2016 There’s 2 new enchantment books for you to find, Frost Walker makes you walk on water turning into ice, Mending uses XP you pick up to fix up your gear! Notch apples are uncraftable, Hit armor stands and they wobble, Brewing stands now require Blaze Powder to uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuse! There are 2 new command blocks for you to use, Fill up your bucket from a cauldron if you so choose, The quicker you move, the faster your arrows flyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy! Status effects are displayed on your HUD, Better loot from fishing with a little Potion of Luck, Middle-click an item to pull it from inside your inventoryyyyyyyyyyyyyy! No more Super Secret Settings, but new mob animations, Speech slider for custom maps and 5 new statistiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiics! Stop, stop, stop, stop, stop, stop! What are you doing? I’M SO EXCITED FOR THE END AND ALL THE FEATURES THAT HAVE BEEN ADDED, CRAFT AN END CRYSTAL NOW TO RESPAWN THE DRAGON, THAT WILL DEFEND THE PILLARS WITH IT’S DRAGON BREATH, BOTTLE UP THE ENDER ACID UNTIL THERE’S NOTHING LEFT! USE THE END GATEAWAYS TO TELEPORT TO OTHER ISLANDS, BETER WATCH OUT FOR THE SHULKERS, I HEAR THEY’RE PRETTY VIOLENT, THEY’LL HIT YOU WITH A BLAST AND MAKE YOU LEVITATE, YOU’LL FLOAT UP IN THE SKY THEN FALL UNTIL YOU BREAK! Look at the purple Purpur Blocks, Building up an End City so hiIIIiiiiIigh! Climb into an End Ship and grab your wings, Elytra will make you glideeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! I’m so excited for the Chorus Trees and of course the Chorus Fruit, Wolf one down and who knows where you’ll teleport to, Grab some End Stone Bricks and build a thing, light it up with an End Rod and then we will sing! Look at my head, it’s a dragon’s head, Going OM NOM NOM NOM all the tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime! There’s one more thing I’d like to add, It’s the best feature in 1.9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Shear a Snow Golem and watch them gooooooooooooo… Derp, derp, derp, derpity derp, derp, derp, derpity derp, derp, derp, derpity derp! Derp! *laughs* Derp, derp…

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  2. My 1.9 song!
    Oh look, these tools have cooooooldoooooooown!
    And the chooooooooooruuuuus fruuuuit suuuuuuucks!
    Who needs lily pads on iiiiiiiiiceeeee?
    Because 1.9 sucks!

  3. All easter eggs I could find (excluding just silly scenes)
    0:21 Read the map 😛
    0:56 Enderman in a boat
    1:43 Are the initials of the stuff in the background supposed to spell JFC or am I reading too much into this?
    4:08 Butt (Right)
    4:09 Giant????????
    4:12 Derp (background)

  4. Me: looking at video about minecraft 1.9
    Me: looking at comments
    Comments: 1900
    Me: Coincidence?
    I think not!

  5. So it had been a while since I'd played multiplayer minecraft, and I don't usually tame pets, but I found out tamed animals announce death in chat by killing my friends donkey (I didn't know it was hers 🙁 )

  6. Probably every one of these comments is going to hate me for what I'm about to say but 1.9 would have to be one of my favorite updates the only thing that bothers me is the attack cooldown I love this update it added so much heck you can now fly in survival mode cuz of elytra and now you can craft an end Crystal to resummon the Ender Dragon or put on for decoration in the new food source course fruit and the dragon head for a decoration trophy this update truly is good and lingering potions and tipped arrows I don't know why you guys don't like this update simply cuz of the new combat features the only thing that bothers me is the attack cooldown so think about it you can't just make maybe one or two features a horrible update but yet there's a bunch of other awesome and they put so much in the end end cities for gosh sake so just think about for a second just a few features make one update horrible when it has a whole bunch of other awesome stuff just think about it

  7. 1:11 that skeleton is right handed that’s coming from a archer that shots left hand I hold the bow in the right and hold the sting with the left


    That is it.

  9. I hate how EVERYONE thinks this is the worst update ever. Just ignore the combat, and appreciate just how many things were added. Literally, Elytra's and Shulker boxes (two of the best additions in the history of Minecraft) were added in this update. The End isn't just a small island with zero exploration value anymore, and the Dragon fight doesn't suck anymore. Even though shields slow down the pace of combat, they save lives and make Hardcore mode approachable. "Mending" is still the most valued enchantment to this day. And there's loads more.

    Now compare all that to the 1.10 Update, which is hands down the worst update to this game. Seriously, it added little to nothing of value. It just added Strays and Husks (biome specific variations Skele's and Zombies that aren't all that different), and some useless blocks such as the Nether Wart block, bone block, and red nether brick. I'd say Magma was a decent addition, but even that was useless immediately, since falling on a water block is faster and less dangerous than a magma block elevator. I'd say if anything killed the game, it was 1.10 – the Lackluster Update, I MEAN the Frostburn Update.

  10. People saying 1.9 was the worst update obviously arnt thinking. This update added flying (elytra) and unbreakable tools (mending).
    Edit: and pickblock

  11. When it said no more twitch support it said after (Who uses that anyways?) u can see it with captions (he also laughs after he says it)

  12. You guys realize that this is being remade because 1.15 is Combat Update 2.
    It’s gonna be flyingkitty version (sentences mixed vocals)

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