The “Dolo Énorme Challenge” is the name given to a military showdown, which takes place in Bretagne at the base of Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan. Created a decade ago, this is the challenge of reference in the army. This year, and for the first time, an outside team was invited to confront the best soldiers. This team, specially created for the occasion, is the Riding Zone team. Dylan, Rémy and Thibault were chosen for their extraordinary physical abilities. “Go! Go! Go! Go! Go!” But will they succeed in beating the Saint-Cyr soldiers on their own land? “I’m scared” “We know a little bit about the reputation of the Riding Zone team. And I can guarantee you that our Dolos are well prepared to welcome them. ” We are on February 12th in in the heart of Britain in the city of Guer. It is here, at the base of Saint-Cyr Coëtquidan, that the Riding Zone team is awaited. A real city in the city, 5000 hectares of land and at the end, a gymnasium, where everything will played out. “The first steps in the gymnasium.” “The Dolo Énorme Challenge is a power challenge, organized every year, by the promotion of the inter-arms military school, and which brings together competitors from all schools and more largely of regiments of the Armée de Terre (Land Forces).” A real test of torture described by the lieutenant Alexander. “In order, we’ll start with 50 pull-up, then we will be able to move ourselves on the ropes. 6 ropes, arms only, so real brute force. Then we’ll come over here, it’ll be for the push-ups, it’s 100 push-ups for yous guys, ok? You need to do them as fast as possible, push-ups hurts a lot. There we’ll go on the abs, feets on the benches, you’ll be held by the judges. 100 push-ups, 100 abs, then the run, you’ll have to take a 40 kilos bag on the back, and after we’re going for a 400 meters run and then we will close the race with the 10 bench press at 60 kg. That will cut the stopwatch, and you have to try to do this test in less than 30 minutes. ” “I feel like it’s going to be very difficult, but I’m motivated, I came for that, for the competition, I’m also known for it so .. I hope it’ll be ok. ” Dylan Thiry is a man of challenge, this Luxembourg model of 24 years, with an athletic physic, became known thanks to his loafers in the jungle of Koh Lanta (a french TV show). He also participated in Ninja Warrior and Big Bounce and today he finds back his first marks. “I was a soldier and now I’m back at the barracks, there’s a big race waiting for me, I do not train every day like a soldier, so I tell myself that I have big opponents. Stressed but it will be okay. ” And his girlfriend Fidji, a reality TV star, will be there to encourage him. “Yeah I feel good, I trust him, I believe in him.” “Well, we’ll see, I’m going to give it all, and we’ll see.” We are no longer presenting Rémy Girard, Marseille’s tracer, he achieved all the challenges we’ve been proposing to him. Including confronting legionaries in the Amazon jungle. He may not be the strongest physically but his mindset is strong can make him raise mountains. “A little bit of pressure because it’s something we’re not used to do. So we’ll discover on the job, but I mostly have adrenaline, I really want to push back my limits and go beyond pressure.” “Well it’s true that I practice crossfit a little, but I know that it will be hard, but we will give everything as usual. ” Thibault aka “thibfit48” is the one who has the biggest to play. This fireman of Paris is also a crossfit specialist. He trains day and night and did not come here to do figuration. “Today I come to represent the Riding Zone team. It will pinch anyway, mostly the pull ups and ropes at the start, I think it’s going to be hard but we’ll give it all. ” “So the record that was established last year, it was established at 12 minutes and 47 seconds. If you guys can do better, it’s great ” *Laughs* “Good luck for later, be fit, wish you a good workout.” “When you get into the 15 minutes club, you’re really a big Dolo.” As an appetizer, a parallel contest is organized, the biggest eater of burgers. *motivating* The goal ? Eat 10 burgers as fast as possible.
The record is set at 11 minutes. “Oh I’m in, I’m hungry, where’s the inscription?” Dylan looks down but 10 burgers before sport is a bit risky. They are more than a hundred to participate in this Dolo Énorme Challenge. Dolo is the nickname given to members of the EMIA, the Inter Army Military School, referring to the brand of beef horns from the old combat rations. The beef is the animal that represents, in military jargon, a tough, hard-working soldier. 10 minutes from the start, the pressure begins to be felt. The Riding Zone team then establishes
