Strengthening Exercise

So after the cardio we are going to do some
strengthening exercise so today we are just first we are doing the exercise for your lets so it’s your back muscle ok so this is the lat pulldown you can use
as like seated row but today we are just going to perform as a let
pulldown machine so this is the machine which is mainly include your like
strengthen your back muscles or your arms. So, in this machine, you just have to
like come up like this. you just have to handle this bar. So you can you have to handle a little bit wider from your shoulder level
then you just have to set it down and then you just have to put your legs
under your this thaiped and you just have to grab this bar so this is the weight.
According to like this weight you can change it like putting this thing
out and put it under you can increase your weight like 10-10 pounds and you
can decrease it by 10 pounds and while holding this bar you can hold it like by
open grip or close grip. So, right now I’m just holding the open grip so you just
have to put your thumbs downside and it’s close grip that’s totally up to
you.okay so while you are performing this machine you just have to
hold it like keeping your arms strait put your Thai under the Thai pad just straight straight look straight and let it pull down up to your upper chest slowly-slowly. okay! so while in terms
of coming off from this machine so just make sure you don’t lose the bar so push it up and just come off from the Thai pad and take
it out slowly so before you come on this machine I’m just gon a asked you do you
have any back injury arm injury or any kind injury. NO or while you are performing this
exercise if you have any kind of pain discomfort anything just let me know I
will stop the exercise at that time or I will help you to come off form the exercise Okay!
okay so just come on the machine so just seat down so this is like this Thai pad you can
adjust height by taking off yaa you can come a little bit closer. But before you come on this I have just asked you
to hold this bar so just stand up yeah that’s fine yeah now take it down
so I already set the weight for you. okay? so does it heavy for you? or it’s fine?
okay so just seat straight yeah now look forward a little bit now pull it
down yeah that’s fine yeah how do you feel? good so yeah
just keep it on yeah very good yes So where do you feel? On my shoulder at your shoulders, On my ARMS okay on your arms too. okay, Tha’s good. Do you feel any pain or discomfort? NO. Okay, looks little bit liter for you that’s good okay so
now just take your Thai a little bit back yeah now stand slowly yes so just
okay so just a second so as today is your first day so I just let you know
when you finish your exercise just wipe the seats or equipment whatever you
touch so yeah like it’s another person can use that. okay, so today I am just going to wipe it down for you.SO from next day you just have to wipe it down. today you are doing very well so by
performing this exercise by regularly we you can improve your strength and
you can go further like increasing your more weight by like later time so today you
are doing very well so that’s good

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