Storytime: Joining the Military (Part 1)

Good morning. Or evening, I still get confused as fuck over
time zones. Anyways, this particular story is a rather
long one, hence why I’ll be splitting it up into segments. Due to that, each segment will focus on a
particular time period from before. This first part takes place around the time
I left YouTube in July of last year. Regardless, sit back, relax if applicable,
and listen. For those of you not aware, I am currently
serving as active duty under the United States Navy. Why, exactly? Due to going to high school in the populous
state that is Texas, the way it worked then is if you’re not in the top 10% of your graduating
class, you’re basically forced to take out student loans if you even want to dream about
college. As you can assume, I wasn’t part of that top
10%. I’m well aware that school isn’t exactly a
measurement of intelligence, but unfortunately I wasn’t deemed good enough at school to have
a decent college come knocking at my door. I’m not calling myself an idiot or some sort
of ‘misunderstood genius’ here, I’m just saying that when it came to in-state colleges, I
didn’t have enough. Back then my options were fairly simple: be
in debt for a very long time just to continue with my education, try to find a job without
a college degree, or serve some time in the military and come out with a GI Bill to put
me through college and various other benefits. You can imagine which one I picked. Due to my region, there were only three open
branches for me; the Army, the Marines, and the Navy. I chose the Navy in a heartbeat, as I recognized
it as the most fitting option for myself, being someone of average size and build, not
to mention it presented the opportunity for me to be as far away from home as possible. (Not that I hate my family, it’s just that
I like the idea of being dropped into a completely different side of the globe) After speaking with the recruiters there,
I was sent with a group of 3 other people to take the ASVAB; an exam that must be taken
by all who wish to enlist. I was the youngest of the group, and the only
one who was taking the ASVAB for the first time. Naturally, I was a bit nervous about the exam,
since I assumed with me being a first timer, I was at a disadvantage. I was told that the ASVAB covered a wide variety
of topics, so I decided to not study and go in blind so as to not drive myself insane
with what particular material I should focus on. The exam itself was administered via computer,
and just like I was told, it covered a variety of topics. To my surprise, what was contained in the
ASVAB was material I was learning or had learned in high school. Science, mechanics, electronics, you name
it. That put some ease on me, but I still answered
to the best of my ability, and then left for the waiting room for everyone else in my group
to finish. An hour or two later, the results were given
to us. To my surprise, I was the only one out of
my group who passed, and with a rather high score at that. (If you actually give a shit, the highest
possible score you can earn on the ASVAB is a 99. I scored an 88.) On the way back home, everyone else in my
group was pestering me with questions, almost as if I found some magic loophole in taking
the exam. Even after I admitted to not having studied
for the exam, they still thought I had a secret I wasn’t revealing. (Which I still find a bit funny to this day.) Fast forward a few months later, directly
after high school graduation. Everyone I know is partying the summer away
in anticipation of college or working any job that does not require a degree. I myself only had one month of summer before
I was to be sent to Great Lakes, Illinois for basic training, so what did I do? If you remember from 6 months ago, you probably
know. I kept playing Warframe and making videos
all the same, because I assumed I wouldn’t have the opportunity to play again for a long
time. In other words, “fuck it, I’m playing some
vidya”. That remained the case for a solid month,
until the day I was supposed to leave. That day was actually pretty fucking boring. The entirety of it consisted of waiting for
briefing to be conducted, waiting for it to finish, waiting to ensure everyone’s plane
tickets had been printed successfully, waiting to ensure everyone had the required documents;
the whole nine yards. I distinctly remember the last meal I had
as a civilian was Chili’s, in O’Hare Airport. I gorged myself on food with other people
who were leaving as well, laughing and being obnoxious the whole time. Did I know any of them? No. In the moment, it really didn’t matter, because
we all knew where we were going. After reaching the meeting point at the Airport,
we were ordered onto a bus. We were screamed as to not speak to one another
or move. We each had our belongings placed on our lap,
which did little to protect us from the extreme air conditioning that was on the bus. The ride to Great Lakes was a bit over an
hour long. Upon arriving at the processing facility,
we were ordered to exit the bus, run inside, and line up. The first thing we were told to do was call
home, as we would not be doing so again for another 4 weeks. Due to it being the asscrack of dawn, my attempts
to call home were sent to voicemail. After being forced to hand over all phones
and other electronic devices, we were split off and sent further into the building. That’s all for now. Thank you for listening.

