Strengthening The Partnership

Tigra Strike is a bilateral exercise between
the United States and Malaysia, where we will execute an amphibious operation
and do some jungle warfare training and foster some communication
coordination between the two militaries. We’re gonna have them actually landing with us in our AAVs and landing craft and assaulting
a combined objective together. Following that, we’ll transition to the Jungle Warfare Training,
which will be conducted in a lane trading fashion, during which sometimes the Malaysians will be
leading the training and sometimes U.S. forces. We’re very interested in being a partner of first choice
for them. They’re a critical partner for us as well. Fostering those important relationships, building our ability to interoperate together, and learning from them just as much as they will surely learn from us.

12 thoughts on “Strengthening The Partnership

  1. don't leave kurds alone, they need you guys….marines fight for right and freedom ….Erdogan is a dictator…he wants to destroy the YPG….please don't let him do! the eyes of world are upon you…. freedom is not free!

  2. Our BC would have made sure everyone was in full battle rattle no matter how hot and humid it was. ‘Thundering Third’ Semper Fi.

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