orders of passage. “Go first is the worst!” “I’ll go. After they will put shame on me. I go, I go. I’m scared, there are too many soldiers around, it’s scary. ” Dylan passes first, he will be accompanied throughout the race by a referee. “I am the first. I’m scared! ” “I will announce the number of repetitions each time you drop. That way I count at the same time. If there are ever repetitions that do not count … ” “I was told to do them 5 by 5, is that ok?” “5 is good.” His run is timed, but it’s him who gives the start. “The pressure he must have.” And here we go for 50 pull-ups. *encouraging* “Don’t go up too much!” Hard to do it in one time, Dylan will do them 5 by 5. “He’s shaking a little, but he keeps going on. He’s at 43, not much left.” The last pull-ups are done in pain, but the count is good, 50. Now, the terrible test of the rope. “Think of yourself and do not think of others, because down there you see them finish and everything so .. think of you, focus on you only Participants must climb 6 times a height of 5 meters of rope, by the strength of the arms. “Come on!” Very quickly, Dylan will validate 2 passages. “Come on !!!! Come on ! Go on ! Yeah ! Really the test I was afraid of, the ropes.” “You have to go at the right rhythm, do not break. He must be able to pass the ropes, after it will be easier. ” “Come on !” But the following will be more complicated. *encouraging* The judge, uncompromising, invalidates this third rope. “He is at 2 ropes out of 6.
He is at 13 minutes, he still has time. ” “Take a break a little, you don’t use you’re legs to much.” “No, I can’t do it, I do not have the technique. I have to do it but for now I have to take a good break. I’ll catch up somewhere else instead. ” “Yeah yeah yeah.” 13 minutes at this point, Dylan will not break the record of the race. But for the honor, he will try to finish. On his side, Rémy attacks. The Marseillais is comfortable with the pull-ups and goes very quickly to the next stage. The style is not very academic but it is effective. Be careful not to burn yourself. “They are good but when they climb a rope, they must go all the way up. If you drop while there is 10 cm left on the rope, you lost it. So you must give it all. You have to climb all the way to the top.” Meanwhile, Dylan came back in the fight, he only has one rope to climb. But the Luxembourger is exhausted. The rope is the hardest task of this challenge. This is where we see the real potential of the soldiers. “You were missing one rope.” “Not enough prepared, it’s a disappointment because there is a big level and I’m not at the level. I’m disappointed with myself, with a little more workout I can give a lot better yeah. But I got used to holidays, it’s not good I start to become a slob. “A little disappointed with the rope, he had 30 cm left and I think he could have had it.” It’s over for Dylan but Thibault starts the competition and he is very motivated. The stopwatch displays 6 minutes at the end of its sixth rope. The record is possible. Remy, is suffering and just like Dylan, he fails at the last rope. And if his strengths are exhausted, fortunately, his mind remains intact. “How long ?” “30 minutes.” “30 minutes ?” “30 minutes.” “Even if it last 1 hour and a half I’ll stay there. I have to finish, it’s the only issue. ” Thanks to Thibault, we finally have access to the next challenge, the 100 push-ups that he achieved at speed light. To follow on 100 abs. “He’s starting to tire but it’s going to be ok I think.” Against all odds, Rémy comes back in the race, he finished the test of the ropes then the push-ups, and starts the abs while his friend Thibault is finishing them. For the rest of the race you have to go outside with a 40kg bag of stones on your back, for a run by night of 400 meters. Thibault is still in the title race when he arrives in front of the last test, 10 bench press of 60kg. “Go on, go on, two more, come on, one more, give it all !” Our firefighter crossfit guy finally finishes, with in addition, a remarkable chrono. “He finished in 16 minutes and 19 seconds.” 16 minutes and 19 seconds, Thibault is third in the final standings, and at the same time, as honorary title, he becomes a true Dolo. Remy continues the race, carrying more than half of his weight. He will not be able to claim the title of Dolo, even if he already has the mindset. A hard man who never gives up. *encouraging* Out of delay for a long time, it will finish with panache. And from memory of Dolo, they are rare the participants like him, to have managed such an effort for almost an hour. “You finished the ropes at 39 minutes, so if you did not have the rope problem, you would have taken less than 30 minutes. ” “I did not manage to do what I wanted to do, I still finished the course but hey, I am disappointed in myself and that’s it. I just wanted to finish but I was stuck with the ropes, and clearly I have not trained enough on it, and that’s okay. ” “This Dolo Énorme Challenge is really hard. Not necessarily cardio, but really muscular because it’s all congestion and it’s difficult. ” That day, the Dolo record will be beaten. And lowered to 11 minutes and 23 seconds. As for the Riding Zone team, it does not have to blush for its performance. See you next year, the ropes test will be a formality, we promise you.