85 thoughts on “Storytime: Joining the Military (Part 1)

  1. I went in blind into every test throughout highschool. If I didn't study, then I wouldn't focus on one thing. I graduated last year. Lazing around wins every time.

  2. I understand your struggles i live in texas and graduated 2yrs ago and still have trouble getting into a school. Its not ideal but eventually I'll manage. Keep up the good work my dude. Also wait that means I'm older than you damn youngin

  3. I get shipped to army boot camp on the 12 of February, and my reasons for joining line up pretty well with yours. Wasn't the best student, but it's not like I was dumb, so I enlisted because I knew hopping right into a school wouldn't be worth the debt. looking forward to the rest of this story.

  4. Took the ASVAB my 2nd year on highschool cause I was in AFJROTC n got the highest score of our units history apparently. I was the kid that never studied and fooled around in class but always aced exams, everyone else that took it with were no where near my score I got a 91 and the runner up was a 71 definitely got some praise n shade from my peeps but at whatever.

  5. Listening to your story, I pretty much had the same experience, save for arriving to Great Lakes. My arrival consisted of:
    One delayed and eventually cancelled flight, left the next day with only 3 hours of sleep behind me, arrived at O’Hare on a van with 8 people and pretty much stayed awake for another 40 some odd hours that painstakingly boring. I wasn’t screamed at a lot thanks to them putting my in charge of the later arrivals that evening before we grouped up into our newly formed divisions. I was a Rescue Swimmer Candidate at the time, therefore I got placed with an 800 division. Am no longer and happily stationed with an awesome patrol squadron. What’s your rate, shipmate?

  6. Rahetalius leave WARFRAME –> is back because people like his WARFRAME video's. And now he's buying tennogen items with real money Facepalm

  7. Just wondering. How are you playing and making videos while on duty?

    I wouldn’t expect y’all to have access to games.

  8. Next your gonna tell us how you got beatin' once or twice in boot camp

    Height lines

    Battle stations was a joke

    Recruit paradise was pretty boring

    And you crunched for some pretty easy tests

  9. Idk what you learn in American high school. But i never found any of it hard other than history and language (im norwegian so obviously it was a Norwegian school)

  10. it seems you have also wasted 6.99$ on TennoGen, oh you poor PC peasants who have to pay real money us console master race get a small amount of 165 platinum to pay

    that Vauban looks dope though

  11. I really like these story videos, it's a really interesting way to get to know the guy behind the text-to-speech, looking forward to the next part.

  12. woah, I'm watching this as I'm about to leave for my I-Day for the Navy, my basic training starts next month, kinda spooky as I've been doing almost the exact same thing, playing WF/games as I feel like I won't play for a long time. Looking forward to the next part !

  13. This exists!? For me this story sounds like pure sci-fy. I wouldn't have thought doing military stuff as a french student.

  14. this US man lives in Japan, served in the Navy and is the bestest WF meme youtuber ever. what else could this guy be? hmm

  15. I got a 98 on the ASVAB. I got a question I knew wrong because of brain fart.
    Never actually went in cause it wasn't for me.

  16. Haha welcome to the navy I still remember my first day of boot. Didn't mean anything for me since I was going into submarines back then.

  17. I am now and forever going to think of you as a squid. Unless you're doc. If I ever run a PFT in Oki and fall out don't give me a silver bullet.

  18. Lol I live in Houston, and I'm a senior in high school… most likely going to the air force for the exact same reasons

  19. Next thing you know, you'll have more debt than the college kids, the government will steal your entire G.I. fund, leave you for dead, and continue ruining the country as normal. o/ Thanks tho, real help out there in the waters. Actually appreciate it.

  20. Ah, another Texan I see. You definitely are right about loans for college. Luckily my charter school prepared us (we also don't have top 10% or class rankings thank God.) And as I graduate highschool in a couple of months I'll be enjoying my summer time playing the fuck out of Warframe. Nice to hear your story by the way.

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