100 thoughts on “Super Weapons America’s Enemies Are Developing

  1. The U.s is developing things too. But they don't brag and show what they are making often, so other countries can't compete to make the same thing. These prototype weapons is whats in area 51. This is why people believe its alien space craft and guns. This is why Trump has such a slick and smug face when someone say they can "Blow America out the water". America already secretly has lazers on some of their larger planes. Look it up.

  2. the aircraft carrier of china may be advance but still china wants to capture phillippines with that.hahahaha.

  3. America's enemies? WTF is wrong with you? I'm truly amazed, but not becouse of the video you made. I'm amazed how stupid you are!

  4. Serbia shouted down the B2 bomber in 90's with one anti aircraft system that was 40 years old in that tike (now about 70), that system wasn't used in the world for a long time because even some museums didn't have that, and one man i forgot the name, pathetically carried that sistem and shouted 4x F16, not one and then B2., and when NATO saw we are showing how many casualties we've made to them, they pissed off.

  5. Have a listen to this American fuk Head trying to push the Russian involvement in elections your a fuk head mate

  6. Russia is trying pursue peace they are only making these weapons because the west is being so aggressive

  7. 3:17 shows a us drone… just say that you dont have pictures of chinas drone instead of thinking that no one will notice.

  8. That "Chinese drone" was american, I can tell because of the insignia, it was the same as the one shown as american

  9. It doesn't matter what China or Russia MAY have. We've got more and better. Hands down. They don't spend near enough money to maintain the force we do. And our best tech is light years ahead of theirs. The one place we have to worry about them the most is in the cyber attack area. There, they can compete with us. Otherwise, forget it.

  10. Do you have a girlfriend,boyfriend or partner as you don’t know your facts but you have a lot of time on your hands.
    Try Leggo you might be better at it.

  11. Cyber war is very dangerous. Can cause black outs loss of Communication … leak information . Defense system failures. Soo yeah very dangerous .

  12. Blessed are the peace makers. It is not, blessed are the destroyers. That message is for Muslims too. Take me seriously.

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  14. Don’t worry when I developed my Future game Ship u can’t Handle it

    An 3 Big weapons from USA and even aircraft can’t handle it but I needed more and

    I had aircraft carrier it’s simple it has one and one sopwith pup

    Still making more money and

    Repeater it helps the ships get damaged by repeater and speedster can reach more speed plus

    It helps all ship target the enemy ship plus when speedster is down

    The enemy is ded

  15. Well it was interesting till you claim Russia elected TRUMP. What a idiot, just made the rest of your video absolutely useless bunch of crap

  16. Fucking Brilliant constant progress made for the destruction of Human Kind.

    Have always try figure why Aliens have let us be, kind of sure they see us, Mankind bringing about our own end the Aliens without lifting a finger claiming SpaceShip Earth.

    the Brains used to develop manufacture Human demise, use them Brains to End all suffering on Planet Earth, the wealth allocated each year for Weapons, World Wide if all Nations was to invest just a years worth

    Imagine Life for All .

  17. U.S:We will build army base at Africa Antarctica south east Asia and Europe
    U.S enemies:Are you watching us or threating us

  18. We make all these items for the future but if they go off there would be no future for man only habits would be dust and bones. So sad to see all this

  19. America has a weapon that outclasses all of these. It’s called McDonalds. We make our enemies fat and weak it’s happening as we speak. Mwahahaha!

    USA! USA! USA!

  20. The narrator said: "Despite the fact that the Cold war ended more than 20 years ago" and some gibberish but should have continued the USA are still poking their greedy noses wherever they are not wanted and that's why all sane nations have decided to rearm to deter someone's nasty intentions. Just to mention that the USA spend money in vain – a few nukes and there will be no American nation. There is nothing easier to deploy them. So mind that your rights and interest end where your boundaries are. Anywhere else you are guests. And do not be so cocky since some peasants with AKs keep you checked in your bases in Afghanistan. Air superiority, committing military crimes but to no avail.

  21. Why do we want to kill our children…was ww2 not enough? I am a optimist so I hope there will be no idiot pushing the "button" …

  22. MOAB does not mean Mother of all bombs! its just a nickname for a bomb! And the real meaning of MOAB is Massive ordnance air blast! Don't believe me? Ask the government!

  23. Ahh just because they can make a copy of what we have does not mean it is as good , dependable , accurate, or even functional. Hell even two boxers same size height talent etc still are not equal it takes a lot more than copying something
    And most of today's Melvin milk toasts and snowflakes outcome based education crap
    is never going to make anything fair, even if ever and functional as someone else has made, or built.and copies are not the real thing oh the item may look like, the jet or tank or whatever, might even have lots of crap .on it's deck, or shiny paint or make lots of noise. It still is not ours. And we know what we are doing..as do our partner's on this planet.
    The rest guessing at best

  24. Its Nice that americas enemies are making superweapons cuz america is fucking the whole world over. 90% of tensions are becouse of them

  25. I am going to have to call bullshit on the number of tanks. Russia has more than 16,000 tanks, the USA has less than half that at around 7,400. There is not combination of NATO countries that can even equal the number of tanks that Russia has, never mind surpass them four times over. ( https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_main_battle_tanks_by_country )

  26. Yep if us have something its cool and when its comes to another countries they are enemy……..US is the Worlds enemy………🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬

  27. The industrial interdependence that unites the free world could become a liability in a war against the industrial might of Communist China. National security will require each free world nation to develop its own military industry. Interoperability will require each nation to share its technology with its allies. The allies are made up of disparate languages and cultures. The one thing that unites the free world is Christianity — a communication path.

  28. Please look into the build up in the russian wnd chinas and north korean weaponry alot of offensive weopons that cause alot more damage…also look into the type of weopons that they are developing???????? Do it before its all to late!!!!!!!

  29. Also, way to show China's "new drone" with pictures of an American Mq-9 reaper. To be fair, that is what China rips off.

  30. This entire video is just a list of what the enemies of the west (China and Russia) are developing. Not superweapons, but secret projects with unrealistic expectations, knock-offs of already made weapons, or an average weapon. This whole video is pretty shit, but i don't know what i was expecting

  31. Presidents "we should make peace and have rules so we never have a world war again" makes more and stronger weapons

  32. Sprinkle China with Chop Suey…lol…That will End the war.
    U.S. Automotive industry is Starting to EMP proof commercial vehicles.

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