Testing US Military MRE with Katherine

We always do an intro in the car. What’s up guys oh? Look at that. You can’t see anything. We’re gonna die like a look I can’t see anything. It’s awesome. I Love to come here in the rain, it’s very beautiful Let me show you how you supposed to get in into the slide in the rush. This is a lifeguard station over here Lifeguard I mean, and if you walk down this way Look how awesome That is. You see the trail over there You’re supposed to don’t go down those steps all around over there on the rock Go up those rail and slide down this way. It’s pretty fun Would you slide down that? I would slide down right now, but it’s too cool to do that. I don’t want to get hypothermia Hypothermia hypothermia That’s my new word for today some of you wondering how deep is it over here after you slide down this way, how deep is this here? Well, it says that their water is 8 foot deep Look how awesome this is #Selfie *kiss* Taras, I like your backpack Oh, Thanks Hi Katie what you doing? I’m on this this rock climb up a little bit check it out Exploring, but now how am I climbing down? slippery I mean, something about hiking in the rain look at this rainforest It’s so beautiful like any way you look Look at the grass Look there is a little stream right here, there definitely lots of camping spots around here. That’s beautiful Hi, it’s slippery out here. I’m about to fall, woah No fall, no fail for you guys. That’s so amazing. Do you see it? Do you see that? Wow This is so cool look at that Look, oh my gosh. It’s attached to that tree. Ah there it is guys. I’m so excited. This is amazing wait till you see. Wow Every time I come here it takes my breath away. How big it is. when I came here, and I saw this. I Knew that I was gonna spend the rest of my life in Asheville, I made you move here with me Look how epic that is Look at that rock Shoutout to the channel “Butterflies” Look up Sansy Boi my pic says “I got gameplay” look for the tab that says “peoples” and click the one that soesent say Spidey Shad Why you don’t like this? [get] off of your body in that uh So, how did you even? Last so beautiful here ratatouille. [yeah], it’s my favorite Disney movie ever It’s a menu 14 and my menu 1979 let me open it for you. You open it from the top so because we want to save the bag for the – [wow] There’s a grill helping a paper jerk with Flavor beef and body And there is a bunch of napkins for the coffee and stuff. [I’m] probably not going to have any [copy] [right] here is the Caracas There is the Kuraki right here chocolate oatmeal chocolate chunk cookie actually I put mine on my skin yeah, you probably [covered] with bacon [whoa] cheese spread with bacon that sounds awesome This must be the heating Yeah, that’s a key spot Yeah, I don’t know how do you already know that it says rock or something I know? John [Word] says it says rock or something there put put it on a [lock] or something yeah, there you see It’s funny. I’ve never seen directions be like or something look how long this kitchen I have killed yeah, that’s so cool Yep, I got a vanilla. Shake [woo] Looking at vanilla Powder shake. That’s hot oh my god. [oh], I got peanut butter. [oh] I’m so jealous. Oh When Iraqi feed Tom see nice so you only [got] one? I guess so, haha They catch 1,300 calories wow so don’t need [to] [poke] [them] excess, okay If you can’t eat the whole food in the ration eat some of each component to get a balance of nutrients Oh wow money So let me show you how to do the kitchen cut you open it up like [that] and you [see] there is a do not overfill right here to line. So you only don’t put very much What do you call it water you put right a little bit of water flammable gas oh So it says it dispenses a flammable gas [okay]? Yeah, hot water leakage can burn Yeah, it actually gets really hot so then what I’m gonna do is fold this side here together next to the [food] actually [I] put it in between of my food because they have to and then I’m going to stick it in here Back in a box. That’s what direction tells you to do And then I’m going to have to tilt it sideways like that coffee [yeah] before doing so now let’s a bunch of snakes before doing So this is [so] it’s flammable like that fine up with the guys yeah, I Just want to eat the lemon cookies. Go ahead open yourself mark They said here with non bird [whimpers], and adhere. I got cheese bird this bacon I think just as I supposed to water hole – oh look at my [boy] [-] Cookie oh [oh] Mine is kind of [both] [Elaborate], but wow this is oatmeal Cookie. I Got a whole cake [walk] But this augment cookies delicious as well. [oh] My God, it’s so good. I’m jealous. Do you like it I? Want to eat a whole I know? Can I have a piece so everybody say why do you like all this nasty food? It’s not it’s amazing Hmm, whoa I’m so jealous try the cookie you probably will be like you my better Yeah, yeah Yours is better. Let me see if you’re okay. Oh, wow look yours is kind of [blown] up a bunch of different things I Love dried tempers who is better nothing? I’m going to open this big [bitch]. Oh No, you gotta [eat] the peanut butter Okay, peanut butter on Carcass Don’t have to bury just [came] up and created their nana’s like a dog I leave you I give you [important] like walk away. Slowly. [oh] my gosh. We [are] under such a heavy rain now. I [won’t] know But my cracker is melting look at Hill Caracas, and there’s been a butter here Wow, look at that. I’m Georgie I’m altering some of you peanut butter mmM Delicious oh my God, but it’s actually really good. [I] got bacon spread instead I mean cheese and bacon spread. I think I supposed to put it on my bed. Oh yeah. Look at the cheese ah That’s the one thing I don’t want to try [it’s] good usually I hate melted cheese, but this one is good. [oh] And bird never has bird like that before you want to try some It tastes like a blood Look you see how hard this is this is her with hot honor. It’s timmy. Look at that. Oh my God It really is easy what the heck? I’m a chemical warfare [icing] So this is how you gonna eat your tattoo it. It’s pretty warm. Just got to mix it up, so older It’s hot on this side to it. Oh wow What is your spoon? I can’t repeat. It. Wow look at that. Oh it smells, so it’s warm mix it up Let’s see what mine looks like yeah, it smells so good Mine supposed to be open this way, whoa what why is this all [red] on the inside? That’s how it stain. What mine is all your boxes Carrie will [garriepowers] [oh] my gosh. This is this is cherry this not making dessert for dinner [hMM] Oh my God, this is this your sauce. It’s like Amazing I love [cherry]. [it’s] not house disney me gratitude. Haha, but it’s good. It’s really good You know this is actually very expensive HmM made my [fault] dino This is so good. I’ll give you a new resource intensive, honey Okay, look ketchup myth Mmm, okay fill it up to the light Yep Then I’m going to close up zip zip tight and mix it up [with] her [okay], that’s what you’re supposed to do. Oh yeah, [I] haven’t even tried out the ratatouille It’s good. It’s a live one Yeah, wow [you] got gum yeah delicious wet towels Wet naps, not that we need any more more of wet Whoa, that’s like Milkshake [looking] done Mmm. Oh My gosh, right? Well I did see we ate it. All yeah [money’s] gone in here yep, and Matcha some napkins. [we] don’t need to create more trash. Yeah, and it can’t everything yeah Yeah, so well guys that was awesome give this video a thumbs up phuket and finally doing that yeah now you Know how it feels. [I] didn’t see I thought it was going to be bad. I thought the whole time was going to be like But it’s good, huh United States summary of please like kisses [hi] [to] [mixed] [up]

100 thoughts on “Testing US Military MRE with Katherine

  1. Finally Katherine doing an MRE tasting. She's so sweet and adorable ❤️. They make a cute couple. You should post a video of your wedding.

  2. Super cute video. She is a pretty good sport to be out in that rain like that. I bet they had a good nap when they got home.

  3. Fog: Blocks vision to the point that it can blind you and cause a car crash
    Taras: this is why I love it here the rain is beautiful

    Most humble guy ever

  4. You find everything to be so amazing and you're so enthusiastic about everything and its actually genuine! plus you two are a great couple(:

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