  1. Milouf 1 / People 0….le pompier de cette vidéo est militaire lui aussi. Ce n'est pas une gloire, mais juste le témoin que ceux qui se préparent et agissent dans l'ombre disposent de ressources que la lumière tend à rendre très fragiles….Altruisme, efficience, discrétion, devise des Sapeurs-Pompiers de Paris. Bravo les Dolo, de bons bourrins qui prendront un jour des risques insoupçonnés pour que la lumière continue de jaillir sur les beaux gosses de Youtube…

  2. 2:42 ancien militaire de quoi ? Il a 22 ans ce blaireau et il se prétend comme ayant une expérience militaire… Il y en a qui mérite des claques

  3. Par contre les tractions avec les coudes qui sont pas déverrouillés ou les pompes pareil qui sont hautes par rapport au sol c'est pas des bonnes habitudes à prendre X)

  4. Ils prennent des mannequin et des barbouze de la TV réalité…. Tu prend le top 10 des box de CF ils les auraient retourné…. Heureusement qu'il y avait le pimpon….

  5. j'avoue que les montés de cordes avec les tractions doivent vraiment vraiment hard, mais par contre ridingzone aprenez a vos gars à faire des tractions avec les bras deverouillé

  6. Et ouais blondie t'es à saint cyr, c'est pas une colonie de vacances lol. Mon temps de 27 mins n'était pas glorieux mais au moins je finissais.

  7. @thibfit48 : une vraie machine ce mec ! Ninja Warrior, Parcours d'obstacles … il sait tout faire ! Bravo à l'équipe Riding Zone pour ce défi !

  8. Les juges arbitres femmes ça doit bien motiver pour les pompes ! Bravo à eux d'avoir eu la force d'aller faire ce challenge 🙂

  9. Dylan ( capacités physique) HORS NORME !! ?? WTF 🤣🤣🤣 Rien dans la panse oué, tout dans les cheveux plutôt 🤣.
    On en reparlent de ses derniers " exploits " sur TF1 !! ?? 🤣 de ses capacités "anaérobique" … euhhh à l' _"APérO_bic" au comptoir, en boite de nuit oué à la rigueur 🤣

  10. J'ai même pas besoin de regarder la vidéo, pour savoir à l'avance que les épreuves, " SUPER DYLAN" va (encore) merder une X de + en mode " oué mais gnagnagna" normalement jsuis + fort je réussis ( sauf que une X de + tu vas encore merder) 😀 c'est écris noir sur blanc sur facture à l'avance 🤪

  11. Bravo. Magnifiques transformations. Nous sommes bien contents pour vous. Alors beaucoup de bonheur dans votre maison. Sylvie et Thierry CHAN, les anciens propriétaires.

