Strength Exercise You Can Do Anywhere

Hi, I’m Tim. And I’m Claire and we’re with Healthy Duke. We’re here to show you some strength exercises
you can do anywhere. For the push-up, place yourself into a plank
with wide shoulders. Lower your chest to the ground slowly. Inhale as you go down. Exhale as you go up. To modify the push-up, drop your knees to
reduce difficulty and squeeze your core to prevent your lower back from arching. For lateral leg swings, plant one leg firmly
into the ground. Swing your leg to the side. Control breathing. Exhale. Inhale. For lunges, take a long step. Plant your lead foot firmly. Slowly lower your back knee to the ground
while squeezing your core. For squats, plant your heels firmly into the
ground while keeping your toes loose. Slowly yourself into the ground. Explode as you go up. Place yourself in tabletop position. Slowly extend your right leg behind you while
reaching your left arm forward. Produced by the Office of Communication Services. Online at

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