  12. Franchement Dylan il est nul à chier , celui qui a fait ce concours en 11 minutes ça doit être un monstre … et bravo à Thibault pour avoir réussi à le faire en 16 minutes , c’est un pompier les cordes il a l’habitude ils font beaucoup de renforcement au poids de corps et en plus il fait du cross fit ça pouvait que l’aider

  13. Euh attendez les tractions c’est quand même bras tendus, y nous fait quoi le deuxième (Bon je critique mais j’arrive à en aligner que 3 bras tendus avec mon petit corps mais voilà on m’a toujours dis que c’était bras tendu donc je suis un peu perturbé xD)

  14. St cyr autrement dis une des seul écoles de l’armée de terre ou l’es compétence physique sont aucunement nécessaire pour y entrer contrairement au regiment d’infanterie/légion/commando/fs .. 😂

  15. LOL traction militaire paaaas dutiut une bonne vidéo fake 😒😂 épaule verrouillée bras verrouiller non tendu , coup de jambe etc , tu fais ça pend’zn t’es test ou en caserne ton adjudant compte à voix haute «  0 , 0 , 0 , 0 encore 0 , 0 » 😂

  16. Pourquoi vous parlez de Dylan parce que en attendant lui il se fais des milliers avec sa meuf vous êtes juste des rageux

  17. dylan gros physique hors normes hein xD puis c'est quel genre de tractions ca ? ca m'etonnes pour des militaires qu'ils fassent des tractions comme cela

  18. 10 burger en 11 min ? Vu la taille de ces bricoles je te le fait sans aucun entraînement en 15 min alors avec entraînement y a moyen de l éclater le record

  19. Pourquoi y'a des merguez de télé réalité sur Riding Zone ? C'est pas un athlète et ça se voit totalement, aucun intérêt

  20. enfaîte riding zone cest prendre des branlées par des mecs compétents? se mesurer a des militaires mdrrrr l'ego des gamins des villes hahaha je vomis

  21. Dylan… faisait quoi dans cette épreuve ?….clairement tes pas préparer reste chez toi et entraîne toi car la c'est ridicule clairement

  22. Putin la vidéo décrédibilisée en 10s quand tu vois la présentation de l'autre trouffion qui se croit beau et sa copine botoxée.

  23. Je ne connaissais pas Dylan, mais c'était sûr qu'il n'y arriverait pas. Les gens comme lui qui étalent leur égo ont plus de confiance en eux que de réelles capacités.
    A la télé ça marche peut-être de faire le beau, mais une fois sur le terrain c'est pas les belles paroles qui font la différence. Les vrais gagnants sont humbles.

  24. @Riding Zone Obligé de laisser un com car gros respect à Thibfit et rémy ce sont des mecs humbles et tellement fort physiquement mais aussi mentalement! Heureux de compter parmi nos pompiers un mec comme Thib…Longue vie à Riding zone et surtout merci de pouvoir nous faire découvrir de si belles personnes et de si beaux sports extrême ds un super état esprit…

  25. Juste heuuu
    Moi grand haïssent de la télé-réalité je trouve sa horrible de le jugé parce que il a fait de la télé-réalité svp quoi trouvé moi une raison légitime de ne le haïr

  26. Rémi, pour la course avec sac à dos, il faut serrer les sangles pour avoir le dos droit, comme si le sac à dos était une atelle. C'est deux fois moins lourds. Ça améliore la position du haut du corps. Ce qui change le mouvement des jambes.

  27. Svp riding zone invité pas des gens de la télé réalités ils sont pas sérieux et le mek amène sa copine je trouve que ça le déconcentre dylan il c’est pas donner a fond 😔😒

  28. "J'suis de retour à la caserne." Bordel il n'a honte de rien. Comme si ce clown avait quoi que ce soit en commun avec les militaires de St Cyr. Le mec ne tiendrait même pas 15 jours physiquement ou intellectuellement dans cette école d'élite.

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